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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Don't you ever have that itch? On a fine weekend, you wake up not late but with the sun's light touching your skin. Then BOOM! You got that feeling in your tummy. Its growing and growling and you know you are hungry! You ask your loveones to chill with you and enjoy each other's company.
A place for such is MAIN STREET.
Located in Tuscany, MAIN STREET occupies a small but functional space right beside LES BAGELS.
As you enter, you would notice quirky designs on the walls, a little fun for the kids at heart.
Even if this place transforms into a watering hole at night, you would be glad that they serve awesome dishes.

Luckily, they now open a little bit earlier come weekends and you can get your fill with their awesome Canadian themed dishes. (TIP: GET THE POUTINE!)
Almost similar, the CLASSIC EGGS BENNY (300 Php top) and CRABCAKE EGGS BENNY (320 Php - bottom) are their take favorites in the breakfast world. Served with english muffin, poached egg either crab cakes or smoked Canadian bacon  smothered with hollandaise sauce with a side of roasted herb potatoes.
Personally, I prefer the Bacon! I love the meat. 
For the egg lovers, they have the MAIN STREET FRITATA (260Php) made with 3 eggs, fried chorizo, cherry tomatoes, kesong puti, and a bunch of spices plus some sour cream!
 Too eggy for me, but my friends liked it.

The EGGSLUT (300Php) has applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, sriracha mayo, caramelized onions, and a side of hand cut fries.
Again its all about the home made bacon. The fries is also properly seasoned and you would love it!

Don't ever ever miss THE BACON SLAB (320 Php). Made in house, thick cut applewood smoked bacon, with sweet potato mash. The Bacon must not be shared!!! I hesitated and beat. Definitely a crowd pleaser, the sweet potato mash has chunky texture but the flavor was spot on! I loved it.
 The BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN BACON WAFFLE (330Php) has bacon and chive waffle, don papa rum infused honey and apple coleslaw.
For the price, the quality and the quantity of the dish you get is definitely bang for buck! The waffle is made perfectly and is an awesome addition to the dish.
 The KITAYAMA HANGING TENDER STEAK and EGGS is just pure love. Salsa verde, pickled radish, poached egg and roasted potatoes.
Not overdone, tender and made perfectly. Just give me the rice and I am so happy!!!

If that wasn't enough, dessert is something that must not be missed.
Its actually a special dish that its still under construction but we got a taste of it. It still has no name but if you could ask them about it, ORDER IT!!!!!
 Candied Bacon, Homemade Ice Cream and Bacon Waffle!@!!
They make their own ice cream so, if you get a chance ask them about it! YUMMY! ... If only they had sugar-free.

Aside from all the great dishes that they offer, one thing that I loved about Main Street is the chill vibe that it emits. Letting friends hungout and enjoy each other's company. Funny discussions and joke time early in the morning is definitely a nice welcome to a weekend full of fun.

Thank you so much Richie of THE PICKIEST EATER for this awesome Breaking Bad Air Freshener..!
I will forever "smell" it
Welcome back home!

Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig
Opens at around 9am during the weekends for Brunch.

Disclaimer: was invited to try out their new Brunch Weekend Menu. Wrote this based on my experience. Thank you so much.
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