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Friday, August 8, 2014

A few months back, I found myself going out and meeting up with a dear blogger friend from down south. 

You see, I had a spur of the moment Cebu Chillax Trip. I was pretty lucky to meet Cebu's Babe For Food's Justinne just a couple of weeks before that here in Manila at SILK ROAD BGC with Sir Richie.  When I met her, I knew I would enjoy her company when I get to CEBU.

Thankfully, our schedules jived and I was able to hungout with her for an awesome night of fun, food and drinks. 
Belated Happy Birthday Ms. Food Tourism! Sorry for the blurred shot.. LOL!

First stop on the list is LITTLE SAIGON BIG BANGKOK.
 One of Cebu's well loved restaurant, LITTLE SAIGON BIG BANGKOK serves awesome Thai and Vietnamese food. Their theme is pretty much straight forward fresh street food.

Located in a Parking Lot, its quite difficult to go to the place. It is so easy to miss if you don't know where it is. You would be pretty amazed with the feel and the vibe it gives out. Alfresco seating is pretty awesome and has a light vibe. Indoor is a bit dark but definitely warrants a relaxing mood.
 The owners flew in some authentic kitchen ware and did some tweaks and tricks to the dishes. They also made it a point to cook the dishes as they are ordered. Those plus awesome taste buds and a feel for the wants of the dinners, you get a pretty good food combination.
After our pleasantries, Justinne suggested the things that we NEEDED to order..
 Not try but NEEDED! LOL!
Not to be missed would be the LSBB TINI (150/600Php).
This sweet yet citrusy drink definitely readies your appetite for the meal ahead. Sarap! Manong one more~!

To start the meal, we had the GOI CON or spring roll (50Php/Piece)
Spring roll with lemongrass, grilled pork and veggies. It was a little too fresh for me. You know me. LOL!

 Next up is AYUTTHAYA (225Php). Its a version of their homemade Asian corn tortillas. 
Thai basil chicken, roasted chile, "relleno". Definitely a must try. The flavors of the basil chicken is spot on. It was an interesting play of textures. My mouth was happy.

My favorite of the night would be their take on PAD THAI (225Php)
Fried rice noodles, tamarind, shrimp, sprouts, chilles, peanuts. I cried. I sh*t you not. A tear or two went down my cheek as I savor each bite. I don't know if it was the spices but I loved it! Crap! Now I am salivating!
For something healthy, we had the THAI FRIED FISH (325Php).
Crispy fillet, mango salsa, Thai chilie sauce. I loved the salsa. It compliments the fish pretty well.

The last dish we had was the BANH XEO.(295Php)
Crispy coconut milk crepe with shrimp, pork, sprouts and lettuce. For me, it lacked that crispy level one should have for this dish. Although the flavors were exceptional, the texture was a little lacking.

Overall, it was a nice place to relax and enjoy good food. Better than everything else, I enjoyed the company. Thank you Justinne for bringing me here and letting me enjoy their dishes. I so love it.

"located centrally at the back of Mango Square Mall.
 Enter parking lot on J. Osmena street just off of Fuente Osmena Circle.
We have seating for 25 guests in a well-ventilated al fresco dining room."

It seems to me that they changed their location. When I visited them, I was able to speak with Mark, owner of the resto, and he had planned to move the location of the restaurant. Well apparently, they moved it already to their new spot in Mango Square Mall.  

They usually change their menu from time to time.

Disclaimer: paid for our meals, wrote this based on my experience.

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