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Monday, August 11, 2014

One sniff and you know its good. Drooling over Chinese Food for the past few day have definitely taken a toll on me. Thankfully, CRYSTAL JADE came up with a weekday dimsum dinner buffet. 
Priced at just 488++ Php, this quality filled dinner buffet starts up at 6pm all the way to 9:30pm from Monday-Friday.

The last time I went to this place was a few years back. I lined up and tried their famous Xiao Long Bao! I was fantasizing about it during traffic and then I saw myself already there. When I arrived, I saw a bunch of friends already waiting for the scrumptious meal.

I loved the color... they matched my phone and my polo!

Because it was pretty much hot, I had a try at their GREEN MANGO MILK SHAKE WITH SAGO (125Php)
Although not part of the buffet (they got unlimited iced tea or hot tea partnered with the buffet) , this drink is a must try. Has a hint of milk, the green mangoes didn't over power the drink. Yummy!
 To start things off, we had a try at the COLD CUCUMBER with MINCED GARLIC in SESAME OIL.
 Light and cool. Something healthy!
 We also got a bowl of CONGEE with SALTED PORK and PRESERVED EGG.
 Something warm to soothe the tummy.
 One of my favorites, the NOODLES with SPRING ONION OIL is simple and straight forward.
 Really yummy! I loved how the noodles are made fresh and has a light note to it.
The "BEIJING" Pork Dumpling is simple and unassuming.
 A crowd favorite, the PORK DUMPLING with HOT CHILI SAUCE.
 Not really that hot, the chili flavor compliments the soft dumpling.
 A healthier option would be the Minced Pork Dumpling with String Bean.
 The string bean added a crunch to this dish.
 Lovely buns! The PAN-FRIED SHANGHAI PORK BUN. Delicious!
 The crunchy bottom is a lovely contrast to the soft top. The meat inside is lovely!
Although pretty healthy, the taste is for someone more familiar with the dish. The flavor was earthy and pretty much and definitely not for me.
 You would get that feel that it was freshly made as it has a soft interior and it's not dry. Lovely!

 The next two dishes would definitely be my dad's favorite. 

The CHICKEN FEET  with BLACK BEANS SAUCE is for the people that love the skin and has a feel for the feet. I stayed away from this. LOL!
 SPARE RIBS with BLACK BEAN SAUCE has a mild feel. This will go well with rice. Yeah! Definitely!
 The PAN-FRIED CARROT CAKE with DRIED SHRIMP and PRESERVED MEAT is something I miss whenever I go out to Chinese restaurants. Although I like the stuff, I got to say it was pretty oily and I'm trying to have myself in check.. DAMN DIET! This was served with hoisin sauce which gives it a sweet feel.
 I love the  DEEP-FRIED SPRING ROLL. Crunchy outside and the stuffing is pretty much awesome!
 Of course, you got to get the most awesomest dish of all. The XIAO LONG BAO!!!!
 Partnered with a little black vinegar with ginger, this classic dumpling is perfectly cooked. The skin is soft and not too thick. The soup is yummy and the meat is flavorful. Eat it anyway you want. Dip it, and put the entire thing in your mouth! Take note though, the soup inside would burst and it would be pretty hot! Or, you could do it the subtle way. Place it on a spoon, with some sauce. Bite off the top to let it cool. Then put it all in! DELICIOUS!!!

Rest assured, you get your money's worth. The food is made fresh so you won't get that feeling that you got ripped off. Although it may take a while, the quality won't suffer and I guess that is what we are all after. Casual dining for the Chinese Food Lover!

V-Mall Greenhills Shopping Center,
Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila.
Contact them at (02) 5705233
Breakfast from 7am-1030am 
Closes at 10pm

Disclaimer: was invited to this restaurant. Thank you for letting me try out this dinner buffet. Wrote this based on my own experience.
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  1. Everything looks seriously amazing! Too bad I'm not near any of Crystal Jade branches so can't try them Mon-Fri. Maybe I'll find time to visit during the weekend and experience the PhP 688+ 3-5pm buffet instead. :)

    1. Hey Roch :D !!!! Yeah, with traffic .. definitely a difficult way to go.. but in case you are in the area, its a casual place to visit and XLB FTW :D