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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I know that it may seem a bit late right now to post this but I am trying to get rid of all the back log that I have. Admittedly so, I still have certain portions of my South Korean trip not yet published so apologies left and right. 
Anyway, a few months back, I traveled down south for a gastronomic adventure. I returned to Cebu after more than a decade just to enjoy all of its delicacies. On one point of this trip, I was joined by Justinne. Believe it or not, this girl is but a student still and yet she is doing pretty well both in the blogging world and in the food business as well (brownie cupcakes anyone?).... 

Anyway, I was able to try 2 dessert places in Cebu that seemed all righty!

First stop was FUDGE . Getting there was quite easy as it was found along A.S. Fortuna. After a brief stroll from the old location of LITTLE SAIGON BIG BANGKOK (CLICK HERE), Justinne brought me to this awesome dessert place. 

Being full didn't stop us from trying things out. Started off with some Crinkles at 12Php a piece. 
 Surprisingly not sweet. Yeah! I think I needed to add more sugar just to have it go that way.
 After, we went for their best sellers. 
 Not too rich, yet suprisingly chocolatey. The innards are sweet potato based. Not really overwhelming but spot on. 

Another would be their LAVA CAKE. Unassuming and simple. It took awhile for this to be served as they make it fresh.

MOVING ON to a different restaurant / and a different day, DONG JUAN, came into mind. After eating lechon,  my friends and I were in a look out for good dessert. Not knowing where, I remembered DONG JUAN popping up in a conversation.
Luckily, we stumbled upon this place with all the joy riding that occurred. 
 The ICE CREAM BURGER was actually cookies with a huge slab of ice cream in between. 
I would have wanted the cookies softer and warmer just to see everything melt.
 The WARM BROWNIE MELT was much much better. The brownie was soft and warm while the ice cream melted away. Cool for the summer heat.
 These two awesome restaurant are note worthy places to try when eating dessert in Cebu.
Affordable and quite easy to go to, its relaxing chill to stay and relax at.


Thank you so much, Justinne of BABE FOR FOOD for giving the heads up on the different dessert places in town.

888 A.S. Fortuna St. &
4th Level Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu 6000

Disclaimer: Paid for our food. Wrote this based on my experience and opinion.
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