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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

One can't help but sit, relax and take a breath. With the traffic all around the Metro, you couldn't stop yourself from enjoying God's gift and of course good food is a part of it. 

MOTORINO in Greenbelt makes sure you dine and enjoy some of the best things in life without breaking the bank. On a lovely afternoon, I was huffing and puffing. I knew it would be traffic but I did leave more than ample time to get to Makati. I left my place 1 and a half hour prior the scheduled meet up but it seems traffic was still harsh.  When I arrived some of my blogger friends were already there some weren't. Not totally late I told myself. 

I got a glass of GRAGNANO (195/895Php) Cantine Federicane, 2011 CAMPANIA, DOC 40% Aglianico 30% Scianscinosso 30% Pedirosso. Plum Red/ Medium/ Semi-Sparkling. I have no idea what these words and number meant, it's just that one whiff, one sip and I am sold. This wine has that fizzling feel that it refreshes me. It went well with all the dishes served especially the pizza.  It was the Perfect Pizza Wine. Don't take my word for it. Try it. This coming from a guy who just started appreciating wine.
 I knew I was in for a ride. True enough, ANTIPASTI was served next.
The ROASTED CHICKEN WINGS (220Php) was a little spicy but heaven sent. Simple yet straight forward. Lemon, Olive Oil, Mint, Chili Flakes. Don't discard the oil you will need it for later.
I wish I had pasta. Better yet, I wish I brought some. The MOTORINO MEAT BALLS (380PHP). Tomato Braised Pork Meatballs. The insides weren't dry far from it. It would have went well on top of lasagna or plain spaghetti. 
A classic, CAESAR SALAD (295Php) was up next. Crouton, Pecorino & Anchovy Dressing
At first glance, we all thought that it was a snow cone. Well, It wasn't. With all the Pecorino, you would definitely get an overload of cheesy goodness.

A simple yet wonderful Antipasti was the ROASTED CORN (95Php). Oreganata Butter/ Pecorino
Ever since I was a kid, I would love eating corn because of how fun it was munching on. This dish brings back those childhood memories of mine but with a better ending. The cheese definitely is a no brainer.

Up next was the big guns so to speak. The main attraction. The PIZZA!!!!

MOTORINO's Pizza only have a single size. Don't worry though, as it is big enough to share and fill up that appetite. They are freshly made and perfectly cooked inside a brick oven. They use real wood to add that flavor in the pizza so you get that bang for buck. The crust is perfectly cooked. Save it or eat it. Remember I told you not to give away the left over oil of the Chicken? Use the crust to swipe it off from the plate. The flavor would definitely play out and the crust would absorb it.

We started with QUATTRO FORMAGGI (640Php) or 4 cheese.
Fior Di Latte / Pecorino /  Gorgonzola /Provolone

Cheesy yet these different flavors all blended well that you get to have that gooey feeling.

The MARGHERITA (495 Php) is that old classic pizza that everyone would love to have. Tomato sauce/ Fior Di Latte/ Basil/ Pecorino /  E.V. Olive oil
When i was growing up, I was kid that wanted the simple things. It can't get any simpler than this. 

For me, the SALAME (495Php) is the alter ego of the MARGHERITA. Tomato Sauce/ Salame/ Fresh Mozzarella/ Pecorino/ E.V. Olive Oil.
Why is it the alter ego? Well, everything is almost the same except for one thing. The Salame!

The best pizza for me that afternoon would be the PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA (585 Php). Fior Di Latte/ Prosciutto/ Pecorino/ Arugula/ E.V Olive Oil.
You can't go wrong with PROSCIUTTO! Amazing is word to describe this pizza. As the whole thing is covered with this awesome meat! QUALITY! 

Even if my stomach was full, I know I just got to try their dessert. If the mains are that awesome then the dessert must be too.

You got to start of with the TIRAMISU (250Php).
Light, creamy and coffee infused dessert. Something that you would love to get at the end of the meal. That is until you try the TORTA AL CIOCCOLATO (225 Php). Served with crema inglese

It isn't a cake believe me. It was Chocolate Heaven. Couple this with coffee and you would see your inner self screaming for more. Incredible dessert line up they got here.

The vibe was neighborhood diner like where you could just enjoy and relax with friends and family. Service was excellent and you know what they got awesome offerings too. Like:

 Definitely a major pizza player, I can't help but wait for them to open something up north. Maybe in the Quezon City Area. Budget of around 400Php to 600Php per person would do.

Greenbelt 3,
Makati City

Disclaimer: was invited to try out their new menu. Wrote this based on my experience.


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  1. Wow grabe I almost couldn't breathe seeing those wonderful pictures and descriptions. All looked pretty and I bet they taste great, too! Motorino is another must-try restaurant where I'll treat my family next time. :)

    1. Hey Roch!!!! .... Ginugutom ka??? Hahahahahahaha ^_^ Thanks thanks... It is a must try.. I heard they might be opening a resto nearer to us... I pray it pushes through ^_^ ... uhm baka gusto moko isama sa pag treat mo? hahahahaha joke! cheers dear ^_^

  2. I thought it was so expensive, di naman pala masyado. :) Hope they'll open a branch near me. :P

    1. Yeah.... They were able to lower down their prices because more people were coming in !!! We both hope for the same thing ^_^