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Monday, October 13, 2014

Left and right! It was pandemonium! Drinks here, sandwiches there, rice meal somewhere at the back and a lot of dessert stalls. The mood was festive!
 On a 2nd straight weekend, the Rockwell Tent was able to host another awesome Food Bazaar. The BEST FOOD FORWARD 2014. 
The place was able to showcase a lot of food and drink vendors that were trying the food scene out. 

Along with friends and SO, I was able to visit the place on 2 straight days.
Of course, one of the main reason why we went was to get some cheese cake loving! INDULGENCE BY IRENE is the way to go!
 SO just had to have a picture taken with them as she is a fan just like I am! Sir Richard and Ma'am Irene! Thank you so much!
Sharing a booth with them was NIKKO's BAKING STUDIO.
She sold these amazing stuff that SO got some empanada for her to take home.

I actually saw some familiar stalls that were interesting.

CHEF ANNA was definitely hands on. Her PINK WASABI was right at the entrance.

I got a few of those sugar free dark chocolate flavored goodies and a few kashimaki's as well.
They look as if they were Japanese Maki but in reality, they are small bite sized cakes that are infused with different flavors like vodka and tea. 
Chef was gracious enough and gave me a copy of the menu so that I would know what I would be ordering next time around! Thank you chef!
Ever Present was and is one of my ever so favorite tapa's in the whole wide world! 
They sold some rice meals and also their frozen packs! Along with them was awesome Longanisa from Cebu! CHORIZO DE CEBU PH! My friend and SO got to try them and they both agreed. MORE RICE PLEASE!
A favorite among the sandwich lovers was the 
Prepared by BIG DOG's KITCHEN, these are sandwich for the meat lover!
Made with roast pork, ham, cheese, pickles and a smear of mustard, you definitely can't stop with one bite!
 Right beside it was THE BREADERY! They sell interesting loaves and different kind of bread that I can foresee myself going over and hoarding some of them with a cup of coffee in hand! The OLIVE CHEESE is a personal favorite, along with the Truffle Bun. The truffle bun was deadly as it also had cream cheese inside! But the best seller was the Tea infused loaf! That was one of the best food find there. Flavorful and aromatic. Sulit for a something less than 200 Php that it was wiped out early in the afternoon. They would open up a place along Emerald Ave in Ortigas.

The BROWN BAKER had these packed chocolate goodies. One was ferrero flavored, another dark chocolate and one tea infused. Incredible!
Crunchy belly chicharon like munchies were right beside brown baker. Need more rice and its a steal!
Of course Madam liked it. =)

If you are into incredible dessert, the CRACK PIES would definitely lure you in. 
 Sweet yet incredibly sticky, these are cake like stuff that even SIR RICHIE of the PICKIEST EATER would be proud off. IT is definitely addictive but you need to slow down because its a SUGAR HIGH! Damn it!
Another dessert find was VIOLA!
They make these do it yourself cake in a jar. Interesting enough, they worked with a french chef to perfect their product. Add water, microwave and you are good to go! Instant Dessert!

BURGER & BREWSKIES was also present. Aside from their deadly burgers, I liked their grilled corn!
 Grilled for a few minutes and mixed with cheese and a bunch of spices, it definitely makes you go yum!
 Hands down, another favorite of foodies would be the  the CRUNCHY CRAB.
 They sell this amazing SOFT SHELL CRAB BURGERS. I liked it so much that I got it on both days. 

They got a stall over at Greenfield along Shaw during their Saturday Market.

All of these made me happy but being able to enjoy it with fellow foodies, friends and SO made it memorable. Cheers guys!

All for a good cause, BEST FOOD FORWARD was able to deliver and showcase up and coming food finds in the metro. After all the sights and sounds, it was a nice feeling to know that you helped while having fun with friends and having a good time. The proceeds of this food bazaar went on over to charity.

Rockwell Powerplant Tent
Makati City

Disclaimer: Thank you very much Boss S and Nines of Nines vs. Food  for the tix. Hope you get well soon dear Nines. Bought and tasted the products so I am pretty stoked and full!Wrote this based on my experience. 

Thanks faye and SO awesome goofy time with you guys.
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  1. How was the corn? Visually its tempting. Hahaha! Good to know that crunchy crab is also in greenfield. Soo near! :)

    1. Faye .. picture this.... SO "nope Im full.... " Okay.. I bought one.... end of story... she ate more than half.... that good hahahahahahahaha.....

  2. Wow amazing shots <3 thanks for dropping by! :)

    1. Thank you so much .... ^_^ .... and we definitley love the dessert YUMMY

  3. Thanks for visiting us. I love the Olive Cheese bread and can't wait for them to open in Ortigas.

    1. Thanks din po sir!!!! We enjoyed everything...and yes the cheesecakes that i got were wiped out!!! waaaaaaaa!!!!! I definitely agree! soft and flavorful.. the bread will go well with awesome coffee

  4. Nice to see you, Jeng! I loved the Cuban Missile as well. hehehe. :P

    1. You as well Michy!!! Pasalubong ko from BKK? hehehehe

  5. I forgot to bring it, sorry! When will I get to see you again ba???

  6. Just kidding Michy!! hahahahaha next time next time!!!