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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

 As I said before, Manila Hotel's CAFE ILANG ILANG has been my go to place for a luxurious buffet.  CAFE ILANG ILANG, for me has exceptional value and it is not too crowded. Quality over quantity I always say.

Everything was perfectly planned. It was her birthday. Buy her the blanket and the pillow she wanted. Reserve for a romantic dinner. Walk under the stars. Have the flowers be delivered to her place on her birthday.  Except that it all went kaput. Damn the last minute change of plan and let's meet later than what was originally planned. Damn the new credit card. It didn't want to cooperate with me and I had to have it replaced. Damn the troubles of driving through traffic because she wanted to be picked up. Damn it all. Effort in vain. My plan all went down the drain. Good thing I got a back up plan of a back up plan of a back up plan. Yeah, Plan C. 

Thankfully, PLAN C was somewhat intact and doable. Generally so but not quite complete. It couldn't be. Circumstances led to another and it was pretty off. I tried to give her everything she wants but still not enough. Nothing is enough for her, I always think and she consistently reminds me of it. More so her wants and demands. Argh! Murphy's Law! Oh well, the things you do for love.

Entering Manila Hotel, you are greeted with a huge lobby. Since it was halloween season, a lot of creepy decorations were in place.
I wouldn't mind eating with these bones as long as the food was delish.
Leading to the Cafe, this was outside. It was making sounds and the tv was showing a creepy photo of a old family with a dark background.
  Remembering that she wanted an unlimited quantity of food but keeping it fancy, I figured no ordinary buffet would do. She didn't want those expensive places that serve excellent yet miniscule dishes so hello Cafe ILANG ILANG.

Saturday night was Hawaiian Night. I toured her around since it was her first time visiting Manila Hotel. 
Of course the mandatory make your own pasta place.
Along with excellent cheese selection.

They also have a bread place that has all the carbs you would want.
I would suggest you skip this so that you won't get full quickly. Remember, you are here for the flavors.
Right beside it was the salad
and appetizers.
I tried to be healthy with this plate.
 They had an excellent Japanese section with fresh sushi and sashimi and all the tempuras you could want. 
I just had a bowl of soba though for my carbs.

Saw their Chinese stuff, and got a few wraps of Pecking Duck. 
 I did skip their Mediterranean and Korean stuff as I had my eyes on the big guys.
 Perfectly cooked. It was a little bloody in the middle so I had it grilled for a quick minute and it was delicious, tender and juicy.

 Speaking off, they had this Churrasco Station.
What is a buffet without the grilling station?
 Along with different sausages and side dishes, it serves leg of lamb, baby back ribs and Brazilian Ribs.
Even if they had lechon or roasted pig, I still went for my favorites.

 the beef and the lamb. Yummy!
 To end the meal, I had a try at their seafood station. 
 Had these babies grilled with Edam Cheese and it was wonderful.

Of course, I lied and didn't end it yet. I had a plate from the dessert station.
Sugar free mind you.
 With some sugarfull stuff!
 and back to this.
 I liked how you could have tea or coffee to go with your meal. You get to pick your type of coffee too. From lattes to shots to cappuccino to espresso.

and with that, I reminisced about MY MANILA HOTEL TOUR (click here) and just had to get this shot with her.
kind of familiar right?
The service was phenomenal. The wait staff was attentive and everything we asked for they delivered. The chefs of the different stations were easy to talk to. It didn't hurt asking them for something out of the spread or maybe their favorites. A little expensive at around 3,100 Php nett per person on a Saturyday Night but having a prestige card would give you a 50% off.

All is well that ends well I would hope. Thank you very much for all those that greeted CHEN for her birthday. Maraming salamat po

Manila Hotel. Manila 

Disclaimer: Paid for our meal, and wrote this based on my experience.

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  1. Wow! Engrande ang birthday celebration! :) You're so sweet! Good thing you have a Plan C pa but definitely the original plan sounded better to me haha. It's too annoying when the new credit card fails to serve its purpose talaga. The place was pretty creepy with the skeletons sitting there but if you're with someone you love, everything will come out as perfect. <3

    1. yeah plan A the best ... But I got to do with what I have ^_^ and those pesky new cards argh!!! Sobrang pahamak sa plano ^_^ well it was kinda funny because the skeletons were in the lobby area where people were having coffee abd snacks like right in the middle hehehehe ^_^ anyway thanks alot roch i hope my experience won't happen to anyone else hehehe

  2. So cute of you to share your sweet side hehe. Nasa wishlist ko rin tong cafe ilang ilang but im in a prolonged abstinence from buffets due to skin issues hay =(

    1. Hi stacy!!!! Nakooo girl!!! Minsan lang yan ... Di ako marunong mag express ng feelings ko eh kaya paminsan minsan try ko talaga kahit sablay.... ^_^ uhm go for a try girl ^_^ matino naman ung buffet ng manila hotel and what i like is that evenly spaced out so you can walk around too... Hmmmm pero ayun get well soon dear ^_^ kaya mo yan!! Walang skin skin issues sa gutom na tyan hehehehe joke get well po!!

  3. I'm waiting for your whole version of kwento to me. hehehe. :)

  4. Maybe tomorrow michy... It is not what you are expecting.... Pambihira