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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Roasted Chicken has that appeal to me ever since I was a kid. It all started with my ever so favorite restaurant POLLO LOCO. Yes, that place that serves chicken with a make your own wrap. Thankfully, I no longer need to go to SM MEGAMALL, just to get a piece of my chicken fix. Since SENOR POLLO opened, I can now get it easier and quicker.

Fine, there are no wraps at SENOR POLLO but it also serves delicious soft shell tacos like its sister resto, EL CHUPACABRA and other interesting side dishes..

Located in a compound full of restaurants, SENOR POLLO is a small place that wants you to bring a big appetite. Even if their menu is simple and straight forward, the food is as I said interesting and the place homey with a Latin feel.

The first floor is open air, as this is where they grill and make your food. You order your stuff here and pay for it before going up to the second floor.
Thankfully, it is air conditioned but it can only cater to around 40 people max.
Before going for the food, take a moment and visit the washroom. You will enjoy the art work on the wall.
After a few minutes of waiting, SO and I got our food. 
An order of a WHOLE ROASTED CHICKEN with 3 side dishes (560Php). 
Before we go on any further, you might say that the chicken is normal or what not but it is the CHIMICHURRI SAUCE (green herb stuff) that makes it exciting to eat.
Usually, it is to partnered with grilled meats and this is no exception.
The meat of the chicken was moist and I loved eating every piece of it along with the sauce.

We had to get the side dishes we would love to partner with the chicken aka CARBS!
MAC and CHEESE -  A little bland but does the trick.
PATATAS BRAVAS- Deep fried potatoes with sauce. 
It was the perfect combination with the sauce and the chicken. Except that the SO loves rice more so she would disagree with me and go for the SPICY RICE.
She had a couple of cups of this and enjoyed it tremendously. It had a little kick but it wasn't too spicy. I, on the other hand, let her be.

Since I knew I couldn't go to EL CHUPACABRA anytime soon (yep it's in Makati), I tried out their version of a STREET TACO (100Php) .

I chose the CARNE ASADO. It had 2 pieces of the soft shell taco and some sliced beef covered with . The tacos had a corn taste and it went well with the tender and soft meat. I loved it. A little pricey for 100Php but for quality, I will order it again.  

Chicken and side dishes. Enough said. The chicken is moist but there maybe other places that offer more affordable chicken. The difference is that this place has side dishes that makes the eating enjoyable. Budget around 800-1000 Php for a party of 3. Service is all right and attentive but it could get a little messy during peak hour. Better go in the afternoon.
Suggest not to go for the Fried Chicken. It is somewhat leaning towards Jolibee. Yeah, almost the same, but I prefer Jolibee more. 

Tried the SWEET POTATO MASH and the LATIN COLESLAW at home. The mash was bland while the LATIN COLESLAW was flavorful and goes well with the chicken. I would exchange the mac&cheese for it anytime.

F7 building, Scout Rallos,
Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Philippines

Coming from the round about, on Tomas Morato, Going to E. Rodriguez,
Turn right on the first intersection. Go straight and you would find the compound on your right.
Parking is at 20Php for the entire stay. Same building as Purple Oven and Kanin Club.

Disclaimer: Paid for our meals. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. I've been curious about this place for quite a while. I should go there na. :)

    1. 😱😱😱😱😱try it!!!! malapit lang naman sa atin..., the chicken may seem normal but the chimichurri is divine hehehehe