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Friday, October 24, 2014

 Earlier this year, I was blessed to travel to Korea for a few days to relax and take in the culture. Food was and is definitely on top of my list and true enough I got to enjoy it. 
 How lucky can a guy get that I am able to surround myself with the same kind of food that I got to try out in Korea.
YOREE in BGC is an authentic fresh take on Korean BBQ. Not only do they serve grilled meat but they have a mean menu that has incredible Korean food. Given that their Chef is Korean, most of the guest are Korean as well. 
 We all know for a fact when foreigners crowd a restaurant that serves their home town food, we could conclude that they are enjoying it and it must be authentic as the real thing.
 When my friends and I visited for a weekday lunch, the place was packing with Korean Folks. Not bad I told myself. I knew I was in for a treat! 
Grilled Meat and Kimchi. The few things that come into my mind when Korean Food is the topic.
But my trip in Korea also led me to appreciate the side dishes or banchan. 
They had us try a few. Small sweet fried anchovies or dilis and other veggies.
 Most notable the Kimchi. The taste was pretty similar to the ones I had in Korea. Not too spicy but the flavor was just right.
 To have the full Korean Food Experience, we tried both the grill and the ala carte menu. 

We were lucky that the staff helped us cook the meat and the chef just kept on bringing out the cooked food.

 A cool dish to watch was the GYERAN JJIM (130Php) or steamed egg on hot stone.

 I know it is just egg but its in a steaming hot pot. Definitely a good way to eat your egg. Not only is it visually stimulating. It is also delicious.
 Another Korean Favorite would be the SEAFOOD JAP CHAE (250Php)
 Sauteed vegetables and seafood, beef with sweet potato noodles.
 The flavors were all absorbed but the noodles as it was placed inside a wrapper.
 The HAE MOOL PA JEON (200Php) was a little too spicy for me.
 Pancake with clam meat, octopus, shrimp and green onion. It was definitely too spicy for me so one bite and I am finished. Water please!
 Incredible enough the next dish wasn't as spicy.
 The KIMCHI JJIGAE (380Php) or Kimchi Stew with rice was a treat on its own. The flavor of the kimchi was present but it wasn't too hot. Interesting feel to be able to taste the kimchi without the heat.

The next dish was a memorable one. Inside a cute and petite stone bowl lies the MINI JEONJU DOL SOT BIBIMBPAP (380Php full size)I remembered how I watched a show in Korea that has a premise of this mixed dish. How fun it was to eat this again!
Bibimbap with cheese, veggies and beef. Beautiful colors to look at but definitely better to taste and eat!
 Moving on, we had the the grilled meat!

To get the best of both worlds, we had the YANGNYUM GALBI (280g-580Php)
 Seasoned short rib with sweet and savory sauce. It had veggies and shrimp.

Everyone's favorite is the SAMGYUPSAL (150g-380Php)
 Pork belly meat. Served with kimchi on the side. Grill them both and sandwich it with leafy greens. Add some sesame oil and other seasoning to make it work for you.
 Richie's aka PICKIEST EATER IN THE WORLD's favorite is the WOO SAMGYUP (150g-320Php)
 Sliced beef belly meat. Grill it to have the edges burnt and crunchy. Just like BACON!

My personal favorite is the  GOCHUJANG SAMGYUPSAL (150g-400Php)
 This was my pick among all the meat. It was hand marinated and massaged for two hours. Sliced pork belly with garlic with redpepper sauce.
 No wonder it was delicious, tender and flavorful. YUMMY!
To end the meal, we were served small portions of  POT BING-SU (170Php) or shaved ice "nowflakes" with adzuki (red) beans
The Korean Version of a halo-halo, this dessert didn't disappoint. The red beans weren't that sweet. It was a great way to end the meal.

YOREE is the restaurant of choice when it comes to authentic Korean Dishes in the BGC area. Aside from the way you grill your meat, the marinade is different from each dish and compliment each other pretty well. Premium meat and ingredients were used. The ventilation was pretty awesome as I recalled, I didn't smell like smoke afterwards. It may be on the high side but they have group meals so you don't go over budget. I would definitely return with my mom as she is a Korean food addict.

Forum South Global,
7th Avenue cor Federation Drive,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City., Taguig


Disclaimer: Wrote this post based on my experience. Was invited by the good people behind Yoree. Please forgive me if I got the names wrong but to the best of my knowledge and ability these were the correct ones. Kind of difficult for me to remember every name but believe me when I say that the meat is worth it and the flavors marinated well.
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  1. Ooooh! Saw Yoree the last time I was at BGC.. Been wanting to try it, and seeing your post, I'll definitely eat here the next time I'm in the area! :D I think I'll be biased towards the woosamgyup too! I'm more of a beef girl eh! XD Would love to try the gochujang samgyupsal, but I'm not sure if my skin's ready na for spicy food. >.<

    Anyway, happy weekend! :D

    1. Go for it but be careful because of your condition. The grilled meats aren't that spicy but the banchan defintely is. Hinay hinay muna. Take your time to recover and relax. Have a good one too dear :D :D :D

  2. I saw this last time I was in BGC, this is near Sarsa, right? I would love to try this, though I'll probably end up at Sarsa. #biased

    1. Yeah its the resto beside sarsa. Most of the patrons are Koreans but there are some Filipinos ... enjoying the grilled meat :D