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Thursday, December 11, 2014

To have an awesome vacation, preparation is the key.

Such is the mantra I go for every time I plan for a staycation or a trip out of town. One integral part of it is accommodation. 
For the SINGAPORE TRIP SO and I took during the 2014 thanksgiving break, we went for OASIA HOTEL.
:Located in NOVENA, this hotel is surrounded by 2 malls namely:
  and a lot of hospitals.

 Other than the usual staycation or business trip minded traveler, this hotel also caters to relatives and patients visiting the hospitals nearby. 

After a 20 minute taxi ride from the airport, we arrived. The check in was fast and I had no problem since I had prepaid my stay via their website. A signature after, we were given key cards to our room. 
I initially got a deluxe room, but one thing I notice about the hotel during my tripadvisor mandatory readings, they usually give room upgrades especially if you stay for a couple or so days. 
What is the living room? Well if you are getting their club suite or club rooms, you get to have special access to "THE LIVING ROOM" where complimentary breakfast, afternoon cocktails, all day drinks and a infinity lap pool is located. Needless to say, we didn't go for it since we were in Singapore to roam the city.

Safety is one of my primary concern and I was happy to note that you need a key card to badge in what floor you would be going to.

Once we got to our room,

SO was jumping with joy. It was a corner room so lucky us. Even if it was a little small compared to hotel rooms in Manila, you would have to take note that this is Singapore and they usually have a premium on space.
The bed was pretty comfy and could fit 3 huge guys. Switches are near by, including the one for the AC. Universal sockets are also present.

They have a stocked mini bar and an espresso machine for the coffee lover in me.

at the other end of the table,  they have more sockets, an ipod dock, an ethernet cable and the usual info sheets. 
Of course, WIFI is free! It clocks at around 5MBPS. So happy us!
They also have a cabinet where the robes, slippers, flat iron and board, and a mini vault with a socket inside. Perfect to leave the laptop or ipad charging.

The washroom was pretty cool. It has a set of speakers so you won't miss the sounds from the tv.
No bathtubs and no bidet though. 
But it does have a ledge to sit on while in the shower.
According to SO, it was pretty comfy! EMO MODE!

On our first day, we got to meet up with C and semi-explore the city. More on this later...
One thing you need to know about SINGAPORE is that they have an amazing mass transport system.
For travelers, it would be a shame not to use them as taxis are pretty expensive.
An advantage and the main reason why I picked OASIA HOTEL is that their elevator goes directly to the MRT. Around 30-40 steps from it, and you are in the MRT underground system.
Here is C... doing it LIKE A BOSS.
 The pool area is pretty serene at night. STUNNING even.
Even if we stayed for 4 days in Singapore, we weren't able to use the pool because we were out the whole day. It opens around past 6 and closes around 10pm. SO was really sad about this.
As you can see, they have a kiddie, jacuzzi and a lap pool.
On the same level as the pool, they got the fitness area. 
One thing I liked about their GYM is that it is 24 hours open. It is a bit small though as there are only around 4 treadmills, 2 bikes and 1 walker. Plus, the weights area.
Imagine this, at 1am, SO and I were in the gym running with a few other guests and the place is already full. I guess, Singaporeans are pretty health conscious that they make it a point to exercise after a day of partying.
They also have a steam room and a sauna room.
Towels and water bottles were also provided.

 After all is said and done. I believe that SO and I had an incredible stay at OASIA HOTEL. Even if we didn't get to swim or even get a chance to try out their Club rooms, I enjoyed. Admittedly, the stay came with a hefty price but still affordable if you would think about it. Budget around 10k more or less per night for a deluxe room and yes, no breakfast buffet included just the free wifi, free city tour and the room. 
Here she is, not wanting to leave.
8 Sinaran Drive, Singapore
+65 6664 0333

DISCLAIMER: Wrote this post based on our experience. Paid for our stay.
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  1. Wow. This hotel is so close to the condo unit I used to stay in Newton. Every weekend when I buy my groceries from Velocity, I pass by Oasis Hotel. Wow, 5mbps wi-fi connection is ♥! The pool area is stunning! This is a great hotel to stay in not only because of the inviting ambiance but also because it's in a prime location (right in the middle of the city area). :D

    1. I would definitely agree with you Roch. Oasia Hotel is pretty cool. The location was the biggest factor why I picked it. The fact that it is surrounded with 2 malls and has direct access to the MRT made me love staying there. It didn't hurt that it was just two stops going to orchard ^_^ ... The pool was a place and the room we got was pretty amazing too. The fast internet access was a plus. ^_^ See you on Saturday dear ^_^

  2. It's been so long since the last time I went to Singapore! Would love to visit and tour the city again really soon. Dami na sobrang bago in SG since I went there back in 2010! Anyway, will definitely consider Oasia Hotel for accommodation! :) Btw, ang cute ni SO sa last pic! <3

    1. sumi!!!!!!! When ang susunod na trip mo sumi!!! Its fun tripping and going around in SG ... Oasia hotel is a nice place to stay because the mrt is just there and you could go anywhere... sarap sarap!!! uhm..... ung last pic? nakaw shot hahahahaha lol thanks po