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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What is this I see!????!!! Something special for this Holiday Season!

I opened my eyes and Dad was shouting at me! "J! You Have a surprise!!!"
 I opened the box and this is what I see.
THEN... It brightened up a bit.
The mocha coffee aroma was in the air.
It made my face smile with joy...
ONE BIG BITE!!!! That is all.
But before that, this is how it actually looked like.
It is an awesome MOCHA CAKE from TOUS LES JOURS!
I honestly, haven't been in their stores but I always see them around. Interesting stuff you can buy from them but this, I got in the mail. LUCKY! It was Santa's little gift. An AWESOME MOCHA CAKE!!!!
 See how cute SANTA IS! and all that BELGIAN CHOCOLATE shavings on top! OMG!
The cake is moist and uber soft. It almost tasted like tiramisu but worry not, no liquor here.
It was the coffee that they poured in. The Belgian chocolate shavings on top, is also a great addition to the cake. It isn't too sweet so I gladly took that bite!
 and this is my overall REACTION to it.


TOUS LES JOURS offers a lot of cakes and sweets and desserts this Christmas season. Since, it is that time of year, they made a few more to make things interesting. This is but one of them. Priced at around 8++ plus minus a few, you can be sure that you bought something affordable and unique for your love ones. 
Definitely YUMMY!

Almost all the Major Malls
in the Metro

P.S. It came with some candle and a plastic knife!
DISCLAIMER: I wrote this based on my opinion and experience. The cake was delivered by TOUS LES JOURS to my house. Thank you so much Aencille. Delicious.
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  1. Replies
    1. hehehehe oo nga eh ... I just had my facial kasi ^_^

  2. Nice present from TLJ! That looks seriously good. Mocha and coffee put together always produce a great tasting combination. I wonder why I haven't seen that cake inside TLJ before. Maybe it's not available in the MOA branch. Once I've asked TLJ MOA if I can request for a cake design I've seen in TLJ SM North EDSA and the answer is no. They just display whatever comes to them. :(

    1. yeah TLJ makes a mean cake... hmmmm this is actually fairly new as they have it for the Christmas season. ... I believe you could pre order from them and pick it up at a later time. ^_^