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Monday, December 22, 2014

More than just ribs, TONY ROMA's has been a fixture and a main stay in terms of providing incredible food and great service.

Even if the traffic was not that great and the parking situation within BGC was a dilemma this Christmas Season. I knew great food was worth the travel. Alongside foodies, I was able to try the dishes being offered by TONY ROMA'S

 Soup of the day when we visited was the PUMPKIN SOUP (150Php).
 Not overly creamy yet warms the tummy perfectly. The pumpkin soup is great for anytime of the day.

 THE SONOMA SALAD (425/675Php)
Mixed greens tossed with green apple slices, pecans, dried cranberries, bleu cheese, crumbles, red wine vinaigrette and fried or grilled chicken . Since it's a veggie dish, you know what I did. According to my dinner mates, it tasted pretty good though.

 THE ROMA SAMPLER (1125Php) is the best platter for you to get when you don't know what is what!
 Spicy BBQ Boneless Bites, Spinach artichoke dip, Half Onion Loaf served with dipping sauce.
Great to share with friends. The BBQ BITES are perfect with rice. Yes! Even though it is an appetizer, I love how it can stand on its own. The SPINACH ARTICHOKE DIP is a classic. Perfect with the nachos it came with, the dip isn't too creamy. The ONION LOAF, on the other hand, looks like your ordinary run of the mill onion rings but it isn't. Combined with the different dips, it is a flawless snack.

THE OCEAN FEAST (1815Php). Named rightly so, my jaw drop when I saw it! Humongous!!!
Fish fillets, fried shrimps, and calamari ring.  Corn on the cob and crabstick and potato salad as side dishes.
This is for the seafood lover who doesn't mind deep fried goodness. Don't worry though, the food is properly cooked so no excess oil here and there. Love the freshness of the calamari!!!

 Something new on their menu, this is one of the favorites of the night. The crust is biscuit like. Crunch! Imagine thin yet crispy bread. The toppings were wonderful to say the least. The steak is well seasoned and isn't overcooked. Not rubbery too! I continued devouring this until I saw the next dish.

 If you are with someone as indecisive as SO, you would be happy with the STAR-STUDDED SAMPLER (1295Php)
 Original BBQ sauce, Carolina Honeys, Red Hots and Blue Ridge Smokies.
With their trademark flavors, you won't go wrong with any of theses amazing ribs. You get to taste all their best sellers. Don't worry about the Red Hots, I actually tried it and it was merely a sting. Not too hot and it wasn't spicy. 
I just had to take a picture of me with it. Something sort as heaven sent. I love it.

What I like about TONY ROMA'S is that they also give out especially this SEASON of GIVING. You get to have a chance for you to get a RIBVOLUTION CARD. For merely 1,000 Php, this discount and coupon card is a nice treat for you and your friends.
 You could actually redeem a rib worth 600Php on the get go and get 20% discount on whatever you get. Cool right?! SULIT!

If that isn't enough to get you going, you could go there with this.
 Just show this to them, print it or download it and you get 25% or 20% discount for lunch and dinner respectively. 

Although priced on the high side, TONY ROMA'S is the restaurant to go to for a RIB FEAST. You get what you pay for. Quality of the food and the service is impeccable. I could see myself going back with the family to enjoy a great meal. Budget around 800Php per person. BTW, kids eat for free all day everyday. So bring your kids on over and let them enjoy this RIBSTATIC EXPERIENCE.

Fort Strip, BGC

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out TONY ROMA'S Menu. 
Thank you so much Rose.
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  1. Christmas gift mo na sa kin yung pagkain dyan, dali! hahaha! Merry Christmas Jeng! :)

    1. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Masarap sa TONYROMA promise.... uhm Merry Christmas too!!!

  2. Oooooh... The Ribvolution Card seems sulit ah! :D Haven't been to Tony Romas yet actually, but I'll definitely keep it in mind the next time I crave for ribs! :D

    Happy happy new year Jeng! Cheers to more blessings and more good food this 2015! ;)

    1. sumi!!!!!!! super sulit siya dear!!!! Happy new year and more food for us!!! See you soon and cheers to more fun!!!!