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Friday, December 19, 2014

Three letters. K T G. KAIN TULOG GANG. Simple, yet profound. To eat, to sleep and a group or better yet a family. Somewhere we belong.
It was a Christmas Party like no other. F1 HOTEL IN BGC, graciously hosted the KTG. For that we are thankful. But first, SO had the brilliant suggestion aka "order" that we have a little staycation. A break from all the traffic. Left and right.
Another one at F1 (click here for last one).
We checked in and got a pretty good room too. Deluxe on the 27th floor. Almost the top!

The party was supposed to be poolside at THE CANARY LOUGE, but it was drizzling. So, we had to move to one of the function rooms. Thank you so much, Sir TONY CO for having us and of course PAU for helping and organizing everything!
A few minutes past 5pm, and this was the scene.
Loads of guests were already there.
I did a quick scan of the food of course.
Soup, salad and some appetizers from F1 HOTEL

Plus a lot of viands like rosemary roasted chicken, braised pork, white sauce pasta, fish, and even some veggies.
I actually enjoyed the roasted chicken.

Patterned after CEBU's version of a boneless LECHON BELLY. The skin is crunchy while the meat is tender. A little salty but perfect with rice! Just the way they do it in CEBU.
800Php/KG a roll is around 4kg cooked weight. Thank you Sir Ilan and Mikel.

Another part of the spread was THE PLAZA's HAM (facebook).
During Christmas mom usually get "HAM READY" by getting a stockpile early on. THE PLAZA has been in the market for a long time and it has been one of her go to places for incredible HAM! The best way to have it is to sandwich it in pandesal along with different kinds of dips and sauces.
Thank you very much Karla! It was fun to finally meet you.

TORCH is one of those restos that I like in UP TOWN CENTER. Originally opening up near Greenhills, they now are spreading their wings. (facebook). I love going there and have some cocktails and their pizza. Like before (click here)
We are so grateful that these dishes were served to us. I love their CREAM cake as it was almost yema like but soft and not too sweet. Even SO enjoyed it
But, a revelation was their
CHILEAN SEABASS in Garlic Butter Miso. LOVE!
PAELLA NEOPOLITANA I Like how heavy it was and a lot of toppings were in it. They didn't skimp!

Since we needed some more flying meat (LOL), NEIL'S KITCHEN saw it fit to send on over a TURKEY!!! DANG!!!!
The ROAST TURKEY had chestnut stuffing perfect for the Christmas SONG, I mean season. Served with mashed potatoes, cranberry and gravy. (facebook)
I love the meat as it is pretty healthy and the flavor was excellent. It wasn't dry but cooked properly! Do what I did. I got a leg and never looked backed. Meat near the bones are definitely flavorful and yummy!
(P795/ kilogram min of 6 kgs.)
Of course as behemoth eaters, we also like to drink and chill. It was a good thing that VITA COCO sent on over their mobile bar! AMAZING! (facebook). I KNOW RIGHT?!
We were given a lot of drinks! My favorite was the VITA SUMMER. It had some maraschino so it had a cherry plus a few liquor in it. YUMMY!
Aside from making cocktails, VITA COCO is great on its own. As pure coconut water, it helps us hydrate more.The sweet taste is refreshing.

After all the eating and the fooding around, there was a little program. Nobody danced. Thank Gulay but we SPANKY did have a little something semi-prepared.

JC LIBIRAN of started with a little prayer.
(picture grab from his site.)
 Definitely the way to go. Remember the blessings and the hardship and be thankful for everything.

After such, a little raffle ensued with guests and sponsors getting first dibs.
SPANKY of course had the lead and was the de facto emcee of the night.

OF course I had to go around and get shots of the guys.
(L-R Joko, Jeeves and Vlad of ABS-CBN.Com, Kat and Luke of the Hungry Kat)
This beautiful couple needs no introduction. Ray and Love Lynne of En Route. Thank you so much for having us takeover your house for SPANKY's little surprise birthday (click here)
Jay and Len of THE MOMMIST, Yen and Chuckie of All Chucked Up and The Tummy Traveler.
Spanky and Richie of the Pickiest Eater in the World showing some man love. Look at that tongue. Where is RINA of Rina's Rainbow when you need her?
Glenn, Yedy of Yedylicious, B'lley of Blogalog, Chef Gio of the Hungry Giant, Euge of Hefty Foodie.
Eric and Jaz of Ericjazfoodies, Sumi and Atty of The Purple Doll, Yours truly, Karla of The Plaza Ham, O and Jill of The Food Scout.
Icah of the Sky Chic, So, Joko, and Nines of Nine vs Food. Roch of the DICE in the Board was kinda missing... Now where did I put her photo?!
Michelle of Jam foods, mama bear of Sugargospice with sir Kap, Joan and Abet of the Foodalphabet, Guia of Food Reviews Manila, Irene and Richard of Tales From the Tummy, B'lley and Spanky
One of the best part of the night was when EUGE  went on over and was able to give a little speech. He is actually known as the quiet guy but believe me he has a heart of a lion. This was one of those memorable moments during that night. Because one time or another, we have been in his position and I am thankful and grateful that we have everything to share and I know we could overcome all our trials and hardships. You the man EUGE!

As the night went on, everyone exchanged gifts. Each name was called and gifts were given to one another.

Mama Bear was pretty thoughtful too. As she had the KTG logo, on awesome Tees for everyone
Unfortunately, it didn't fit me. Must be all the turkey and belly rolls I had.
 The night couldn't just end without a class picture.
The guys who attended the party.... A looooot!
 ANG DAMI!!! Too many to mention!

As everyone went on their way and as the number of guests dwindle down, something magical happened. 
It was an incredible thing. I can really sense that it came from the heart. ABET did a number. The last for the night. May pinaghuhugutan.
Unfortunately, it was around midnight, and the party needed to end.
Chen and I had a little after party date at RESORTS WORLD MANILA and returned around 5 in the morning.

Got back just in time for an awesome breakfast as always.
and SO wanted to relax some more so she had a little time lounging near the pool just before we had a late check out.

Since SHE was so clingy.. (I am so dead), we had a date after the date after the staycation and I was able to drive home past 10pm. All I did was put all the stuff I got on the table.. and hellloooo there!
 I was pretty amazed with the gifts I got. Grabe!!!! Babawi ako!

First thing that I noticed was this awesome CHEESECAKE from INDULGENCE OF IRENE!! (facebook) and no, there is none left. Got wiped out I tell you!
Thank you very much Ma'am Irene! You know that I sooo love your cheesecake!

Joko and Jeeves sent a package of old school candies too!! Memories! yes the memories of having to bully someone just to get em. KIDDING! But seriously, you don't see these kind of goodies anymore. Thank you.

Jill had given me an awesome soap that smelled and looked like a candy. I was that close to licking it! But reason had to kick in and I just remembered that my mouth would bubble up.

ZOMATO was kind enough to send a goodie bag! A mug , a notebook and a tote bag.
I love the front cover of the notebook. It says exactly who I am.

F1 HOTEL sent on over a calendar too for 2015.
and since we stayed on over, we were able to get this simple thoughtful cake just before we were about to check out. Not too sweet but just right.

Chef ANNA of PINK WASABI (facebook) was actually present during the party but was a bit late. I wasn't able to say good bye but she sent on over this amazing treat.
Something unique, these shortbread cookies are incredible and not sweet! Perfect for me!

Now for something decadent, VILLA DEL CONTE has given me one of those incredible mouth watering boxes filled with assorted chocolate goodies. 
When I opened it, I noticed how the packaging was designed. I liked it. It had class.
Since it was already pretty late, I only opened one round wrapper and it was LOVE!
The white chocolate was gooey and the outer layer was a perfect combination. One awesome ball.
 Melts in your mouth moment! Perfect not to rush. Just take time to let it sink in.

Another pastry treat I got was from THE GREEN BAKER. (facebook) . They advocate interesting yet healthy snacks.
 See this? This right here is a MALUNGGAY Cookie. Amazing right? Veggies for the non veggie lover like me!
Usually, a box would contain an assortment of unique flavors. Better yet, the container packs are resealable so you know you can get away with just a few cookie here and there.
I personally liked the MALUNGGAY cookie. A little after taste of the green leafy vegetable but heck, YOLO!

Something unique that I didn't expect is LAURIN PURE COCONUT OIL!  (Facebook)

 (picture grabbed from their site.)
It is made with 100% MCT and Lauric acid. All the good stuff from coconuts pressed into oil!
It could be used for cooking and yes others take a tbsp or two prior to meal to absorb nutrients faster.
It helps alleviate dryness, itchiness, eczema and psoriasis.
(from their FB page)
 I would definitely be using this for cooking though!!! LOL!
More information at

Also, Don't forget that this weekend, YULETIDE YUMMIES would be in ROCKWELL. On, December 20 and 21, you can get to checkout a bunch of stalls that sell awesome food find.
I hear that there is a booth selling lobster buns! OMG!!! SUPER LIKEY!

You know what? The most memorable experience I got this Christmas is having not 1, 2 nor 3 but 4 MUGS from a single party.
The one on top came from O, the one that got my name in the exchange gift list. It is something that I would like to use on bad guys!BRASS KNUCKLES anyone?
Zomato gave one with my nickname. While ERIC and JAZ gave the KTG mug. As for the FOODINTHEBAG mug, it was Chuckie and wife Yen that had it done. Pretty cute!!! Please pardon the background, these mugs are in the kitchen sink area already. LOL!
photo grabbed from Chuckie Dreyfus

I can't really sum up my emotions and my thoughts on everything that happened. Being accepted into this group has been flattering to say the least. I feel so blessed and lucky as I have looked up to them for food guidance ever since I started trying to become a foodie. For me to be part of this growing gang family, well I am just dumbfounded. Seriously, I think I even cried...! Yes I am that sentimental and emotional.

 I could remember how I got to meet each one of these amazing guys. Yes, I wasn't able to mention everyone. For that I am sorry, but please remember I will forever be grateful for your love, patience, understanding and acceptance. Gratitude and friendship is all that I could give back.

Thank you so much for accepting me and I hope I don't get to be a disappointment. Promise!
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thank you very much for these amazing sponsors that made
the night awesome!
F1 HOTEL  - home of happy experiences in BGC
SALINIS HOG LOG -  Incredible CEBU version of the lechon pork belly
The Plaza premium backed ham!!- AMAZING!
ZOMATO- Up to date restaurant list with menu information
GREEN BAKER- healthy cookies with a twist
VILLA DEL CONTE- Those awesome chocolates. Sweet!
TORCH - for the amazing sea bass, paella and cake!
VITA COCO -  for the coconut water goodness!
NEIL'S KITCHEN for the TURKEY.. Check them out for other catering needs.
MY PINK WASABI- CHEF ANNA doing her magic! I sooo love her creations.
KULINARYA KITCHEN- for the GC Giveaways. Check them out in Rockwell!
TEDDYs Burger  - amazing burgers! GROUND CHUCK FTW!
BANZAI- Japanese buffet place
LAURIN - Amazing 100% COCOMCT

 Thank you also for the GCs that were raffled off to the guests. (list taken from
OUTBACK: Dinner for Two | Mitsuyado: P1,000 GC | King Chef: P1,000 GC | Ippudo: P1,000 GC  x  2 | Teddy’s Bigger Burgers: P500 GC  x  5 | Banzai: P1,000 GC  x  3 | Ryu Ramen Curry: P1,000 GC | The Cheesesteak Shop: P1,000 GC | Nuat Thai: One Hour Thai Body Massage or Thai Foot Massage GC x 2 | Urban Ashram Yoga: 7-Day Unlimited Pass

Disclaimer:  I paid for the hotel stay while the food, venue, giveaways were from the sponsors listed. I wrote this post based on my experience. MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS!
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  1. Wahaha I was taking photos of food around that time. :)) Grabe this post is so cohesively consolidated! The party was a blast, and we're happy to have celebrated friendship and the holidays in F1 Hotel. More food and fun next year! :D

    1. I knew it!!!!! We were like eating and you were still taking photos! LOL! :D :D :D I actually had fun! The party was definitely awesome! F1 Hotel definitely is the home of happy experiences! Cheers dear see you next year!!!!

  2. Ok. So sa hinaba-haba isa talaga ang napansin ko ng mega eh. DALAWANG KAMA??? hahahahaha! Joke bbbear. Ang daming sponsors. Next year siguro 2 or 3 part na ang post natin! See ya around mwah. :-*

    1. DALAWANG KAMA!! Seriously Mama Bear!!!!!! Waaaaa :D :D :D Cheers and see you on Tuesday :D :D :D

  3. OMG I have to agree with mareng Jane... 2 beds? Ano yan magtutumbling kayo? He he he he! But seriously, we really had fun with you and your charming SO in the KTG party! I was really touched when she said she loved us. (I hope it's true kasi mahirap kami mahalin) KIDDING! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Here's to more KTG meet ups and parties dear Mr. Jeng!!! Cheers!!!!!

    1. Uhm ... uhm uhm uhm.... ma'am Jaz naman.. HEHEHEHE!! Uhm yeah SO definitely had fun. She loves everyone in the group. :D :D :D and yes nahirapan siya! JOKE!!!! ... Cheers!! See you soon po!