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Friday, January 9, 2015

Who is that girl!?!>!?>! Why it is Fran of FRANNYWANNY.COM.

During my vacation a couple of months back in SINGAPORE, I was able to get a hold of Fran! You see, I met her a year back before that and loved her blog even before that... (kind of confusing, I know but you can CLICK HERE to check it out )
and she has definitely been uberly super kind to me! Super !  Definitely one of my blogger Idols! Super humble and super BAET!

I knew that she is a keeper when I asked her what food places I should visit and which hotel I should stay to. She gamely answered all of my questions and gave a lot of recommendations. More than I could actually chew! Whew! Grabe!

Luckily enough, I got a hold of her on her free time. AKA "after workout destressing session" and asked her for a quick meet up. Just because I wanted to see how she and sir Paul was. Too bad Paul wasn't around because he had work.

Anyway.. moving forward, she suggested we meet up in TIONG BAHRU BAKERY in Raffles City.
 The TIONG BAHRU in RAFFLES CITY is actually found in the basement of the mall. I just followed my nose and the signs and the people and there you go!  It occupied a huge space around the fountain with a lot of tables filled with hungry customers even late in the afternoon. 

Since I was a few minutes ahead of Fran, I was able to take some shots and this WOWED me
 They have a good selection of freshly made BUNS , Pastries, 
and Coffee!

When Fran arrived, we ordered a lot! Here I thought, it was going to be just a merienda or quick coffee but wow!

TO start the meal, I had a cup of FLAT WHITE.
Cup made of love.

Munching on, we got the CURRY BUN.
Cut into small bite sized pieces, the smell and the taste of curry was definitely present. The meat was seasoned definitely well.

But my favorite was the MOLASSES BUN.
 It had a lot of greens but the kicker was the salmon and the cream cheese underneath it. Kinda like lox but in a soft and fluffy bun. I definitely enjoyed this. According to Fran, this is her favorite. Well mine too!

Now, we couldn't have a snack without a few sweet treats.
 Forgive me for I have forgotten the exact name, but this Chocolate Brownie like dessert is amazing.
It is soft and has a few "wet" layers of chocolate inside.
The next dessert just got to be my favorite dessert of the trip. 
 It is the KOUIGN AMANN. Breton's cake with salted butter and sugar.
The layering of the sugar and the butter made every bite crunchy yet has the right amount of sweetness.
Flaky yet not too sweet. Worth the price. Incredible ender and perfect with a cup of coffee.
Fran was even kind enough to ask if I wanted more... I was just too shy! Kidding aside, this is one deadly dessert and must not be missed when visiting the bakery.

The food is definitely awesome that I wouldn't mind going back there on my next SG trip. Everything is straightforward. Quality of the food is definitely a plus. I liked how they have a lot of branches around around SG.
Thank you very much Fran for the quick meet up! It was super duper fun catching up with you and getting chika! Each visit to Singapore is fun because I get to have amazing get together with friends! Naks! :D :D :D

and you know what.. a couple of weeks later, we had a little gathering with Fran here in Manila.
Check it out here. (CLICK HERE)

252 North Bridge Road
B1-11/12 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Monday- Sunday 8am-10pm
+65 63334160

More restaurant listing of Tiong Bahru in:

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. Fran was sooo kind in taking care of the tab. Thank you so much. P.S. She even wanted to get me some more OLD CHANG KEE 's Chili Crab O... #busogoverload.
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  1. I'm so happy you enjoyed Tiong Bahru Bakery as much as I do <3 Super sarap ng Cereal Bun noh? Winner!!!

    1. yes po!!!!! Next time I will make a stop here ... when I go back to SG ... Thank you so much Franf or having us!!! We really enjoyed ....

  2. Spotted a Squid Ink Bun! Wish I visited that place, too! Franny is definitely the best foodie buddy in SG! :D

    Babe for Food

    1. TOTALLY agree with you Justinne!!!! So like uhm... when are you going to Manila?!?!?!?! See you soon! And to more FOOD TRIPS!!!!! :D :D :D