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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Noodles and soup. What could possible go wrong?

I was really happy that I was going to have a go with KICHITORA OF TOKYO. They have been one of the early front runners of RAMEN in the metro. One of those that stands out and has been there from the get go. Definitely one of my favorites ever since the MANILA RAMEN CRAZE started.  

Fast forward a couple of years and here they are, growing and even getting better.
 Unlucky me, I was late for that opening lunch. YES !!! I was late! There was an accident along Commonwealth Avenue so hello traffic. I asked my driver to drive like crazy and when I arrived, I apologized profusely. ARGH! Anyway....

You see, KICHITORA of TOKYO has opened a new one in High Street Central Square. Same level as the Cinemas. Pretty modern and minimalist setup. I liked it.

After catching my breath, (yikes, last to arrive ...)

We were served with their salad dish. The BAN BAN JI (295Php).
The chicken was tender and soft. Alongside with the crispy wanton wrappers and sesame dressing, I enjoyed this. Yes it has veggies but still, I liked it.

GYOZA (150Php) was up next. The perfect combination for any ramen that you would order.
The skin was crunchy and the insides were flavorful. This is how gyozas must be. 

If only we had rice. That was what I was thinking when the CHICKEN KARAAGE (150/250Php) arrived.
Perfectly fried, this boneless appetizer is a great rice partner. Believe me! I wanted rice with this! DAMN!

and then the noodle dishes came. I went blank.

JAJAMEN (360Php) is cold noodles that is somewhat on the sweet side.
Different as it doesn't have any broth. Topped with minced pork it is given that KICHITORA touch.

For heat lovers, the TAN TAN MIEN might be for you (395Php).
You could even have the spicy level adjusted just for you. When I took a sip, the heat lined up my throat. Dang, just like drinking tequila! Whew! Flavorful and hot. Made with sesame broth and lined up with spicy oil and fried garlic oil.

The HOKKAIDO MISO RAMEN (395Php) is for those wanting a miso flavor. Alongside chicken or pork chashu, you get the bamboo shoots and fried garlic oil for flavor. 

Their epic ramen of all would be the PAITAN RAMEN ZENBU NO SE (420Php).
Just one sip, one slurp and you will know what makes it special. The chicken based broth is filling. The flavor is incredible and the ingredients works well with one another. Don't get me started on that almost perfect cooked egg. Sarap!

I for one, went for my personal favorite. A Tsukemen. I got the PAITAN TSUKEMEN (380Php). Just like my previous experience (click here) with TSUKEMEN, I was impressed. The noodles were a bit thicker compared to the normal ramen noodles but I liked having to dip it in a separate dish.
Call me weird but I like doing it.
The broth was thick but not too much so that you would get full right away.
The noodles were perfect for that slurping action you would definitely do with every bite.

Full as anyone could be, we were given dessert. 
The Almond Jelly (L 150Php) and the Coconut Pudding with Matcha and Azuki (R 150Php).

I liked the almond jelly better as it had the familiar taste. Maybe it was because of the azuki or beans that I preferred the former than the latter.

KICHITORA of TOKYO is an amazing but underrated ramen place. Their broth is chicken based and perfect with every slurp. The noodles are cooked to perfection. You could definitely feel and taste the freshness of the noodles with every bite. Great to visit after that movie date to warm you up. 
Service was incredible and attentive. Budget around 600Php per person.

You are also in for a treat as GROUPON has partnered with KICHITORA. You could have a meal worth 2000Php for just 999Php... Here is a link for you (click here) to check it out. 50% off baby!!!!

Near the Cinemas in BGC.
High Street Central Square, BGC
Taguig City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: was invited to this event. Thank you very much Kevin of Groupon and Larson Chan of Kichitora. I wrote this based on my opinion and experience.
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  1. I've always wanted to try dining in Kichitora since the owner is a friend/batchmate of my boyfriend. My aunts kept saying that ramen in this joint is one of the best in the city. Whoa, the gyozas looked too fried but still I can't see excess oil dripping from within. With that perfect golden brown color, these pieces are super tempting me now. :))

    1. go for it roch try kichitora out... i love the gyoza and they were cooke just right have a good one