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Friday, January 30, 2015

RICE... with your meal. Nuff said.

O'RICE is a place that would make your Korean food fetish come true. The dishes are Korean in nature but are not your usual grilled or run off the mill Korean Restaurant in the neighborhood. It seems they focused more on the comfort food rather than the usual popular food..
The menu  offers viands that aren't what you see normally see in a Korean resto. Although it has a fast food feel, the place' service is impeccable and the staff would go all out to serve you.

With friends, we were able to try out all the goodies they have to offer. Starting off with something to warm up our tummies.

ARMY BASE STEW. Back in the war, Koreans were crafty and made do with whatever they had. In order to survive the cold, they made soup with everything and anything they had. They used what the US GI left and had. Hence, the name.
This is perfect for the cold weather. The heat coming from the kimchi mix is awesome. Noodles mixed in with sausage and veggies.

PAN BIBIMBAP (250Php). Korean version of a fried rice. They mixed everything and anything that you would love. From sauced pork, mushrooms, and different cooked veggies mixed all in. It isn't spicy so it is good for those not liking some heat.

SAUSAGE BACON FRIED RICE (220Php). This is every man's dream. The sausage works well with the bacon and the rice. You definitely need to get this.  I enjoyed slurping my head in it. That sounded wrong but tasted right.
Look at that long and juicy sausage.

DAK GANG JEONG (250Php) fried sweet and spicy chicken candy that is kinda like chicken popcorn.
Crispy and has a sweet and sour taste. I like this one. A perfect rice partner!!!

BEEF BULGOGI KIMBAP - another of my favorite that day. The fillings were all packed in and only a thin layer of rice is there. Incredible stuff. To think they added a bunch of veggies and it was oh so delicious.

 CHICKEN BOKUEMTANG - This is braised chicken on Korean chilli sauce with potato and veggies. The chicken was properly marinated and has a sweet background. It also has transparent noodles that complimented it well. 

TTukbokki & Fried Food (220Php) -  Korean spicy rice cake with crispy fried food. For the fire eater in all of us. Back when I was in Korea, I was able to try a few of their street food in Myeondong. One of those dishes is similar to this. A few deep fried items alongside with spicy broth that is kimchi base. Perfectly hot.

To end the meal, we were treated to anything and everything that we could eat up in their ice cream box. Multitudes of variety could be found in their ice cream box. Yummy stuff!

As for me, I had this Korean "cornetto". Chocolate and vanilla mixed up. Incredible stuff.

To get a fuller experience of Korean food, I would suggest you visit O'RICE. They offer not your usual everyday Korean food variety. Budget around 400-500Php per person.

1-5 Forum, 7th Avenue corner 25th Street, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Disclaimer: Thank you very much Aencille for having us. Awesome work Chef Ryu Jang Ho! I wrote this based on my experience and opinions.
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