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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

 A simple meal in Singapore need not cost much. MR. YOU TIAO definitely taught us that.

A month or two ago, I was in Singapore for a little RnR. I stayed at the beautiful OASIA HOTEL NOVENA (click here for the experience) which is walking distance from two malls. One of them had this amazing resto. You see, we were at a lost and wanted to eat somewhere not too far. We did it like the locals and looked for a place during lunch that had a lot of diners. When in Singapore, a place that has a lot of locals are usually good places to try and eat at. 
After walking around for a good 15 minutes, we saw that MR. YOU TIAO had a bee line so we gave it a go. 

YOU TIAO or Fried Chinese Bread Sticks or Fried dough fritters are actually known as a street food but this restaurant had elevated its status. From a usual breakfast fare with rice porridge, it now is served with a lot of other kind of goodies.
For refreshments, I had a glass of lemon juice while she went for the tea.
The juice was definitely sour while the teh was spot on.

For the You Tiao, you could actually choose what flavor you want. I just went with CLASSIC as I wanted to taste neutral flavor and feel the texture.
YOU TIAO in itself is quite good. Even if it was deep fried, the insides were airy, fluffy and soft. The skin is actually crispy. I liked it.

More so, since we had it along with rice and noodles. Yes. CARBS galore.
A normal plate would have some veggies, egg and of course rice.

The first dish was the ASSAM CHICKEN.
I didn't know what ASSAM is but from what I gathered, it is a way of cooking that is influenced by east and north Indian cuisine. It is somewhat similar to curry but it uses other spices like turmeric and jeera powder.

Thinking it would be similar to Sinigang or Stew, we also tried the BA KUT TEH.
Boy was I wrong. Although the soup is quite popular in Malaysia and Singapore, it tasted somewhat close to medicinal. Not really my type so I won't be going for this next time.

The next dish we got was the CURRY NOODLES and it was a pleasant surprise.
Imagine curry flavor but with noodles. IT tasted wonderful. Not too thick and spot on. I can honestly say that it is similar or close to TUAN TUAN's version (click here for my experience) here in Manila in terms of taste. I love it.
Isn't it cool? You could get unlimited curry sauce with your YOU TIAO. Can be a complete meal just by getting some of those You Tiao.

Being able to explore a new place and picking a good restaurant without any sense of direction and recommendation is something that I enjoyed. Luckily, MR. YOUTIAO gave me that experience. With the help of a hungry but patient stomach, I was able to try this resto out. Budget around 10-12 SGD for two hungry fellows.

10 Sinaran Drive
Novena Square2

Disclaimer: Paid for our meals. Wrote this based on my opinion and experience.
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  1. OMG I miss that terribly. I could almost taste the food while reading! You Tiao is famous in Singapore. For quick bites, my housemates used to buy the natural you tiao for everyone of us at home. :)

    1. hay... i miss them too Roch ^^ it was a good find!!!! Damn.. now I am so craving!!!! YUMMY!!!! ^_^

  2. Ouch! Carb-loading nga with you tiao, rice and noodles pa! Haha! XD I haven't tried this when I was in SG, so I'll make sure to buy and nom on you tiao when I visit again. :D Parang okay yung Set 1 with the fried eggs! <3

    1. sumi!! You should! its good , simple and affordable ^^