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Friday, January 16, 2015

Hungry in Singapore's largest mall, VIVO CITY, I am thankful that they have FOOD REPUBLIC to offer the starving public. FOOD REPUBLIC is a great place to hungout and eat lunch at as it showcases a lot of food joints that serves different cuisines.

FOOD REPUBLIC is located at the top most floor of VIVO CITY MALL. It is near the entrance of the Sentosa Express which you could take to bring you to Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore.
If you are planning to go to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE be ready to spend big for meals that are somewhat generally mediocre and not worth the price. I would suggest you do as what we did. Eat here before going. It is along the way if you would take the MRT onwards to your Sentosa adventure.

 Once you enter, you get greeted by an old market feel. Sit anywhere you want and roam around the place to get a feel of the different delicacies the stalls offer.

XIDELI DOUGH FRITTERS serves your fried carbs. From different pastries to old fashioned bread. They make in fresh in store daily.
Like this radish cake.
and You Tiao... (I still found MR. YOU TIAO better .... click here for my experience.)
For rice meal, we had a try at GREAT WORLD HK ROAST.
The duck rice was tempting so we got that. Simple yet spot on. Sweet sauce poured over roasted duck on rice.
Aside from the duck, they also serve other roast dishes like chicken, pork and veggies

Another place that had a line was the PONTIAN WANTON NOODLES.
I did what the locals do and ordered the DRIED NOODLES with Char Siu and fried wanton wrappers
They cooked the noodles by dipping it in hot water for a few seconds. After draining it, they added some spices and sauces and mixed it all up. It was actually good and tasty.
They also served this with soup so either way you prefer, it is a winner.

For something to end our meal, I ordered something foreign from HUAT HUAT BBQ CHICKEN WINGS.
I haven't tried this before but since I saw some diners ordering it up, I had a go and didn't regret doing it.
We had the KUEH PIE TEE. Crispy pastry tart shell filled with a mixture of sliced veggies and prawns.
This was a little different as it was sweet and was somewhat already a dessert. The fillings were tasty and the shell was crunchy. I had a wonderful time putting this in my mouth.
I should have bought more as it proved to be a delicious and healthish snack.

Although still pricey compared to normal hawkers, FOOD REPUBLIC is found in a mall and offers a huge variety of dishes from different cuisines. We even found Japanese, Taiwanese, Indian, and a lot more regional cuisine being served. Compared to the restaurants in the area, this would be your bet if you want an assortment of choices. It is also noteworthy that it is affordable compared to other places and definitely better than the food choices in USS. I enjoyed trying out the different dishes in FOOD REPUBLIC and wouldn't mind going back.

VIVO City Mall, Singapore

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience and opinion. Paid for our meal.
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  1. I love Food Republic! I had the roast duck and wanton noodle soup from the same places, too! :D

    What I love best about SG is the chilled, sliced fresh fruits you can readily have as dessert or snack from any food court or food market! :D

    Babe for Food

    1. wohoooo justinneeeeee miss you girl!!! So when are we going food tripping in manila?!?!!!!! yeah I love food republic too... the duck and the noodles are soooo yummy hahahahaha