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Monday, February 2, 2015

One dish, one bite, one taste at a time. ARROZERIA gives that and more with its dishes.
Hands of the master at work. Chef J. Luis Gonzales seen working in a dish.

ARROZERIA has this phenomenal concept of letting you eat RICE all day every day till the wee hours of the night. My kind of place if you ask me. Not just any RICE but PAELLA. They specialized their skills just to get these incredible rice dish perfect. Partnered with tapas and exceptional meat dishes, you would go home happy and your tummy with new sets of abs. An extra set of tummy pouch if you will.
 Even if you don't really drink, their list of liqours, sangrias, cocktails and mixtures would let you relax and enjoy the meal. They have a lot to offer. 

I loved the LA GUAPA (695Php for 3-4 persons) or rose sangria.
 Not too sweet and definitely a traitor in my book. 
 Even for non-alcoholics, this is a great way to drink up and enjoy the meal and your company.

An AMUSE BOUCHE of Chicken Mouse with Garlic Crumbs was served to whet our appetite.
 Soft and butter like mouse with a hint of chicken. The flavor changes daily. Yesterday, I was able to try their Pork version and it was all right.

CARPACCIO DE ATUN (195Php). Tuna Carpaccio, tomato hearts with Calamansi Espuma and Crispy jamon. 
 Soft and thin tuna slices with bits of Crispy Jamon that provided a little salty spike with every bite.

 For those healthy buff lovers, you would enjoy the TATIN DE TOMATE (395Php)
 Confit of cherry tomatoes with parmesan sable, spinach pesto, mozzarella and greens.
 Sort of deconstructed version of a pesto based salad. If you really must tell yourself that you are going to eat healthy, but I suggest you go for the other dishes.

Like this. TABLA DE PATES (395Php). Campagne, cochinillo and mushrooms, chicken pistachio and dish and seafood terrine. With a side of black olive, parsley and procini mushrooms mayonnaise.
 Believe me when I say that the you would need more bread with all these glorious pates.

Now these are the best of the best that I definitely liked that night. Take note as a lot of expletives were said with each bite. Yes that good.

THIS. THIS!!!! PESCAITO FRITO (195Php)!!!! Fried fresh fishes with sherry vinegar mayonnaise.
 Crunchy and yummy. Rice was the only thing missing for this appetizer that could turn into a meal.

 I was thankful that I was able to try this during the first time I was there. The first day they opened to the public, this was already off the menu as they had served the last one during lunch. It was that good.  

THE CROQUETAS TRIO (275Php). Fish and seafood, porcini mushrooms and stewed bechamel croquettes.
 Incredible flavors burst out of the shell. 2 of each flavor makes it worth it. Sarap!

Since I was getting full, I needed to stand up and walk around and this is what I saw on the prep table. 
 The shrimps are great on their own with the squid ink battered. The sauce gave it a sort of Mexican-Latin flavor not really a fan of but it works.
SINCE this is a rice place, let's get it on with the HERO OF THE MENU.

 You could choose Paella either it be al dente and thin or soft and wet. I prefer the al dente version as it gives a little more bite compared to the soft and wet version. It would take some time to make these so order on ahead. 30-40 minutes ahead.

Right off the bat, this has got to be the most creamy and wonderful dish that night that led me to go back a second time within a week just to have a go with it again. FOIE GRAS Y BOLETUS (550Php).
 Foie Gras and Porcini Mushrooms. Even if you remove the Foie Gras, I would be happy with the risotto alone.

 Moving on here comes the rock stars! The different Paellas!!
VALENCIANA (295Php min of 2 orders).
 Chicken, rosemary, green and white beans.  Safe go to choice. Although, I was looking for the burnt edges that has a little crunch. Too bad it didn't have any.

ABANDA (395Php min of 2)
Boneless fish and seafoods. For those taking it on a healthy level.

 For a soupy version or CALDOSO, you would need to contented with a single choice. Honestly, it was spot on and heavenly.

The DE CANGREJO (325Php min of 2). Crab and Snow Peas.
 Rich and creamy. You could taste the crab fat with every bat. It has a little bit more soup but it was delish.

FIDEUA is another type that you must not pass off. It is basically made of thin noodles. 

This one is the NEGRA (295Php min of 2). Made with black ink squid and octopus. 
One whiff and you can definitely smell the sea. The thin noodles are pretty much incredible. A first for me. The sauce left my mouth and teeth black and left my tummy longing for more. Definitely a must try. Although it might get you a little umay or you might get tired of it easily after a few bites, you should still get this. Simple yet delicious. I got some leftovers and reheated it in the microwave for a minute and it still retained the taste. I looooooove it.

 For heavy eaters, they got the CARNES Y PECADOS or hearty dishes for the amazing rice eaters.

 TOMAHAWK Angus Grass Fed (575 Php/100g)
On the side: Potatoes, Mushrooms, mustard, blue cheese and spinach cream sauce. 
 Look at that huge piece of meat! One huge leg. It was longer and thicker compared to some of my seatmates' arms.
 Cooked to perfection, what crazy steak lover would not love this?
 The sauces on the sides aren't really needed to enjoy the meat. Add a little salt and you are good to go. 
Try if you must. 
Perfect to go with their rice dishes. The trick here is to order at the right time so that they may be served at the same time.

 When I returned with my family yesterday, I wanted them to try out the ANGUS RIBEYE (495Php/100g)
Even if I asked for it to be served MEDIUM. It came out past medium well. The slices on the sides are no longer that red as what I wished for. I would suggest that you get yours at Medium Rare as it would come out around Medium to you as cooking continues even after removing it from the stove. 

Chocolate lovers would rejoice as they have CREMOSO DE CHOCOLATE (250Php)

Chocolate Cremaux, streusel, tuille, ginger confit and raspberry jam. 


1) What I liked now is that they are now open from 11am-1am without any breaks in between. Great for those snacks and late night meals.

2) Call in for a reservation or advance order the PAELLA as they take 30-40minutes to cook. 
If you can't wait, they have a paella of the day readily made and served.  Do what I did, went there and ordered the Paella to be cooked. Went back after roaming the mall.

3) Allot time. You can't rush good cooking. Most of the dishes may take a few to make so relax and enjoy your company.

4) Get a JUG of their amazing cocktails. Perfect with any dish.

5) Go with a lot of friends or family members. You get to try a lot of their cuisine as most if not all are to share.

6) Bring a change of clothes. I don't know if it was because of the open kitchen or the exhaust but on both occasions that I visited, my clothes has that food smell on it. 

Raising my glass to ARROZERIA as it is impressive even when it is so young. A place that has potential and admittedly has some budget friendly dishes. Budget around 500-800 Php per person at the minimum. Although if you really want to go all in, 1,500-2,000 Php per person would do just about it especially if you are going for the steaks and other premium dishes.

4th Level Century City Mall
Makati City

Just beside Hole In The Wall.

Disclaimer: was invited to attend one of their press dinner and went back on the 1st day of soft opening opened to the public. Paid for our meal on the 2nd visit. Wrote this post based on my experience and opinion. Thank you so much Jean of for having us.
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  1. loved the La Rosa Sangria also. I can't wait to go back and have more rice, which one to order is now the problem.

    1. Yeah! The Sangria... I was a little light headed because of it but damn it tasted good...
      Too many good stuff to order... I don't know which to get last night.. I just went with the basic... hehehe :D :D :D Enjoy sir :D

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    1. Waaaa already did michy 2x in a week hahahahahaha