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Monday, February 9, 2015

Delicious and fine food need not be expensive. ENDERUN'S RESTAURANT 101 gives the everyday Juan a chance to taste the difference.

Located inside a gastronomical college, RESTAURANT 101 by ENDERUN is a practical restaurant being run by the college's best and brightest. It helps the students learn while letting the diners get a try on delicious fare. If you ask me, this is a sure fire way to NOT break your bank for the coming VALENTINE'S DAY. 

They have an impressive menu that changes every 1-3 months. Lunch is different from dinner with the favorites available for both. I was lucky enough to have a go and try out the new MARKET MENU. 
Here you have the option of a 2, 3 or 4 course at 780, 980, 1180 Php respectively.

Fast forward to that night, I entered the main building not expecting. I was escorted to my seat with pleasantries made and exchanged with the host and a few of my friends.
 The setting was dim yet well lit that lets you relax and definitely let's you enjoy the company of your love one or good friends.

You get a feel of importance and respect as the place isn't too uptight yet service is incredible. Wine is poured and before you know it, the first course is served.

SCOTCH EGG. Bacon Crust, glazed asparagus, smoked cream, truffle dressing.

The dish looks simple but was executed perfectly. It wasn't dry and I like the bacon flavor. It was dominant the way I wanted it to be.
 If this isn't your thing, you could go for PAN FRIED GOOSE LIVER (+200Php). Mesclun Greens, Cranberry Dressing.
A generous serving of Foie Gras is perfect with the cranberry dressing.

For the soup course, CREAM of WHITE BEAN is offered. Prawn and Chorizo Galette.
I rarely eat beans but this soup is matched with the galette perfectly.

A product of genius imagination, the BEETROOT MARINATED SALMON is a must try. Pickled Cucumber, horseradish mashed potatoes, "chicharon"or salmon skin.
The salmon absorbed the beetroot flavor and made it incredible soft and flavorful. The Crunchy Salmon skin is a great combination with the fish as it makes the usual favorite into something "healthier".

If fish isn't your fancy, you could have a go with the OVEN ROASTED MAGRET of DUCK. Apple hazelnut chutney, celeriac puree, port reduction.
I love duck. I have a hard on for it but dish was a lacking. The flavors were there and the sides were all right but the meat itself was a little too tough for me. I guess it was on the chewy side for me. 

For dessert, you would be crazy if you do not choose the LAYERED WHITE and DARK CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. Served with Butter-mint Ice Cream.
Not too sweet, this dish was the best for me during the night. This and the salmon but dessert has a heavy weight for me in any diners. The 3 layers of mousse gave different flavors that went well with one another. Chocolate lovers would definitely enjoy this one. I loved it. 

Even if Enderun seems to be a normal college, they have this restaurant under their sleeves. A gem if you will. Simple yet elegant as the cliche goes. The prices aren't that expensive that would lead you to run for the banks. It is perfect for any date night (hint VDAY!) that is well under the budget. The service is incredible. Paired with wine, these dishes are a joy to eat. I would definitely go back just for that salmon and dessert. Incredible.

Friday the 13th:
Resto 101- Set menu a la Carte available
Atrium- Buffet Dinner at Php 980.

Saturday 14th
Resto 101- set menu only

Resto 101- Family Brunch 11am-2pm

Set Menu a glass of Elderberry Kir on top of the offerings.

McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City

Disclaimer: I was invited to try out the new menu. I would like to thanks ISABELLE for having us. 
I enjoyed tasting the wonderful food prepared by the group. I wrote this based on my experience.
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