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Monday, February 23, 2015

MARCO POLO ORTIGAS is the newest hotel in the PASIG area. It boasts of comfort and elegance.

There is this thing between me and her. We usually go out on staycations just because we wanted to take a breather. 
Come VDAY, we were supposed to stay at the new City of Dreams. Either at Hyatt or Nobu. Both were fully booked on VDAY so a week before, I booked us in MARCO POLO. A few days prior to VDAY. Nobu kept on calling and saying that they now have a room for us. Good thing we didn't bother with it as MARCO POLO is an amazing establishment. Affordable, new, superb service and perfect.
The day came, traffic was actually better compared to a day before. After parking my car, we both checked in at the 24th floor.
The elevators have their own floor assignments but it didn't bother us as there were staff left and right to assist us.

The front desk has around 5 counters manned and each of them are experienced in helping us to check in.
Since there was a line, I took no time into trying out their internet access. Good thing that it was fast and needs no logins and no passwords. HOW CONVENIENT!!! The wireless connection was present everywhere from the restaurants to the lounges to the pools and the gym ... well except for the elevators and the parking lot.What more could you ask for?
When my turn came up, I was informed that they had no rooms available for my deluxe accommodation. Everything was either up for cleaning or was a downgrade. Rather than having me wait, they gave an upgrade. Not just once but twice. We were placed in a Superior Suite. DAMN! I was pretty lucky!

Located on the 41st floor MARCO POLO's Superior suite was tastefully done. Of course, it was on a corner and it was on the quiet side.

When we entered, there was a semi-holding area. Here we placed our luggage and unpacked our clothes in the cabinet. The cabinet was filled with the usual things a traveler would need.

A few feet more was the washroom. It was pretty huge!
The tub on the left .... which she super duper loved...
and the toilet too.. no bidet though... =(
On the right was a his and hers
and a separate shower area with a huge rain head. Happy me!
Walking through a hallway, we saw the snack area which had a see through divider from the bedroom.
It had a coffee machine
and a mini bar set up complete with utensils, glasses and cups.
On to the bedroom.
It was a perfect bed. With mood lights, a phone, and a lot of outlets on the side.
A huge LCD tv on the wall and a lot of places to put the stuff on.
Outlets are also present in a hidden part of the table.
For travelers, the telephone is a God sent. It has its own charger cord for old iphones, ipads, and even android phones. Plus the fact it has usb outlets too and can be used as a radio, alarm clock and stereo as it could connect to your devise via bluetooth. GALING!
My favorite part of the room is this day bed.

It is the perfect place to lounge and put my surprise on.
This one. She didn't have an idea. I told her that I forgot something in the car and brought it after we checked in. I hope she liked it.

Since we wanted to checkout the place and what other things we could do, we went around that afternoon.

The pool is beautiful at night. I liked how they made it indoor and heated. If only they could make it 24 hour open.
The gym was also there on the same floor. Unfortunately, the treadmills and the bikes do not have their own tv sets.
What sets it apart is that they have this mini locker area that has automated safety deposit boxes where you could put your phone or what not in.
Aside from these, they also have a play area for the kids. 

 taken from MPO's FB page.
Unfortunately they do not have a spa but offer in room massages and treatment.

Since it was almost dinner time, I inquired if their in house restaurants have available room for dinner. Sadly, all their restaurants were fully booked. I also took a peek in their Continental Club and it was also full.
  We were supposed to try out VU's bar but it seem they were still prepping.  So, she and I had a little adventure in Ortigas and yes, I left my car behind. But, that is for another post.

The next day, I wasn't really feeling well. Good thing they had an in-house nurse that had stocks of over the counter medications 24/7. After consuming some meds, she and I went downstairs to have our morning breakfast.

The quantity and quality of the food was more for a brunch feel even if it was 7 in the morning. The spread was phenomenal. Even if you thought that the restaurant was a bit small, they used all the nooks and crannies perfectly to serve the dishes that the guest would like to have. A lot of viands perfectly cooked and were delicious. Excellent way to start the day.

Carbs of all sorts. Bread, waffles, pancakes, rice and more rice and a  lot more.
To salads, sushi, hors d'oeuvre,
fruits, freshly made juices and shakes were also available aside from the usual cafe latte, tea, hot choco, and milk. 
Aside from all the Filipino breakfast favorites, they also had pizzas, Indian food, Chinese food, make your own noodles and soup but of course an egg station.
Would you believe that they serve 2 types of ham. They had an excellent American spread also.
I favored this sweet flavored ham rather than the more salty version they served.
Of course their bacon is refilled non stop.
What is breakfast without bacon! It was crunchy and perfectly cooked
Couldn't help but share my plate with you guys. I was really hungry so I haven't taken a photo of all the food they offered. Sorry tummy first.

and of course something to end the meal.

Marco Polo Ortigas is a perfect place to have a staycation. The service was almost perfect. The staff are there and willing to please. Everything is quite new as the place is only around a year old. I would suggest for you to check out their facebook page for treats and discounts.

Tips and Treats:
1) Better to check out their fb page for discounts and promos.
2) Ask for late check out, it doesn't hurt to try
3) Reserve Early, I found out that it really does pay to have a plan.
4) Elevators could be a hassle as they only have specific floor assignments
5) A lot of restos are nearby, so if you are adventurous take a walk like what we did.
6) Ask for a room not facing Metrowalk as it can get noisy during weekends.
7) They have smoking and non-smoking rooms.
8) Parking entrance is at the back, they do have valet. Don't worry, it is pretty spacious.
9) No casinos nearby.

Marco Polo Hotel, Sapphire Street Corner Meralco Avenue,
Ortigas, Pasig City
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Paid for our stay. Wrote this based on my experience and views.
Pictures here are mine. The picture of Piccolo is a screen grab from the establishment Facebook page. 
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  1. The bedroom space is huge! That's like three times bigger than our room at home whaha. The ambiance looks classy. One thing I will love for sure would be the FAST wireless Internet connection. :)) The spread of food too looked awesome. I can eat with my eyes and be full! Marco Polo is a great choice for those who want to experience a wonderful staycation indeed. :)

    1. Super Roch! The bedroom is definitely huge! Everything was classy and the bathroom is just hands down perfect. I love the free access to the internet too. Marco polo is excellent.

  2. Replies
    1. It was on for the books. I enjoyed the stay and the food at marco Polo ortigas.

  3. Looks super posh!!! At Mr. Romantic naman ang peg mo kuya. hahahaha. :) Hope you and gf had a grand time. See you again soon!!!! :)

    1. Hahahaha Michy.. Yes I definitely enjoyed Marco Polo Ortigas. The place was post as you said and definitely worth every penny. I won't disagree with you that yes I am a Romantic! LOL! See you soo michy!

  4. I love Marco Polo Ortigas too! :D So bongga! Even their Superior and Deluxe rooms are already so posh! Btw, this Superior Suite looks so similar to the Premiere Room they once upgraded us to though. Feel ko tuloy there's only not much difference between their Superior and Deluxe, and Premiere and Superior Suite. Haha! :D

    Anyway, your post makes me miss this hotel more! Need to go back ASAP! XD And blog about it asap too! Haha!

    And tama si Michy, you're definitely Mr. Romantic! Yiheeee! <3 Can't wait to read more about you and SO's staycation adventures! ;)

    1. OK.... first things first... I am not romantic!!!! Hahahahahahaha!! I think the only difference with Marco Polo's rooms are the floor size.... THE. Hotel is super posh!!!!! Grabe!!!! Tell me about your experience ah!!! Post it soon ....

  5. Is the indoor pool heated or just the jacuzzi? Thanks!!

  6. Is the indoor pool heated or just the jacuzzi? Thanks!!

  7. HI maddy .. from what I remembered, it's heated.

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