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Friday, February 27, 2015

I didn't know what to expect. I just went for it. I came with an empty stomach and an open mind. LE JARDIN offers simple FRENCH CUISINE in BGC and it doesn't disappoint.

For many Filipinos, French cuisine is a foreign concept. Dining 3 to 4 hours for lunch or dinner is something, we rarely do. Unless the occasion is a birthday of sorts or maybe a gathering. Here at LE JARDIN, it is the norm.
Located on the penthouse level, LE JARDIN offers excellent Metro Manila skyline view along with a garden like feel. It is like you are transported to a villa somewhere in France. Romantic at night and excellent for that date.
 The kitchen, behind Chef Jonas of Huat Pot and Mango Tree fame and Chef Hasset of MedChef, partnered with Chef Gils Brault of Vietnam's Trois Gorumands. Right from the get go, you would be pleased with the simple yet elegant French Fine Dining set up.

Ordering what to get could be tricky and overwhelming at first but once you get used to it, you would be in for a treat. It is a choice between 3, 4 or 5 course meal. Take note though, the dishes are good for one and could be shared. This isn't degustacion where each serving is good for one or two bites. The appetizers and main courses are huge. Plus the fact that they are accompanied by bread, amuse bouche, cheese course, and dessert.

Wine is suggested but it isn't mandatory. I did have a glass or two of their white. I liked the crisp and flavor it brings especially to the appetizers.

Start the meal with bread. They have an in house bakery so they make these fresh everyday.
After warming up, the Amuse Bouche is served. TRUFFLED SCRAMBLED EGGS.
You will agree with me that they do not skimp on the ingredients. One whiff and you could smell the truffle. Hence, they are really generous with their ingredients. 

Since I got a 4 course, I was able to try out 2 appetizers. Since I was with Heftyfoodie, we thought of sharing everything so that we could taste the lot. 

SOUPE de POISSON PROVENCALE or Fish soup, French Riviera style 
Bisugo or Threadfin Bream is used. The texture of the fish goes perfectly well with the broth.
Not too thick and perfect flavor. It has a simple kick in the end.
with a few bread fingers at the background, I just wished I could swim in the flavors all night long.

If you are into shrimps, the CREVETTES SAUTEES AUX EPICES or Sauteed Prawns with spices is a hit.
The shrimp makes good use of the spices and the sauce to make its flavor shine.

Another interesting dish is the POUPONETTE DE CHOU CONFIT DE CANARD or Cabbage Stuffed with Duck Confit and Foie Gras Sauce.

Different textures in one dish. After opening up the cabbage, you would notice shreds of duck confit and crispy skin in the mix. The crunch coming from the skin makes every bite pop. The sauce is creamy and makes good use of the foie gras. It wasn't overwhelming so I enjoyed it.

ASSIETTE de THON. Tuna Plate. Smoked and fresh raw marinated tuna.
LE JARDIN has their own smoker. The fact that they do it in house and sources the ingredients locally is a plus. The taste is somehow different. I can't properly describe it. The fresh raw tuna is marinated to perfection. It could be compared to our local version of Kinilaw or Ceviche.

I would have to say that I enjoyed the ASSIETTE de TROIS FOIE GRAS. I will not forget this dish anytime soon. Why? Because of the Foie Gras Spring Roll.

Perfectly done. The Mouth feel and flavor is sublime. It is amazing how it melts in your mouth even if your aren't done with your bite. Having a background of apple works well with the foie gras. Needless to say, that is my favorite of the three. I would suggest that the cheff have a dish specifically just for the spring roll. Amazing. Yes it was that good. Althougt, the Terrine Fig and the Torchon can stand up on their own, I definitely preferred the roll. Orgasmic.

After getting through all those appetizers, a PALATE CLEANSER is served.
The lemon sorbet frees up the taste buds. The addition of the tomato confit and basil oil gives it a jolt of sweetness.

Red is usually the right way to go for when it comes to your hearty and meaty main dishes. Needless to say, do as you wish. The rule of red for meat and white for seafood no longer applies. If it tastes good, why not?

I had the excellent choice of CHEVREUIL de VENAISON. - Venison
Seeing the meat a little rare, I was definitely skeptical. After one bite, I understood that it was the only way to cook this dish.The red wine and berry reduction upgraded the flavor profile of the venison. Delicious.

For first timers, a safe choice would be the JOUS de BOEUF et FOIE GRAS POELE. - Braised Beef Cheek
No need for a knife here. The meat is braised perfectly and makes it so tender that the use of a fork would do. Alongside the Foie Gras, this is succulent and melts in your mouth.

Cheese is then served. ASSORTIMENT de FROMAGES MAISON
From left to right: Truffle, chives, ash, selfou or red pepper salt, rosemary with black pepper.
It took awhile but LE JARDIN makes its own cheeses. I enjoyed the cheese as it gives a creamy ending to a meal. 

and then there is dessert. 

FONDANT au CHOCOLAT. Moist chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream.
Classic lava cake. Almost the same if not. The chocolate is a bit on the dark side as it gushes out its shell. If you think this is sexy, the next is art.

It may look like a mess or something from an art book but the DESSERT de GILS, is something everyone would enjoy.
Believe it or not, I chose this dish over the chocolate anytime. The texture and the flavors works well with one another however different they are. Raspberry sorbet gives the sourness while the vanilla ice cream gives the sweet side. The nougat gives the crunchiness and the meringue just melts. Perfect all in one go.

LE JARDIN is a FRENCH themed restaurant that delivers. It gives Manila a taste of  foreign cuisine to allow it to indulge. Admittedly, the prices might be a little too much for the normal hardworking Filipino. but for those special occasions, this is a place to have it at. The quality and the quantity justifies the prices they command. Ingredients are fresh. This combined with the technical know how, delivers the incredible experience. Simply Amazing.

Penthouse Level
W Fifth Avenue Building,
5th Avenue Corner 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Across SnR and St, Luke's Hospital.
Besides F1 Hotel.

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out Le Jardin. Thank you very much Chef Jonas, Martin and the good folks from namely Elaine and Nicole. It was a pleasure meeting you guys. Wrote this post based on my experience and views.Till Next time Euge of
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  1. INGGIT AKO! :D Been wanting to try Le Jardin for quite a while now, but the boyf hasn't brought me here yet. Ako kasi talaga laging in-charge where we'll dine. >.< But, ayoko naman tumambling si J when he sees the prices. Hahaha! Will just patiently wait for the right occasion to splurge here nalang muna. Hihi~

    BTW, dining for about 3 hours is the norm for me and J, plus when we're with friends! :D

    Anyway, love the photos and feature, Jeng! ;)

    1. I think you should show my post to ATTY to give him a hint! LOL! Its a nice experience. One for the books, LE JARDIN has grown and matured and they are now ready to serve. I definitely enjoyed their food even if it is somehow foreign for the Filipino taste buds. They do excellent Foie Gras and Cheese. Delicious!!! Definitely a way to a girl's heart!!!!

      I think it took "my date" and I almost 4 hours dining here. GRABE! It was the perfect way to chill and enjoy the food.

      Thank you so much SUMI! See you soon dear!!!

  2. Grabe! Your photos look super nice! I almost don't feel like eating the food na because it would be a waste to ruin the plating/presentation. All these dishes are treats for all who come! How about the prices?

    1. Thanks a lot Roch... uhm ... the food tastes better than what it looks like... Promise!!!! The prices at Le Jardin are steep for the everyday guy but for that special date, like once or twice in a year, it is worth it. Dining at LE JARDIN , is a treat for all the senses.