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Monday, February 16, 2015

DRINKS and FOOD!!! TORCH knows these all too well. In recent months they have been expanding exponentially. From their first resto in Greenhills, to another in TriNoma and UP Town Center,  and now they have a new one down south. Right smack in Makati.

With the wind blowing on my face and the sun on my back, I found myself yet again in MAKATI. Lately, I have been going to MAKATI, for all of the good food it has to offer. Only my 4th time in GREENBELT, I walked up to an almost filled up restaurant. TORCH.  No sleep and tired from playing basketball, what motivated me to go this far out was the food and drinks I know TORCH serves.

Alongside a few of my friends, we started lunch on an epic note. Do what we did, start with some incredible drinks. Not just any, but special only to TORCH. 
The SNOWFLAKE COCO-LYCHEE MARTINI SLUSH (189.95Php) is sexy and white.
Perfect for any humid day. Even if some would say that this is a girlie drink, I enjoyed it. So Yes you could call me a girl. LOL!

The DRAGON SANGRIA (899.95) is refreshing and is a great way to start the meal.

Lime, chamdor, chardonnay. Sweet yet the dragon fruit is a treat to munch on.

My personal favorite though is the TORCH'S SIGNATURE BEER-TAIL MANGO DAIQUIRI (269.95Php)
This is one huge drink. How huge? 
 Stock photo from previous visits: (click here and here)
See my hand? That huge! Manila Beer is used for this upside down drink. The mango daiquiri is sweet and perfect. You control the beer out take. Pull the bottle out and the beer goes out. So you also control the flavor and the kick. YUMMY!!!!

After starting with drinks, we tried out an appetizer sampler (495Php). Great way to checkout different stuff at one go. 
My favorite here would be the truffle fries and the freakingly guilt driving chicken skin. The fries aren't too oily and has that truffle smell and taste. The breaded chicken skin is crunchy and the syrup it has is sweet and spicy.Alongside with Buffalo Asian Wings and Chili Cheese Crispers, this sampler is a treat.

From one amazing sampler, we were able to get dazzled by more.
Fresh seaweed, riped mangoes, kani, and raw salmon in a spicy sesame mango dressing.
The salmon is amazing with the fresh seaweed. The dressing goes superbly well with the dish.

We even asked for more. Thank you other side of the table.

Suprisingly good, the GRILLED CHICKEN QUINOA SALAD (345.95 Php) is healthy and tasty.
Normally, I don't touch quinoa. I still have 2 huge bags of it at home and I haven't pushed myself to using it. This dish makes the best out of it and gives the texture a bite. Healthy yet I enjoyed it. The chicken was cooked perfectly well so it is a win win.

For sushi lovers that wants something more, the COWBOY ROLL (389.95) is a great example of fusion.
Strips of Angus steak with sweet sauce is delicious alongside with rice. So what better way to enjoy it than having em on HUGE bite sized rolls. Not just any rolls, they also made it better by covering it up like tempura. SARAP!

PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA. TORCH also makes good with pizza. They got awesome choices. We went for the CHEESY ANCHOVIES ALFREDO PIZZA (374.95 Php).

This 14 inch monster has a flaky base. It is super cheesy and the anchovies give it a little more salt kick.

The usual partner with pizza would be pasta. I was floored with the choice of having BACON & EGG CARBONARA (344.95Php)

Creamy sauce was the perfect base for this pasta. The Runny egg made it better. Of course, it was the BACON that was the star! Crunchy stuff. YUMMY!

For all day breakfast meal lover, you would rejoice with the TOCINO FINGERS (172.95Php)
Paired with all garlic rice and egg, this will make your tummy jump for joy. I know because mine did. The tocino isn't any normal version. Rather it was deep fried with bread crumbs and the results was a crunchy exterior.

Another healthy option for rice lover, the SEABASS in GARLIC MISO (799.95Php)
A perfect huge cut of fish. The Chilean Sea Bass is baked to perfection.   The miso garlic teriyaki glaze is amazing and sweet. The hint of garlic doesn't over power the dish.

The main attraction of the day would be this piece of meat. THE TOMAHAWK STEAK. nuff said.
Full - 2,000-2,200 gms at 6,799.95Php Half - 1,000-1,100 gms at 3,499.95Php and Single 300gms 1,195.95 Php.

HUGE CUT of steak. Served with grilled corn, baked potatoes and of course gravy. not that it needed it. Juices were definitely sipping out and it was an amazing site. The burnt edges were delicious and to die for. The peppery flavor was perfect. Amazing.

Even if I was so full, I still made some room for dessert.
The BREAD PUDDING (149.95Php) is the best way to end the meal. I knew I shouldn't but I still took a bite. I loved the sweet flavor. It wasn't too much. The creme was the perfect partner for the bread underneath. Although, I wasn't into desserts that much, this stuck up. It was so freaking good that I found myself getting a bite one after another until someone took the dessert away from me.Yummy!

Drinks, good food, excellent company all around. The food is on the affordable side considering the quality and the quantity they offer. I definitely love the salmon, tocino and the steak. Don't get me started again on that salmon. It was darn good. Healthy and I love it. Budget around 500Php. Thank God, TORCH has a branch in UP TOWN CENTER. 10 minutes away from my place. Whew!  

Greenbelt, Makati City
Metro Manila

aside from Greenbelt,
they got a place in
Greenhills, Trinoma, UP Town Center

63 Connecticut Street, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila
Sun to Tue - 7:00 am to 12:00 mn
Wed to Sat - 7:00 am to 3:00 am

Ground Floor UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City
Sun to Tue - 8:00 am to 12:00 mn
Wed to Sat - 8:00 am to 1:00 am

2nd Level Garden Restaurants, Trinoma, ESDA cor. North Ave., Quezon City
Sun to Thu - 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Fri to Sat - 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Disclaimer: was invited to try out these dishes in TORCH GREENBELT.  Thank you so much Mike, Don and Bea for having us. Wrote this based on my experience and opinion.
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  1. That mango daiquiri is super huge! Great comparison with your hand haha I can't imagine finishing it by myself. Is the drink really meant for sharing? The Cheesy Anchovies Alfredo Pizza is definitely the way to my heart. :)

    1. ACTUALLY the drink isn't for sharing!!! Its a good drink for a looooong night! Believe me, even if you aren't a liquor drinking its pretty good. The pizza is also amazing.. :D :D :D For all the cheese lovers at TORCH