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Thursday, February 12, 2015

 DON'T GET MAD! I was only kidding! Of course a gf is a gf but if it would be food, you would be drooling over FIRESIDE.

Upgrading the menu from the usual flare, Chef Chiloy is a genius. Rather than going with the "norm" of his KETTLE (click here and here), he stood up and raised the bar with FIRESIDE. A little familiar but they made changes to elevate the dishes.

FIRESIDE opened up early this year and has never looked back. They remade favorites and brought out the best from different dishes they have.  Almost a remake or a take two but with a better outcome. 

The place in itself is simple and direct. It is the food that would make you want to go there.

You could start with this. SWEET CORN CAPPUCCINO (129Php)
Popcorn salt. A crowd favorite. Frothy and soothing.

Salads were also on the menu but you know me. I tend to skip those.

Greens, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, roasted chicken breast, feta , honey lemon dressing and a lot more greens... Uhm.. yeah too healthy for me.

For the Asian Shrimp lover. This salad is. A lot of greens, with rice noodles, toasted peanuts , lime fish sauce dressing.

A salad that a meat lover would order.
Not because of the greens but because of the US TOP BLADE STEAK. 
The onion and zucchini strings are also incredible good to munch on. You could leave the greens to your healthy living friends.

Don't worry from here on out, no more veggies please! So here are the appetizers. 

Crab fat and nacho chips. A must if you are into artichoke dips but I would suggest you go for other appetizers on the menu. To try something different.

I am not really into chicken wings but my brother would love this. 
SWEET, SPICY & SALTY WINGS. (3pcs 249/ 5pcs/409Php)

Served with sweet potato hay. These crispy and sweet chickens are really good.

For pica pica , FIRESIDE has a lot of things to offer.

My favorite would be this MASCARPONE CHEESECAKE (359Php)
I couldn't stop getting the freaking mascarpone. It was so good. I even used it as a dip for

This was super duper huge! I liked the simplicity of it. A better use of chips compared to the "picnic-like" strips at KETTLE in my honest opinion.

They also have some more interesting stuff for the healthy buffs. CUE in other guys.
baguette chips, cilantro and peppercoulis

Another is the GRILLED HALIBUT. (399Php)
Although not really an appetizer, I placed this here because for me, you only need a few and not too much to taste the flavors. (LOL!!!! and it is too healthy for me)
BACON vinaigrette, quinoa veggie salad

What the chef is known for, the big guns. I liked the way they served these dishes as they are huge in quantity and the quality is incredible.

You got to ready your appetite for this!

This is one huge dish! Good for 3-4 people I tell you!!! The meat is cut perfectly and it is moist inside and out. I love it!
Honey cider brined, grilled apples, peppercorn mustard cream sauce. grilled veggies.

If pork chop isn't your fancy, they have this APRICOT-CHIPOTLE GLAZED RIBS. (899Php)
Slow roasted baby back ribs. Humongously huge! Pardong but it was just so huge. Two guys can't even finish this.

KETTLE being known for their buttermilk chicken, they made it even better through this BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN FINGERS. 24 hour brined. cajun ritz breading, home style gravy, cornbread donuts. (489Php)
 For the price, this dish is worth it. I love the chicken alongside with its sides. Although it lacks that kick to make it standout, the dips make up for it.
The cornbread donuts are the best! So it's a good thing you could order more of these. Ang sarap nito!

Although you won't really know unless you tried it. I suggest you get the AUSTRALIAN LAMB RIBS. (719Php)
This is sooooo good. The lamb was perfectly cooked. It was so soft and tender. Plus, the minty dip isn't overpowering. It complimented the dish well unlike other establishments that source their dips from somewhere else.

Another crowd favorite would be the 50/50 MEATLOAF. (389Php)
Why 50-50? It is made with 1/2 ground bacon and the rest with ground angus beef. BBQ sauce is perfect with it and the garlic mashed potato is just love!

I love how the desserts in FIRESIDE is the perfect way to end the meal.
You could start with HOME MADE DOUGHNUTS. (239Php)

It might be plain for some but the sauces on the side is perfect. Salted Caramel, Chocolate, and Raspberry Sauce. It is a good thing that you could put your own sauce to mix and match. I prefer it this way rather than sauces being pre-mixed with the dessert dishes.

A cake is always a perfect way to end a meal. When eating in FIRESIDE by KETTLE, you ought to know that the road to get to that cake is a joyful journey.
Moist and perfect with the shavings this COCONUT CHECKERED CAKE (259/slice) is a great treat for the end of your meal.

FIRESIDE by KETTLE is a notch above KETTLE. Most of the dishes are adventurous and yet they have those old favorites up their sleeves. Yes they have a long way to go but with just a month of operations, they are getting there. Budget per person is around 600Php per person. Would really go back for the lamb, cornbread doughnuts, and the meatloaf. For a simple snack, I liked their appetizers especially the mascarpone.

3rd Floor SM Mega Fashion Hall
Besides Linguini Fini
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: was invited to this event. Thank you very much Chef Chiloy for having us. Wrote this based on my experience and opinions.
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  1. Oooh... Drooling over all these food from Fireside! The double-cut porkchop, baby back ribs and buttermilk fried chicken fingers are calling me! :D And how can I not mention the cornbread donuts? I can still remember the cornbread that comes with Kettle's buttermilk fried chicken. Heaven!!! <3

    Will definitely eat at Fireside the next time I find myself in Megamall. Actually, makapunta na nga this weekend! Haha! :D

    1. Hahahahahaha!!! Give it a go sumi!!! YOU ill love the lamb!!! Super duper ! I love Fireside... It is like an upgraded kettle ^_^

  2. I love how the title is captivating. Haha. The sweet corn cappuccino looks heavenly. Sipping through the cup with those popcorn salt on the lips is some unique dining experience I want to try. I'll also skip the salads to make room for more delicious food. Your description of the Australian lamb ribs plus the photo make me more excited to visit Fireside by Kettle in SM Megamall now na! :P

    1. hahaha ROCH! I was thinking of saying something else but GF seems to be okay.. #lagotako ... The sweet corn is something different. And the lamb.. my gosh the lamb is perfect! I loved it! More rice please!!!

  3. Hindi ka naman nasaktan sa blog title ng post mo na to? hahahaha! Should really try this, the steak looks awesome!

  4. Uhm i wasn't talking about my girlfriend Michy bhwhahahahahahaha!!!!! LOL kidding aside.. the freaking food is really good... seriously!! Sarap talaga... See you soon dear

  5. Jeng! What will be the expected cost for about 8 people? :D

    1. Kaybe at most 5k... But depends on what you order. ^_^