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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Home of the amazing chicken wings, BUFFALO WILD WINGS opened up just this January 2015 in Capitol Commons, Pasig. The Bistro Group brought this amazing chicken store to the Manila Resto scene.

This has been the site of the amazing long line for the 1 year supply of free chicken wings. You see a few weeks back, BUFFALO WILD WINGS entered the Manila Resto scene through a contest of sorts. See it here (click here) . After the dust settles, #theKTG went on and tasted a few of their amazing treats.
You would be surprised as you enter. The cozy and homey feel is present. You get to get that sports bar vibe too as the place is littered with 38 LCD flat screen TV. Damn! No bad seat in the house.
After settling in, our hosts showed us what makes BUFFALO WILD WINGS.
Their amazing flavors. 18 different babies. Each one with their own distinct traits. From wet to dry rubs, you won't get bored. A tip I learned was that you could add them to your fries. Interesting right?

Before I go to the wings, let's see what else we got.

We started off with some ITALIAN PEPPERONI FLATBREAD (445Php)
Cheesy pepperoni goodness loaded with queso cheese and mozzarella, provolone and cheddar jack mix. This is a great starter.

In case you didn't know what to get THE TABLEGATING SAMPLER (7245Php) is the way to go.

It has everything you may want while watching that favorite game. From a choice of dry or sauced up wings, to soft pretzels with queso to warm pita pics with spinach artichoke dip and everyone's favorite the BACON, cheddar and mozzarella stuffed jalapeno pepper bites. Perfect!

A little different yet filling is the SOFT PRETZELS (325Php). Great to munch on while waiting on half time.

Chewy yet soft, this was served with queso cheese and some honey mustard. Weird but it worked.

For those healthy guys, they have wraps. This is the PEPPER JACK STEAK WRAP (495Php).
A savory wrap that used seasoned prime rib, pepper jack cheese with some of those dressing. Its a nice healthier stuff you could get at BWW.

Another part of the menu that I enjoyed was the burgers.
You could actually make your own. Or pick from their best sellers. 

 This is the JUICY STEAK BURGER. (625Php.) Hands down.
On top of the patty is a pile of prime rib, onion rings and pepper jack cheese. This is soo meaty and so good. A great thing that you could do with your burgers is pick the sauce on the side from their list to make it more to your liking.


Piled up hickory-smoked pulled pork, fried onion rings, cheddar jack cheese and Honey BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce made the burger bring out the bbq flavor.

For Cheese lovers, they have the BLACK and BLEU (525Php)
As you can see, it has the bleu cheese. Not really a fan but it worked for others.


Grilled slammer patties with Chipotle BBQ seasoning, chips, pepper jack cheese and jalapenos accompanied with some ranch dressing. Great for the taco flavor lover out there. 

For me, I enjoyed the Juicy Steak Burger as it gives me that smokey rib flavor in every bite. Suggest you have your burgers cooked at medium to have it really juicy even after taking loads of pictures with it. 

Next came up as a surprise.
Carrots and Celery with a side of ranch.. YES I SKIPPED this.

And now the wings. Aside from being able to taste the different flavors, we picked 4 of their best.
This had the ASIAN ZING (L) and PARMESAN GARLIC (R).

 The ASIAN ZING has a sweet and hot flavor in it. Chili pepper, soy and ginger sauce. I enjoyed the PARMESAN GARLIC. Roasted garlic and parmesan sauce with Italian herbs. This is perfect for the kids.

 NEXT stop we had the HONEY BBQ (F) and the MANGO HABANERO (B)
 The honey bbq makes you want to order more rice. It is sweet yet the bbq flavor gave it a smoky taste. The Mango habanero is for the fire eaters. There was a sweet taste at first but after a second or two, BAM! You get hit with a heatness level that would make you want to go get some water.

 After getting all of these, here comes the challege. The BLAZIN' CHALLENGE!

 BLAZIN' CHALLENGE - Finish 12 super duper hot wings in under 6 minutes, without drinks and without anything. Let's see how we fared. Along with Kat and Euge, we were tricked into doing it! LOL!

We though we were just going to do it for show but they went ahead with it. Thinking that we were sissy, we opted to have just 5 pieces of wings rather than the normal 12. For photo ops, they said. 
Then there was a waiver!@! What the heck?! I thought it was a joke. 
They even instructed us, not to wipe our face and hands and that drinking during the game was not allowed. 
Then, it started. 

3,2,1 go!
 The crowd goes wild!!! While I stood up just to make it go down!
 The heat level was super duper hot. My eyes were getting teary eyed and my mouth was on fire. Even my face was getting red!!!
 Kat and Euge already stopped while I pushed on. Competitive, I was.
 With one last gasp, I devoured it all! Even if I look like a total wierdo.
 and yes I finished it. Even if it was only for the experience and the show. Off the bucket list you go. 
  Thank you Kat and L of for taking the pictures.

It was an amazing experience. The mouth, tongue, and my face was super hot even after 30 minutes. Oh my! I was smiling in the picture but I was crying in the washroom! LOL!

 To make us happy and smiling again, we had the CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE (325Php).
Rich and sinful. The cake is accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

This is the perfect sports bar to go to if you are in the area. Their offerings of wings makes it an ideal place to go to after hours and watch that ball game or even the special sports event. The fact that they have a lot of tv screens, you are assured of a great seat anywhere in house. They have an amazing list of beers and liquor to make you stay for the night. Needless to say, it maybe a little pricey but, for me, it is worth it.

Estancia Mall,
Capitol Commons
Pasig, Metro Manila


Disclaimer1: Thank you so much to Kat of of sending pictures of the contest.
Disclaimer2: Was invited to try out the food. Wrote this based on my experience. Thank you so much The Bistro Group for bringing this amazing resto to Manila. 
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  1. So this is where you had the buffalo wings challenge. Dang it's in Pasig, too far! But oh well, I didn't mind going all the way to Alabang so yeah, complaint not valid haha... I love buffalo wings and I like 'em hot. I'm just not sure if I could take this challenge though. Even when I like spicy food, the look on your face tells me this is some serious business hahaha...


    1. Dude!!! Freaking hot !!! The wings were super duper hot!!! Wait? Pasig is quite near!!!! Go for a try girl! The wings are awesome at Buffalo wild wings in Estancia

  2. Wow, ang daming sauces! I think the person who chooses the hot sauce to go with the super duper hot wings is crazy in love with heat. Whaha I can't picture myself eating those wings without drinks. You're too brave to try it out. My hat's off. :)) Funny talaga yang picture after finishing it. :)) Grabe, congratulations!!!

    1. it was freaking hot! The fact that they had a lot of sauces makes me want to go back. Super duper lots of choices, ..... and the picture,, well.. it was yes fine funny! hahahahahaha

  3. Dude! Your face on this pic, though. It sums up the meaning of pain :D