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Monday, March 9, 2015

 Rice is one of the main food groups that every Filipino can't live without. Every single day be it for breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner, rice is something, we just can't have enough of. Thankfully, we now have a restaurant that has a menu that not only serves rice all day long but partnered with CURRY as well. Welcome to COCO ICHIBANYA, the largest curry resto chain in the world. With over 1,400 restos in the world, this baby is a giant!

Known as the go to place for CURRY in Japan, COCO ICHIBANYA is making its way into the stomachs of the Filipinos. Located in the basement level of the new ESTANCIA MALL in Capitol Commons, Pasig, COCO ICHIBANYA is the new Japanese Restaurant to invade the dining scene.
 One weekday lunch, I went here along with the friends from #thektg. We were surprised to see that the place filled up quickly and yet there was a quick turnover. Kudos to their quick service.

After being assisted to your booth, the first thing that you see is this.
 Pickled plum. You add this to your meal as it gives a different sweet flavor to the otherwise spice filled curry. I couldn't get enough of this as I eat my meal. 

It is important to note that your meal at COCO ICHIBANYA is fully customizable. From the heat level of the curry, to the amount of rice and even the toppings and side dishes you may wish to get.

For an additional 80, 100 or 130 Php, you get to have a set meal. Choose to get the soup, salad, ice cream or a drink. You could pick either 2, 3 or all 4 from this list to accompany your meal. 
 The soup that day was tomato. It was all right. Clear and not the creamy version.
 For the mini salad, you have a choice of dressing. I went with the sesame based.
 Needless to say, I looked for the bacon. There wasn't any.

 Looks familiar? That is because they bring the UCC expertise to their drinks.
 Yes, you guessed it, it was UCC that got COCO ICHIBANYA to the manila dining scene.

and now, let's get it on with the main event.

When ordering, you get to pick how much rice you would get. The standard is 300grams but you could lower it to 200 or even increase it to 600. I would suggest that you stick with 300 if you are hungry but if that is a bit too much, 200 is just fine. 

Next up would be the curry level of spiciness. From mild to standard to a level 5 crazy hot, you get to pick your preferred heat level. To give reference, standard already has a little kick into it. It is the perfect level for you to properly taste the curry. BUT, if you easily get flushed, the mild level is fine.

 Now let's talk about those meals.

Easily their best seller, this CHEESE HAMBURGER CURRY (360Php) is the bomb
 now since we are at the subject of incredible, adding Japanese Sausage (130php for 4 pieces) is an excellent choice. The sausages are firm yet cooked properly. They give off a neutral taste. 

If that isn't enough, you can even add CREAMED CROQUETTE (100Php),
 The croquette is creamy and fried just right.
Before I forget, the cheese in the hamburger is inside. This makes it cheesier with each bite. YUMMY!
 For the egg lover, you could choose to have an omelet. Like this PORK CUTLET OMELET CURRY (360php).
 For this dish though, you can't customize the size of the rice.

Now, I believe you are guessing what I had. Of course, I went a little over board but heck, you only live once right?

 I got the SHRIMP CUTLET CURRY (360Php) with an order of SAUSAGES (130Php) and made the curry with MUSHROOMS (80Php) and CHEESE (80Php).
 The Shrimp Cutlet wasn't watered down with extenders but rather, there were real huge shrimp slices in there. It was amazing. The sausages with awesome to say the least. They provided the meat. The curry was cooked to perfection. There was a hint of heat in it yet it wasn't overboard as I only got a standard level. Adding the mushroom and cheese gave the curry a different texture. From here, you add the pickled plum to make it work. Once it get a little bit of monotonous or bored, you add a few pieces of the plum and you are good to go. YUMMY!

  and of course don't forget to have ice cream to end the meal.
 Perfect to help your taste buds normalize after all the curry loving.
I was able to taste the CHICKEN Pari Pari and it was delicious. Not battered but just fried. I liked it in its own. Definitely, I will get it on my next return.

During a weekday lunch visit, the place was almost full but the service was quick and fast. The turn around was great. The staff was knowledgeable about the menu and would suggest what to order. Budget around 500 Php per person. I would suggest you make yours into a set to make it into a real meal. Just don't do what I did and over order. Would definitely return with my curry loving brother.

Basement level of ESTACIA MALL
Capitol Commons,
Meralco Avenue Cor. Shaw
Pasig City, Metro Manila

* They plan to open another one in One Rockwell, BGC and Greenhills soon.

Disclaimer: was invited to try out COCO ICHIBANYA, thank you very much for having us. wrote this based on my experience and thoughts.
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  1. Standing out from all the rest, the Shrimp Cutlet looked wonderful in one plate! I'll order it for sure. :D Adding the plum sounds interesting. I can't imagine how the tastes will result, but I'll take your word for it and bet it's yummy! Coco Ichibanya is really perfect to satisfy my craving for more curry. :)

    1. yes it is super yummy !!! The plum was a little sweet and it makes a great change of pace... Coco ichibanya does it job of making curry awesome