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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Ramen Craze definitely has invaded the metro and it is here to stay. For the past year or so, Ramen stores have opened left and right in the metro. Down South, one ramen place stands out. That is BUTAMARU. 

Yes, I found myself down south again. Although I am quite familiar with the area due to previous engagements, I didn't know that there is a ramen place here worthy of a visit. BUTAMARU is that place.
What does BUTAMARU stands for? BUTA is pork while MARU is round or circle.

A little background on BUTAMARU:
They make their tonkotsu broth for 16 hours. Yes that long. For inspiration, the ramen was based on variations of Hakata-syle. They learned the art of ramen making from Sugimura-san of Menko noodle company. A master artisan in the field of ramen.  

Once you enter, you are greeted by the staff. The ground floor has the kitchen and a long bar while the upstairs houses the booths and tables for big parties.

On a foodie Saturday, along with friends, we were able to try out their offerings.
We started off we gyozas. They served 3 kinds.

 Rich cheese flavor which happens to be my favorite of the bunch.

To the usual GYOZA (130Php) and CURRY GYOZA (150Php)
 The normal gyoza was filled with the perfect pork while the curry flavor was different and very distinct. The use of Aburi Chasyu and a special type of curry paste made it so.

 Don't forget their specialty. THE CHASHU (150Php), I suggest you get this for maximum goodness.
This slices of glorious meat made the meal incredible. Imagine a caramelized flavor attached to this tender slice of meat. Incredibly good and delicious.

In case you didn't want ramen, you should try their TAKANA CHAHAN (200Php)
 Japanese Syled Fried Rice that is a meal into itself.

and of course if you just wanted plain rice, that could be arranged.

With CHASHU DON (280Php).
 You get the perfect BUTAMARU ROAST PORK over steamed Japanese rice and soft boiled eggs. I will definitely go back for this. I know it is a Ramen Place but still, it serves the perfect pork that is the best to partner with rice.

Another dish that I would go back for is the RAMEN SALAD (280Php)
Beautiful with all the colors, this is a noodle dish with fresh vegetables tossed in Black sesame. The noodles were firm and incredibly good. This is a cold noodle dish that I definitely love.

Going for the big boys, here are the ramen.

TANTANMEN (350Php) is basically spicy peanut and sesame. You could go for spicy or mild.
Be warned though, mild already has a bit of spicy while spicy is really super spicy. If you can take the heat, I dare you, go for it.

 To make it more interesting, you could have it with curry. CURRY TANTANMEN (350Php)

If spicy ramen doesn't appeal to you, I would suggest you get a dose of SHIO (300 Php).
Salt based Tonkotsu. It gives you a broth so rich but just right for your ramen cravings.

Since I just had spicy stuff, I went for the SHOYU (320Php). It is soy sauce based Tonkotsu.
It was a little salty, I will admit but the noodles were cooked perfectly and complimented the broth well. I loved it.

Special mention would have to be the eggs. Yes, I did have an extra order. No ramen is perfect without eggs. If I were you order an extra. It is so worth it. It wasn't over cooked so it was great with the ramen.

BUTAMARU seats in a quiet side of town. Down south with some incredible restaurants in a small compound, it stands out. As I said, I wouldn't mind going back and braving the traffic to have another go with BUTAMARU. The prices are reasonable compared to other Ramen places and yes, their CHASHU is the bomb! Budget around 400 Php per person. It is so worth it.

CE405 Westgate Center,
Commerce Avenue cor. Filinvest Avenue ,
Alabang, 1781 Muntinlupa City

Note: They allow take outs although, since this is ramen, it would be better to eat it in house.
Disclaimer: Was invited to try out Butamaru. Wrote this based on my experience and views.
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  1. I still get over this Alabang trip, it was really amazing. And I'm still dreaming about that tantamen. Oh yeah, I didn't get to try your ramen huhuhu...

    1. I mean still "can't get over!" What the fudge, I publish stuff without reading first hahaha...