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Sunday, May 31, 2015


Like a scene from the movie, The Godfather, CARUSO RISTORANTE seems to be a place from history.

Located in MAKATI, CARUSO RISTORANTE can be a place for that romantic date or a family get together in the afternoon. Dress code is strict except for Sundays or family days.

Owned by Italian expats, you could be expect that the quality and the authenticity of the food is spot on.

Seeing foreigners mostly, I entered the place and figured out that I was in for a delightful lunch. When you see Italian guests eating at an Italian restaurant, this should make you happy.

You could start with a bubbly or a PROSECCO BRUT TREVISO 2013 (380/2800Php). Sweet and delicious. Perfect to start the meal.
If you have decided with your mains, you could go for a Chardonnay 2013 (360/1950 Php) a white wine or Carbernet Sauvignon 2013 (290/1850Php).

 Freshly baked breads are served to start you up. You can't really ask them to serve the food faster because they are made with love and care. That is quality. Use this opportunity to talk to your friends and companions. A time to catch up.

INSALATA CARUSO (420Php). Mixed salad with tuna, boiled eggs, and mozzarella cheese. This is freshness personified or should I saw foodified. Healthy eaters would definitely dig this salad.

But you know me, I love a good ham and cheese. PARMAHAM with BURATA CHEESE (680Php). The ham is properly cured and is soft.. The cheese is not too salty and compliments the ham well. Perfect to go with the complimentary bread. Yuuuuumy!

It might look simple but this is its strongest characteristic. CALABRESE PIZZA (690Php). A combination of tomato, mozzarella, black olives, bell pepper and spicy salami. The Meat in itself is bacon like. Although it doesn't have that crunchy texture, the kick that comes from it is welcomed. No need to add hot sauce or whatever. The pizza does it for you.

A crowd favorite is the GARGANELLI PORCINI (620Php). You could smell it a mile away. The truffle and the mushroom aroma engulfs the room. I love it. They make their pasta in house. The sauce is not too creamy but it compliments the mushroom pretty well.

SCALOPPINE di VITELLO al LIMONE (830Php). Veal slices in lemon sauce. The veal in itself is good but the price in itself is a bit too much for just 2 slices.

SALMON FRESCO AGLIAGRUMI (830Php). This salmon is uberly fresh. The fillet is huge and perfectly cooked. The use of lemon and orange adds a different tangy flavor to the salmon. As such, it elevated the flavor. Wonderfully done.

As all good things must come to the end, dessert time is the best finisher.

A cup of coffee to accompany your choice of dessert.

TIRAMISU (320Php) Spongey coffee cake. It's all right.

This is what you should get for dessert. PANNACOTTA CLASSIC (320 Php). Homemade stuff. The cream and gellatin mixed well together. This was soooo good, I couldn't stop myself from slurping the plate, I mean my spoon. LOL!

At the end of the meal, they serve digestif. They leave them at your table for your own consumption. Theese babies right here would definitely rock your body. A shot from any one of these would keep those food down and would help in digestion.

 Not only has it been up and running for 15 years, CARUSO RISTORANTE is a heavy weight in terms of giving it their best. The Italian cuisine and dishes they serve, alongside with the Filipino hospitality, makes them a definitely go to place to have a relaxing and delicious meal. Although it may seem pricey, the ambiance, quality, service and the feel of the restaurant pays for it. The Parmaham, Pizza, and Pasta are no brainers. Don't forget the dessert.

210 Nicanor Garcia Street ,
Makati City, Metro Manila
11am-230pm and 6pm-11pm

and also in
The District Boracay Station 2

Note: They have free parking in front and at the back. Wifi is also available.

Disclaimer:  Was invited to try out this restaurant. Wrote this based on my experiences.
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  1. Looks really good. Sana pala sinama mo kami ni A. hehehe. :p Joke!

  2. CARUSO offers amazing pasta and pizza dishes.. so definitely it is sooooo good!!! Nyahahaha

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