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Monday, June 1, 2015

BGC HIGH STREET CENTRAL has been a go to place when it comes to up and coming restaurants ever since it opened up its doors a couple of years back. Left and right, you would see a pizza place, a Chinese restaurant and even an organic restaurant. Some of these restaurant has stood up against the test of time. One of them is STELLA.

STELLA is one that serves almost everything you would like and love. The Stella's chef loves to create dishes and has a diverse menu. Mostly centering on comfort food, it has everything that would please each member of the family.
A wood fired bistro, STELLA has been a go to place for a steady lunch or a late night dinner.

Impatient diners such as my dad, would love STELLA's TRIO of DIPS (275Php).
You could use the wood fired crisp to scoop the roasted pumkin hummus, sundried tomato and red pepper mezze and my favorite, the truffled baba ghanoush.

If visiting for a snack, I would suggest you go for their PORCHETTA "Banh Mi" (350Php).
Crunchy skin of the porchetta goes well with the freshly baked bread. A lot of flavors is mixed up in this sandwich as asian slaw, sriracha mayo and other veggies that I dare not mention.

For a simple pasta dish, the HOUSEMADE CHORIZO and GARLIC SPAGHETTI (295Php) is the one to order. Roasted tomatoes and garlic slivers makes the pasta dish
One thing that I loved about STELLA is that they offer a lot of Pizza dishes. For the quality and the price range of these pizza, I know STELLA is a clear winner! The pizza aren't flat types rather they have a doughy backbone.

For this time around, it was the GARLIC BIANCA PIZZA (350Php) that was served.
Chewy crust and amazing toppings. Simple yet delicious.

In case you're craving for some, they also offer CHOWDER STUFFED JUMBO PRAWNS (595Php). The huge prawns are drenched with mixed seafood cream. Juicy and creamy!

For dessert, you can't go wrong with any choice. 

They offer ice cream flavors like bubble gum, avocado and some mocha if you're up for it.

For someone that has a sweet tooth, the WARM CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY CAKE (295Php) is an ideal choice. Sweet and salty in one dessert. Hazelnut mousse, fish sauce crumble, coconut tuile accompanies the cake.
Yes, fish sauce. Weird but it works.

STELLA has been open for about 3 years now. They are one of the first restaurants that opened in BONIFACIO HIGH STREET CENTRAL. They serves everything that one could want and more. Their dishes are genuine comfort food and is honey to anyone giving it a try.

STELLA: Wood Fired Bistro
Ground floor, Bonifacio High Street Central, 
BGC, TAGUIG City, Metro Manila. 

They also have amazing drinks that are showcased in their sister restaurant "The Rocket Room" next door.
I believe you could order from their amazing menu too.
Also, every Wednesday night is their Guilty Pleasures. Cool chill laid back vibe to drink the night away.

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out this event. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. Is that portion of Garlic Bianca Pizza good for one person? I think I can finish it alone when I'm super hungry haha. Prices of food here may be steep but the presentation and tastes must be pretty interesting and worth the splurge. I'll try this also next time....if ikaw magtreat! :P

  2. The pizzais actually for sharing . maybe for two hungry soul... But in your case, yeah you could finish it. Quality and quantity of the dishes are quite impressive in stella. I enjoyed pretty much all the dishes there ..... And of course... It's your birthday so ikaw mag treat