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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Good coffee and good grub is often hard to come by. When I go to the usual places, it's either they have good food but their coffee doesn't compliment their dishes or it's the other way around. UCC's CLOCKWORK seems to overcome that barrier. 
After the success of their 1st branch in Pasay, UCC CLOCKWORK opened up their ESTANCIA Branch. 

Situated outside the mall, CLOCKWORK opens it doors at 7 in the morning. Allowing early morning joggers and breakfast yuppies access to amazing food and coffee. Honestly, I have been to UCC CLOCKWORK in ESTANCIA around 4x already. Every time, it has been a pleasure just chilling.
Wifi is free and they have a lot of sockets to plug your e-devices. So cheers for those study sessions and reports.

 Aside from all of these perks, the food is definitely awesome.

BAKED NACHOS (320Php). Cheese and all those glorious toppings. A perfect munch on.

CHICKEN CRACKS (230 Php). Chicken skin. Mixed with spices with a honey vinegar dip.
High blood here I come.

To balance things out, you could go for their salads. QUINOA Grilled Chicken and Mandarine Orange Salad (320Php) in the background and GUILTLESS Salad (300 Php) on the foreground.
Of course I skipped em.

If you're into something light, you could go for:

BEEF HASH BENEDICT (320Php). Corn Muffin, Beef Hash, Bechamel, Poached Egg, Arugula and house salad.

A definite winner would be the GRILLED PULLED PORK with CHEESE (250Php). Gooey and yummy.

OUVO y NEGRA (280Php). Made with squid ink, this would make your lips a little black.

For adobo lovers, the ADOBO FLOSS PASTA PLATE #OMG (320Php) is the one to go to. Olive oil based with garlic adobo flakes. I liked the crunchy texture of the flakes.

If you are really hungry, they have full blown meals. 

GRABBY FATTY OMURICE (350Php). Shredded Crab Meat is used and the rice is swarming with aligue cream and toro-toro egg.

For the fish eater, the MILKFISH BELLY PAKSIW (300Php) is a sure pick. Coconut vinegar base is perfect with the garlic rice. The eggplant katsu on the side is a nice addition to this dish.

ROSEMARY CHICKEN CRISP (320Php) has grilled herbed chicken. The rice in itself is flavorful. What joy was it to have a go at this.

and for the big boys, their steak dishes are the best.

US ANGUS RIB EYE STEAK (850/1500Php). This baby right here is tender and a steal. It is around 350grams/700grams for sharing. Sulit.

In case that you don't really want something big, you could go for plain STEAK and EGGS (650Php)
Either ASIAN or WESTERN style. This is the Asian style as it is on top of kimchi rice.

As this is also a coffee shop, they have dessert to partner with the different drinks.

THICK TOAST GREEN TEA NUTELLA (340Php). I was a little disappointed as the matcha flavor didn't stand out. Also, it was a bit cool when it was served. I would have wanted it to be warm. Maybe next time, I would ask them to properly heat it up.

CLAIRS (250Php) Japanese stle waffle crepe. Soft and light dessert.

A favorite of mine would be the MANGO CREPE SAMURAI (220Php). Bite sized crepe swimming in amazing custard sauce.

A crowd favorite, the JAPANESE PANCAKE (190Php) is delicious. Although it seemed normal, the fluffy pancake has crispy side. I enjoyed this dish even if I was super full. You need to take note though that this order takes a while as it is baked.

Definitely delicious and a fun experience, UCC CLOCKWORK delivers on what it is aiming for. To be precise. Free wifi and sockets is a big plus for working guys and gals and studying studs. This can definitely be a nice hung out place.

Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons,
Pasig, Metro Manila
Opens at 7am.

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to try out the dishes.
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  1. OMG. Steak and eggs!!! Too bad A wasn't feeling well when we meet. Still, it was awesome to see you again, kuya! Lamon again soon. :)

    1. Nyhahahahaha sure sure no worries dear!!! see you soon,,,, and yes steak... Yummy

  2. This looks like a really awesome hangout place not only because of the food and drinks but also the free wi-fi and socket plugs! Haha. What will stop people from using the facility as their temp office? :) Those pictures are tempting me now na! UCC Clockwork is a must-visit.

  3. Uhm actually..... A lot of guys and gals go here with their laptops and just chill... Nyhahahaha super nice place