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Sunday, May 17, 2015

  On a busy Tuesday, I found myself in a traffic infested city. The car crawled and crawled around until it led me to Alphaland. The outside is blah but the inside is like a resort. No wonder because this is from the same guys behind Balesin Island.

I have a VISA credit card and I am pleased with it. I usually get discount and early bird access to certain plays and concerts. So I was a bit curious when it came to this particular partnership of VISA with a lot of interesting restaurants. 
Once I arrived, I manage to snoop around and saw impressive amenities. 
The pool was an oasis in the urban jungle.
 But I wasn't really there for that but to witness the launch of the EPIC DINING CURATIONS BY VISA.

A bit late, the program started in the pool area of the Alphaland's City Club. A little fun and games were done and we had an open buffet. 

 Non alcoholic drinks all around.
 and all right food.

Honestly though, I was impressed with the venue of the launch. Although, it was humid and there were a lot of flying insects around, they could have fixed this easily. The food served were all right but nothing note worthy. 

The only important thing here to take note is making use of your VISA card to the fullest. Restaurants of the best caliber partnered with VISA to give you incredible deals.
From buy one take ones, to 10,20,30% off your bill and even free Entrance to amazing clubs like Valkyrie and The Palace Pool Club.

For 45 unique establishment and a total of 76 branches.
Use this link to see the total list of freebies and discount!!!

Disclaimer: wrote this as a press release. Was invited to witness this event.

"From today until September 16, Visa prepaid, debit, and credit cardholders can get the exclusive Visa VIP treatment from their favorite bars and restaurants in the Metro, such as free appetizers and meals, discounts to their bills, and complimentary drinks just by presenting their Visa card"
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