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Monday, May 11, 2015

GUESS WHERE???!?!?! I had it a long time coming. I rarely go to Kapitolyo, Pasig for any food adventures and I knew that I couldn't refuse this invite. NAV MODERN THAI CUISINE was weeping up a storm and I was craving.

 What looks like a hole in the wall resto, NAV MODERN THAI CUISINE is headed by chef Francis. This is not your ordinary guy. He heads Tipple & Slaw among other restaurants.
 It has been a couple of years since I've been to Thailand. I definitely miss the place. The drinks and the street food. NAV MODERN THAI CUISINE makes the most of everything and gives us a taste of Thailand.

I know that to beat the heat, drinks got to be iced cold and refreshing. We were served ICED PANDAN and ICED THAI MILK TEA. Hits the spot!

A take on pad thai, they made them into spring rolls. These PAD THAI SPRING ROLLS are perfect for starters. The chopped nuts gives it a contrasting texture. Perfect starter.

 TOM YUM FRIED CHICKEN is a soup that could make you go yumyum! I know its corny but heck the taste was definitely sour. It's a little spicy but heck it was nice.

 CRAB FRIED RICE was good on its own... I know we should have went with plain rice but you can't pass on crabs!

 Their version of wings, the KHAO SOI CRISPY wings was delicious. Contrasting flavors were present. Sweet, salty and a little spicy. YUMMY!

 RIB EYE GREEN CURRY is perfect for meat lovers. It was tender and perfect with every bite. The fact that it had curry in it made it awesome.

 Even if we were close to being full, the chef wanted us to experience this baby. THAI CRISPY PATA!!!
 It had a little tang to it that made it Thaish even if this one is a FILIPINO favorite. Perfect with rice!!!

 For dessert, we had the FRIED STICKY RICE. Balls made from sticky rice but deep fried. When I was in Thailand a couple of years back, I would always have this dish with every meal. I must say that their version impressed me. SARAP!

The place is definitely a hole in the wall. It can fit around 30-50 persons. Parking maybe a problem as only 4-5 cars can fit in front. Among other things, I can say that the food is delicious and affordable. Also, you might want to try out their NAV found on the top floor of the SM MEGA FASHION MALL near the ice skating rink. Although some dishes and specialties aren't available there, you could be sure of the quality and the taste.

16-C United St. Kapitolyo, Pasig (02) 655-8395

Disclaimer:Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the resto.
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  1. I have yet to explore restaurants there in Kapitolyo as I haven't been to any one! Haha. Whoa, those pad thai spring rolls really looked enticing to eat! I love that they're packed in bite-size pieces. Crab fried rice is the bomb. I also can't pass on crabs and thankfully, I'm not allergic to it. :) It would also be good if you share the prices! :P

  2. Actually this is my first resto in KAPITOLYO!!!... The food there are kinda laid back as most of the restos are hole in the wall type.. for the prices.. im sure you could afford them! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!