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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

And these came in the mail the other day. 
Wohoooo! Amazing Pastries that are French-Japanese like. I wondered to myself what are these then BAM! It is from KUMORI! A Japanese themed bakery that makes amazing and fresh goodies daily. Believe it or not, they don't preservatives as well. Healthy stuff! Needless to say, you need to eat them within a day or two just to get the perfect taste.

When I was in Japan a couple of months back, I would usually see these little pastry / bakery stores in most of the major train stations. I enjoyed scanning through them and checking out their delicious items. And now we have one. KUMORI.
 Kumori has opened its doors to the foodies just recently. Both stores in MAKATI and they are looking to expand. I was glad to receive a little sampler box from them. I was thankful that I was able to try out these awesome goodies.

I was actually surprised that there was a lot. Everything was fluffy and a joy to eat.

Basically I could divide them into 3 parts.

The first being savory delicacies such as this SALMON BONITO. Bonito flakes are generously placed on top of the bread. Inside there lies salmon fillings. Think Takoyaki in a bread form.

The other is the dessert buns if you will. One is filled with MATCHA and is properly named MATCHA SOFT BUN. While another is FUWA-FUWA CREAM BUN. It contains an egg custard inside a soft bread. The bread are fluffy and soft to touch.

Among all these, my favorite would be the HANJUKU CHEESE.

These babies are half baked goodies. All bite sized and an explosion when it enters your mouth. Creamy, Cheesy and delicious. These are addictive.

The only caveat I could see here would be that the only stores they have are in MAKATI. Quite far for a QC guy like me. You can be assured of fresh and quality perfect goodies from KUMORI. It is definitely worth a try. Now, if only they have a store somewhere up north I could get my HANJUKU CHEESE cravings at bay.


Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. I received these samplers in the mail.
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  1. Talagang maraming branches nito sa Japan? Wow, I'm excited to visit the physical stores here in the Philippines and try more of their pastries. :) Hope they open here in MOA! I can really recommend these bread to my officemates to enjoy during our break time.

    1. @ROCH.. Actually I saw a few.. so im assuming they have branches in JAPAN.

      I got a feeling BOB and his team is just looking at the perfect places to open one hehehehe!!!