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Monday, June 15, 2015

Food is ART. Now take that concept and think about it. Sometimes, we tend to take food for granted.  We eat, we live. But, there are just times that we need to stay still and smell the roses.

 Visual is as visual gets. The aroma and the texture makes the experience art. Serving food to make them stimulating even before having a bite is a dream come true. At VYNE, they make sure that you enjoy your stay because of their food and of their surroundings. Chef Jerome Orpiano makes things work.

Once you enter, graffiti are on the wall. Neon colors are used. Perfect to stimulate the visual senses to prepare you for a treat.


Aside from being on the 8th floor of a W building, they have an outdoor area where you could relax and stare at the stars. Windy and not too humid. The place to try shisha.
If shisha is not your poison, having one of their curated drinks is a welcome treat.

To smoke things up you could have a BUTTER FINGER (385Php). The flaming shot glass in the middle is Bacardi 151. The outside is a mixture of Bailey's, Kahlua and other sweet liquor that could contrast the taste.
Perfect to start the night.

Minimalistic but has depth. That is the THAI SCALLOPS (300Php). Seared Thai Scallops on a bed of Mango Salad. Has some mild sambal mayo and crispy catfish bits.

A definite treat is their PORK CHASU BUNS (295Php). The fried mantou are a little sweet and has a mild crunchy exterior. The pork underneath makes it a joy to eat. Having the fried quail egg could be a bit too much but for a foodie it is definitely yummy.

One thing I noticed in VYNE is that they like to do a lot of pouring around. The soup or liquid portion of the dish is on the side and is introduced to the plate table side.

The PRAWN RAVIOLI LAKSA (270Php) reminded me of my visit in Singapore. Although it wasn't too spicy, it had a surprise kick once you have a spoonful.
The prawn ravioli is accompanied with tofu and bean sprouts.

The RAMEN CARBONARA (350Php) also had a shot glass of broth that accompanied it. This miso cream carbonara has smoked pork belly on top. It wasn't creamy to the point that it isn't carbonara but rather it was good on its own sauces.

A plain reinvention, a play on the usual, THE SALMON (450Php) is seared to perfection. The side of pea puree and Jamon Serrano broth is a welcome treat.
Simple is as simple get. The broth wasn't as tasty as I wanted it to be but it was okay. The salmon was the star of this dish. Mixed it all together and it gave a flavor that was mild yet done perfectly.

Being too healthy is just not me, so I was happy with the VYNE BURGER (550Php). This monster creation was definitely incredible. Heart attack with every single bite. OH MY! 200 Grams of all beef patty, foie gras on top with mushroom ragout and bleu cheese. Served at medium rare. SARAP!

It was heaven already but they just have to up it up a notch. They served STEAK (300/600/1000g-1,200/2500/3800Php). Prime rib with horseradish gremolata, beef jus, french beans, and fries.
It came with different sauces. You had a lot to choose from but honestly speaking, you don't need any of them. The steak in itself was tastefully done and was well worth it. Deadly good.

To end the meal, we were treated to this dessert. We all thought that it was an ice cream but it wasn't. It was the LEMON CHEESECAKE (citrus and basil-360Php). Lemon New York Cheesecake with lemon custard. Topped with basil and chopped pistacios and meringue.

The experience at VYNE was a play on senses. It was plain ART. The food served titillate my taste buds, eyes, nose and everything else. I enjoyed every single dish and the service was superb. Admittedly, the price may be steep for some but the quality and the quantity of the food is worth it. 

My take is to chill in their outside area. Have a couple of drinks and enjoy the food all night long. I would love to have that burger again and that steak. Needless to say, I'm a bit partial when it comes to meat.

Same building as IHOP, CPK, PF CHANG'S
8/F W Global Center, 
9th Avenue cor. 30th St.,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig,
Metro Manila, Philippines

Mon - Tues:
Fri - Sat:

Entrance is at LANE P. Map c/o BING.

Perfect to go here when HYVE is close. HYVE is the bar counterpart of VYNE.
You could definitely enjoy a romantic night under the stars.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the food.
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  1. I haven't been to Vyne as I'm not usually in BGC, but the place looks wonderful! :)

  2. VYNE is a nice chill place that you could hungout in... The food is also delicious. Go try it out

  3. Uy it looks good. Sama mo ko dyan minsan. hehehe. :)

  4. Hahahaha! As long as you're paying.

  5. Vyne was one of my restaurant choices to celebrate my birthday, however I didn't find any good vegetable option for my dad. Other items seem promising and delicious anyway. The ambiance looks so elegant and posh with those wine bottles forming an attractive backdrop. I'll consider this next time for a fine dining treat. :)

    1. VYNE is a nice place to celebrate your birthday.... I believe they have a few salad though but ... VYNE mostly caters to the night clubbing people so more or less they have incredible finger food and quick light snack....