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Monday, April 2, 2018

 Believe it or not, I found myself in Angeles, Pampanga not once, not twice but three times in the past couple of weeks. One of the biggest problem that I had to endure was that I didn't know where to eat. Seriously, I had no clue where to go and what to have for lunch, merienda, and dinner. For Pete's sake, my mother is from Pampanga and some of my friends are from this beautiful city. Thankfully, I had a couple of days worth of food with some friends that gave me insights on where to go or what to check out.
The first stop of the day was lunch at FORTUNE TEAHOUSE. Fortune is a well known restaurant in these parts. They have a couple of upscale fine dining spots and also a relaxed establishment in malls.
 Aside from the usual Dimsum dishes that you may wish to try out, their combination shabu-shabu is quite impressive. The stock used will surely make your stomach warm up. Plus, the fish fillet wasn't bad as well. Fortune Teahouse is located in Sm Clark, Newpoint, and Vista Mall.
 To cleanse the palette, one might head on over to GILL'S SHERBET and Ice Cream. Every time I visit our family in Pampanga, sherbet has been the highlight in every meal. Gill's is well known in Nepo Mart, Angeles. Just ask anyone and they could direct you to the stall.
There are actually different flavors and it's quite a treat. Personally, I prefer the old school coconut based one.
 Now if you're looking for something more authentic and local, you might want to head on over to MILA'S TOKWA'T BABOY and SISIG. This place is known to many as the best hole in the wall for the tokwa't baboy or tofu with pork. Outside, you get to see different grilled items that you may want to try out. Don't be scarred as these are different parts of the pig.
Inside, you'll be surprised at the converted home. A lot of tables and chairs are prepared for the guests. It's somewhat basic. You get everything that you may need. Aside from the grilled items and the other Filipino dishes, don't ever leave without trying their version of the Tokwa't Baboy. I believe the addition of the celery adds crunch and a different texture for this perfect beer match chow. MILA is just off the main highway so it's not hard to find. They're at #195 San Andres St., Sto Domingo, Angeles City.
 For the sweet tooth, one might head on over to TEASPOON CAFE. Located on the Fil-Am Friendship Highway, this cafe will definitely make you jump with joy. Sweets and pastries and cakes placed TEASPOON CAFE in the map. Don't forget to get a box of those cashew petite fortune as they are highly addictive.
 For dinner, you may want to head on over to NAMARI JAPANESE BISTRO. Inside the Best Western Hotel Metro Clark along McArthur Highway, this Japanese Restaurant is a sight for sore eyes.
 Fresh dishes like SUSHI and SASHIMI are prepared in a way that would excite a dinner. It's not the usual california maki that you get here. There's some flare with the items. It seems that Namari is trying to tackle different dimensions of the Japanese food culture. It has fresh sashimi, then cooked items like steak, plus noodles.
 If you want more bang for your buck, you might want to try out their teppanyaki buffet. It's pretty solid.
Found in the same building as NAMARI, it has it's sister restaurant the CACTUS JACK SMOKEHOUSE. From it's name, you know that they mean business.
 They brought out everything but the kitchen sink. They had a couple of platters that would make any foodie jump for joy. One was filled with ribs. Fall of the bone and super tender, it went perfectly well with the corn bread. The other platter, must not be overlooked. There, you have your very own cochinillo, a young pig roasted and cooked to perfection.
 Everything was actually a blur so I think Namari and Cactus Jack would be better off discussed in a different post. Yes, they make their dessert in house as well.
Breakfast wise, there's this one place that you should check out. They serve unlimited drinks, and unlimited rice. The meals that they have also have a number of viands that makes everything worthwhile. I'm talking about KANIN UNLTD. Literally means unlimited rice, this place is perfect for heavy eaters. 
 From tapas to tamales and even champorado (chocolate rice), they make sure that you go out with a stuffed stomach.
Now for the ultimate pasalubong or take home, one might enjoy a trip to SUSIE'S. This place is known to have a number of delicacies that you may want to bring to your home. Here's a huge box that has a number of different sticky rice desserts to take to the office or even small gatherings.
Special shout out to NANAY'S GOURMET TUYO. It's actually a nice way of having your HERRING. It's already deboned so no worries there.

After spending more than 24 hours eating in Angeles, Pampanga, I hope this little adventure would help you out and decide where to go or what to try out. Cheers!
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