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Monday, July 27, 2015

If only I could do that... To dance and to drink at the same time. It has been ages since I have done that and as I see it, it might take a bit more than drinks to make me dance. 

At CDP GLOBAL TABLE, you enter an elegant and peaceful place. It kinda looks as if it is an upscale restaurant but it has a casual vibe. Weekends and holidays are the perfect time to go here. You don't need to rush because lunch break is coming to a close or you have another meeting. You get to enjoy the ambiance and the great service that the staff gives you.

I found the design a classic. Reminds you of that French cafe that you would love to go to. Although the place is a bit small, their Al Fresco area would do the trick for big groups.
Yes they have an assortment of specialized drinks ready to give you a little sting during lunch, snack or dinner. They proudly display all the concoctions they have to allure you to order some.

You start of with some freshly baked bread. Complimentary bread basket if you will. The sour dough is the favorite. Freshly made and toasted to perfection.

You could go for their ice tea if you feel that cocktails are a bit too early.
Or maybe a cup of coffee to make you alive.

I believe that CDP's best dishes are their appetizers. I fell in love with these dishes that I would definitely go back there just for these.

FRITTO MISTO (245Php). A dish consisted of tawilis, squid, shrimps and lemon. Squeeze the lemon on top and you will have a hearty first bite. I enjoyed the squid and the tawilis.

The crowd favorite is the PIG'S BAR FRIES (295Php). Do not mistake this as mere fries. These are deep fried pig's ear with anchovy vinaigrette. These are damn good that you could partner it with rice and be contented for lunch. Deadly!!!

They also serve soft tacos. Fish or pork. (235Php). I prefer the FISH more than the pork.
The fish is coated with a light batter. It fits perfectly. The pork version has shredded bits in it.

They also serve different kinds of soup.  The TOMATO GAZPACHO (285Php) is made with fresh tomato, cucumber and extra virgin olive oil. It is served cold.
For me, I would prefer the CLAM CHOWDER (285Php). Manila Clams, clam broth, cream, bacon, potato, sourdough bread. This baby readied my stomach. Perfect for the cold weather.

Pasta wise, I would suggest that you go for the TRUFFLE MACCHERONI (495Php). This is made with maccheroni, white truffle paste, cream, grana padano, and parma ham. I forgot to mention that CDP is related to MAMOU. So you could definitely find small similarities that would tickle you fancy.

The SCALLOPS and PRAWNS CURRY RISOTTO (580Php) was a hit with risotto lovers. The use of curry to give it a different taste was phenomenal. It may be a bit too much for the usual risotto that we have been accustomed to but it is worth a try.

IF you are familiar with paella and other pasta dishes, you would know the SQUID FIDEUA (425Php). Baby squid, tinta, capellini pasta, aioli. I previously encountered this dish at ARROZERIA (check out my experience at Arrozeria here. ) I find the taste a little more wanting. Maybe more TINTA or squid ink would do the trick. Speaking off, I did enjoy the squid. The squid was perfectly cooked and tender.

If chicken is your bet, you would like the MADDIE'S CHICKEN (425Php). Beer battered chicken breast stuffed with farmers ham. It is complimented with gruyere cheese, truffle camote chips, and barbecue sauce on the side.

The CDP CORNED PORCHOP (465Php) is a beast. It is served with chili garlic fried rice. This is a perfect use of a porkchop. The meat was moist and tender.

Desserts are a treat in CHEF DU PARTIE. CDP makes sure that you don't go home without having a sweet tooth.

A nice choice would be the TRIADE (455 Php). This one right here gives you a 3 in 1 set of desserts. Start from the mild to the darkest just so that the flavors don't mask each other. Saffron panna cotta, red wine chocolate pudding, and salted caramel pot de creme.

Let their MAPLE MASCARPONE CHEESECAKE (345Php) convince you to go back. The walnut shortbread cookie gives a different texture to the cheesecake. It serves as the "crust" to the dessert.

For coffee lovers, the AFFOGATO (275Php) is a must. Fiore de latte with black sesame seed gelato, espresso and cookie crumble. This must not be shared. Order one for yourself as it might not be enough.

Last but not the least is the MAPLE BREAD PUDING (275Php). It is served with salted caramel gelati. Something foodies would love.

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At first glance, you would think of CDP GLOBAL TABLE as an uptight restaurant. I believe that CDP gives off a more relaxed vibe. Perfect for a little get together and some chats. The food served is simple and filling. Granted that it is located in one of the more upscale malls in the metro, you can still be sure that the prices matched the quality of the food. Definitely bringing my family back to enjoy the different dishes CHEF DU PARTIE has to offer..

R1 Level Lopez Drive,
Power Plant Mall, Makati City,
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out their dishes.
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  1. Aside from food, i also look at the place's ambience when it comes to dines. :) This one's really a place for comfort and food, i love how they incoporate those handlike paintings on the wall. I cannot comment on the food because i haven't tasted it, but from the looks of it, they seem to be very delicious!

    also jeng, I nominated you for an award, here's the URL:

  2. Great shots! Well, I haven't tried dancing and drinking at the same time. Haha. I think it's wild. :)) The interior design looks marvelous and every dish presented here are right up on my alley. Next time we go to Powerplant Mall, I'll check this out. :)

  3. @Stevevhan ... definitely!!! The food looks and taste good! Believe me trust me on that one hahahaha

    .. Also.. thanks a bunch for the nomination.. Seriously :D :D Cool!!!

  4. @ ROCH!!! Ow cmon!! You should try it! Wild as it is.. It is sooo going to be fun dancing and drinking then repeat.. or is it the other way around!!!!:D CDP is posh but the dishes are down to earth and straight forward... You should have a go at them