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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sunday is the day of rest. Traffic is awesome. Quezon City to Makati City in less than 30 minutes. It must be a sign telling me that SUNDAY is the best day ever. That, and the awesome food at M CAFE's SUNDAY BOUTIQUE BRUNCH.

The BIG M made a big impact. M CAFE stands in as the place to eat at when in the area of the Ayala Museum. They have a great interior. Perfect for meetings or just lounging around.
The Al fresco area is also nice as it is under the shade and you get to watch and listen to a jazz band. Yes, that happens every Sunday during M CAFE'S SUNDAY BOUTIQUE BRUNCH.
 Along with friends, I was invited to try out the delicious spread known as SUNDAY BOUTIQUE BRUNCH. 

This buffet is not your ordinary buffet. It might cost a bit but seeing the different choices they offer, I will gladly pay that sum. At, 988++ Php, you would stuff yourself silly.

 Bread, dips, and different cheeses greet you.

 You have a choice of Rye, Focaccia, Sourdough and a lot more when picking for those morning carbs.

The cheeses offered are a lot. These aren't to be missed.

Some crackers for this honey laced cheese dip.
 Something that surprised me was the COCONUT CHEESE. Try it! It is differently good. They have fig and cranberries to different jams and fresh fruits to get through all these cheeses.

To accompany these, you will go for the smoked salmon. 
Premium meat selection like Jamon Serrano and Chorizo Iberico goes perfectly with the cheeses as well.

If these are a bit too early, you could go over their salad bar. With pre-made base salad and other veggies, you could mix and max to make the perfect combination. A lot of dressings are present for your imagination to go wild.

IF you are looking for something more substantial, these HERB CRUSTED SEARED TUNA bites would make you go delish.
My brother couldn't help but get some more dish after dish.

and FRESH RIVER PRAWNS are available as well as FRESH AKLAN OYSTERS. A dab of lemon or vinegar would make these babies rock!

Another section would have the omelette bar. Aside from making your own, you could go for other egg dishes done like a quiche or a tortilla de patata.
 and even a CROQUE MONSIEUR. A ham sandwich infused with cheesy goodness.

On the next table, you could make your own pancakes. French Toasts are also there.  Different jams, syrup and toppings are available to have those exquisite morning fluffies.

Going around back and forth could make one thirsty. This M CAFE drink which has a little alcohol in it could be refreshing. As an add on, you could have unlimited bubbly at 495++Php.

With the unique options, I could muster just these two plates to start off.
Of course, I went back for the oysters and more salmon, tuna and Iberico.

If that isn't enough, this brunch buffet makes it standout from others. You get to pick a main dish to accompany your buffet experience.

 If you are a little pasta holic, you could choose the ROASTED SEAFOOD LINQUINE. Cilantro Pesto, Grilled Seafood, Fresh Lemon.

The favorite though would be the "KABILA FAVORITES". You get to pick between US BEEF BELLY GARLIC TAPA, ALAMINOS GARLIC LONGGANISA, CRISPY PORK BELLY CHIPS and BANGUS BELLY "BISTEK SYLE". It comes with brown or white rice. 2 eggs of any style, Atchara, Tomato Salsa and salted egg. 

My seatmate Bea went for the US BEEF BELLY GARLIC TAPA.
 Rather than the usual sweet tapa we have all been accustomed to, this one is on the garlic side. Lovely to partner with vinegar.

For a behemoth eater like me, I went for the CHAR-GRILLED US BEEF BURGER. Wild Rocket, Swiss Emmental, and Tomato Jam. This huge baby burned me. I was a bit full from all the starters that I went home sobbing. I wasn't even that strong to take a bite in it. This is one MANLY BURGER.

The usual suspect that oen would order is the M BENEDICT. Poached Egg, Hollandaise, Arugula, Grilled Cherry Tomato, Jamon Excellente. The egg was perfectly cooked. One slice and the egg yolk bursts out.

The GRILLED CHICKEN TANDOORI would wake you up. This chicken is a little hot but perfectly cooked. It is accompanied with garlic yogurt to balance the heat. I liked this dish.

Also for the big boys, the GRILLED BONE-IN PORKCHOP is their bet. Underneath, spiced pumpkin puree makes the combination of meat and veggie work well.

and for healthy eaters, the BEER BATTERED FISH & CHIPS would be the choice.

By this time around, I was already in a food coma. BUT, I knew I had to push through because there is still one station that I left out. The desserts!!!

Your munchies would love it here. From revel bars to brownies to other sweet indulgences.
 Oreo Cheese Cake.
Chocolate Cake.
If you are into Matcha you would love the GREEN TEA PANNACOTTA.

It was the only thing I could have eaten to finish my meal.
Along with coffee of course.

Also, who wouldn't be happy as that day we all greeted JOKO MAGALONG of a Happy Birthday!!!
She forced me to try the IMPOSSIBLE CAKE. A bundt cake with leche flan and rich chocolate at the bottom. DEADLY!!!

THE SUNDAY BOUTIQUE BRUNCH at M CAFE is an excellent way to end the week. You get to relax and enjoy cool classic jazz while having the best food in town. You don't really over stuff yourself because you are getting just a main dish. It's just that you have an array of appetizers, salad, snacks, egg dishes, and desserts to accompany it. Definitely work the price. The quality of the food was excellent and the service of the staff impeccable. I will go back with my family. Yes, I am already planning it.


Ayala Museum Complex
Makati Avenue cor De La Rosa St.
Makati City.
Contact 632.7573000 or 632.7576000
*** Greenbelt Mall

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my opinions. Invited to try out this experience.

These photos are from M CAFE:

** Menu is subject to availability and change. Please call the restaurant first to verify. 
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