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Friday, July 24, 2015

My name is Jeng and I'm a coffee addict. Honestly though, I am tired of all the usual suspect. Same mild flavor and not that filling. I could go and drink 2-3 cups of coffee a night just because but having something new is way way better. 

COSTA COFFEE recently opened its doors to the public. This coffee place originally came from the Brits and has never look back since. The first COSTA COFFEE opened a few weeks back in EASTWOOD. 
Everything looks and gives that British vibe. Cool and sophisticated. It even has that iconic Telephone Box.
The seats upstairs are comfortable and the wifi is pretty fast and solid.

Once you enter, you are greeted by their Red Ferrari coffee maker. Screams sexy!!! It doesn't even hurt that their to go cups are of high quality.
The smell of coffee just engulfs you.

I'm no coffee expert but damn I do like their blends. 

This CAPPUCCINO (120/130/140Php) gives you that quick pick me up. It doesn't even hurt that it has amazing visual on top.
I also liked that the quality and price point of the coffee. It is better than some of the big chains in Manila. They serve a bigger cup but at a slightly lower price. 

If there is one drink that you should get, it is their FLAT WHITE (150Php)!!!! All the flavors present and straight on delicious. Perfect 

Not only is their coffee perfect for any day but they offer some yummy treats.

My favorite being this MELTED SWISS CHEESE with MUSHROOM in FLATBREAD (170Php). I didn't know that it was a "HEALTHY" dish. The addition of pepper made this the perfect snack.

If you're into a healthy lifestyle, you could grab a salad. The CAESAR SALAD (165Php) is definitely a go to.

But the most intense product they have is the BUTTER CROISSANT (70Php)... The flakyness and the freshness is evident. They are baked in store so you could be assured. The dough is flown in from their kitchens in Europe just so that you get what they also get there.
You won't need anything else. It is flavorful and definitely delicious.
Aside from hot drinks and savory dishes, they also offer COSTA ICE BLENDS and DESSERTS.
One thing notable about these cold drinks is that they are made with love. Cocktail shakers are used to make the entire drink cold even before serving it. Unlike in other coffee places where the drink is hot and cold at the same time, COSTA's version is plain cool.

Special mention though must be said of their dessert. The Cheesecake is amazingly good. They usually rotate their desserts but this one has been there since the start. It definitely goes well with coffee.

COSTA COFFEE opened its doors to the public in just a months time and yet it is making waves with its coffee products. A bit affordable than the usual stuff you get at other coffee places, COSTA COFFEE makes sure that you enjoy the caffeine drink with their snacks. I mean I did. Will definitely be back.

Eastwood Citywalk
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out their coffee.
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  1. Wow, have you ever tried to become a barista even for a day? I think that would fit you well since you're a coffee addict. :P Learning how to make coffee art is also quite interesting. Their butter croissant looks perfect, so as their coffee! :)

  2. It is quite interesting.. I don't think I have the "surgeon hands" to do it so I dunno if I can make the coffee perfect. :D :D :D Yeah The croissant is to die for :D