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Thursday, July 23, 2015

 Hands down... BONO ARTISANAL GELATO wins by a mile. 

Ever since the summer a couple of years back, I had been looking for that perfect scoop. The one true cold dessert that could tickle my appetite and draw me to make that cute happy face arrived.
 Finally BONO was born!!! This artisanal gelato is the perfect example of keeping it real.

I learned that the chef behind it studies in Europe in a real GELATO SCHOOL and had brought the technology here. You get to experience the creaminess and the flavors true gelato has to offer.

This month, BONO introduced their LOW SUGAR FLAVORS of

This LOW SUGAR gelatos are made from all-natural ingredients. Real California Blueberries... Pure 65% Belgian Chocolate and locally sourced coffee beans and cacao nibs. A natural sugar substitute is used to make this snack healthier. In terms of freshness, they make them daily in small batches to get the best.

If there was one flavor that I would definitely recommend, it would be the CAPPUCCINO.

You could taste the coffee in this gelato. The cacao nibs is a great addition to the textures. GET this one!!! SERIOUSLY.. You won't regret it.

When up for a healthy and low sugar dessert, I would suggest that you go for BONO ARTISANAL GELATO. You won't regret this yummy treat!

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Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the new Gelatos on Bono's Menu.
Styling credit goes to @thehungrychef and @sheroseontimare
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