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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A couple of weeks back, I was able to attend the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 2015. 
For those that aren't aware, this food event is an amazing treat for the foodies of the metro. 

This time around, it was a host to 49 different establishments that served more than 80++ dishes, drinks, and desserts. I can't help but enjoy the whole event. 
You see, you pay 500 Php and you are treated to all the food that vendors have to offer plus freebies and a bottle of premium beer from San Miguel. To me, that sounds like a deal. 
I got a few tips for you foodies so that the next time, you won't be in the dark. 

1) BUDGET YOUR TIME. BE EARLY. The event usually starts at 10 am and ends around 8pm. I would suggest you go there early to scout and prepare yourself. Pace. Don't worry you could go out and shop or watch a movie and return afterwards. 

Here are some of my top picks that I enjoyed. 
Here they serve coffee in a different way. BOOM'S COLD BREW uses time to create coffee. Pretty cool.

Also, 2) BRING A BAG and other paraphernalia that you might need. With all the things that I had, like a camera, plate, spoon and fork, it was pretty difficult for me to move around. I suggest you bring a bag to put them in. A water bottle too since they have water dispenser around the place. Although paper cups were provided, later in the afternoon, they were all gone. 

Another booth I enjoyed was the CHIVY and CO 's Sari Manok. Here they let us try their version of the POLLO WRAP 
and the Haianese Chicken. I enjoyed the flavors as they were spot on and were not dull.

3) JOIN GAMES. You are here to make the most of your experience. One of them is that they have games every so hour for the hundreds of attendance. I suggest you go for it as it helps you get more freebies. It doesn't hurt to enjoy right?

4) GO FOR THE SAVORY first then the SWEETS!  Remember to pace yourself. If it becomes too much have a bite of a sweet dessert then go back to savory. Pacing pacing!

One of the breakthrough flavors in any dessert place is matcha. I was thankful that it was also present in #UTT2015 . GELATO LAB served its MATCHA CHOCO CHIP. It was heavenly. 

Another matcha flavored delight was the MATCHA BEIGNETS. These babies are from KAPENG MAINIT. A small resto from down south. Located in BF, it makes it a must visit during the off peak, no traffic day. 
It is just an amazing discovery to try out these babies. 
MATCHA fillings oozes out perfectly. 

And of course, KUMORI. Kumori is a Japanese brand brought in by the guys from Wee Nam Kee and Osaka Ohsho. 
They have this cannoli like desserts that have a lot of vanilla insides. The outside is crunchy and it must be eaten in one bite.

5) Of COURSE, ENJOY!  The best things in life are shared with friends and love ones. I'm just lucky enough to have amazing foodie friends that enjoy food the same way I do. Thank you very much ANTON and the OUR AWESOME PLANET team for bringing this amazing yearly event.

For more photos, check out ANTON'S Post on it. Click here.

September 12, 2015

Makati City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: was invited to experience UTT. Wrote this based on my experience.
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