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Friday, October 2, 2015

With that kind of Premium Ham, you sure would have to stop what you are doing and enjoy the view and more importantly the taste. I first tried their delicious offering last year during our KTG Christmas Party (Click here) Since then, I haven't look at ham the same way before. 
THE PLAZA has been in the business for 50 YEARS. I'm glad to say that I was able to try out their new dishes that they serve in their restaurants and in their catering business. Mainly put, they cater to the hippest party and important events like State of the Nation Address done by the President in Congress and other huge corporate events to weddings and simple gatherings. 

On a steady Saturday night, my friends and I were invited to a get together to try out the new offerings of THE PLAZA to celebrate their 50 years in the business. Basically, the best they had to offer for their promo Little did I know that it was a full catered experience. I should not have eaten at home.

Cocktails greeted us as we entered the place. Smoked Salmon Pinwheel, Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus, Caviar Blinis, and Spinach & Mushroom Quiche. 
After a few of these, I was already getting stuffed. I think I need to practice more discipline in terms of proper portion when getting food from a spread. The main event though has yet to start. 

At first I didn't know what it was. I had to ask Karla what it was. Apparently, it's SMOKED TANGUINGUE. It looked like sliced pork but one bite in and it was smooth and delicious. It came with an assortment of condiments and sauces from dill mustard sauce toonions, chopped eggs, lemon, and capers.

What is a spread without pasta. the guys over at THE PLAZA made sure that we would have our fill with amazing sauces for the pasta.
GARLIC CHORIZO. Rice could be used instead of the pasta. The sauce in itself is overwhelming with chorizo that it can be served as is. Yummy.
If you aren't a meat person, SEAFOOD POMODORO could be perfect for you. Not too creamy and just right with the perfect ratio of seafood to sauce. No shortchanging here. 

DAMN! That was my reaction with my first spoonful of the SMOKED LENGUA. The cream sauce along with the mushrooms and olives made it extremely hard for me to stop myself from getting more. It was a medley of flavors in my mouth. The meat was tender so that no need for forks and knives to cut it into pieces. Just one big bite. 

Coming out from history, the CHICKEN ALA KIEV was served too. When it was first introduced into the country decades ago, THE PLAZA was in the front lines. They perfected the way it was cooked and prepared that it became one of their signature dishes. 
One slice in and the buttery juice flows out. Perfectly cooked.

Just to make things more deadly, they served the CURED PORK KNUCKLES. Think Crispy Pata but it has a more savory taste.

This fried dish has crunchy skin while the insides were moist, tender and flavorful. 

What would a buffet be without the carving station. 
The PLAZA served not one but two different meaty goodness. 

The first one was the PLAZA PREMIUM ROAST CORNED BEEF. It was perfect with the Horsey Radish Cream. 

and of course what THE PLAZA is known for. The PLAZA PREMIUM BAKED HAM.
Served with four different sauces, the ham is on the sweet side but cooked to perfection. You could choose from Premium Glaze, Gutsy Garlic, Sweet Mustard, and Wasabe Mayo. This definitely goes well in a Pan de Sal Roll. 
and for big guys like me, one Pan de Sal is definitely not enough. So they made the PAN DE SUB. 3x bigger and better. 

A meal is not complete without dessert. The PLAZA made sure that they delivered on this. 

This minitower is called the CROQUEMBOUCHE. Creampuffs placed on one another. Sweet caramel syrup crystalized to make the outer shell. If that's a bit too much, they also have a crepe bar that has mangoes and strawberries for fillings. 

There were also a couple of cakes just to keep our sweet tooth up there. 
Decadent Chocolate Cake and The SALTED CARAMEL CHEESECAKE.
IF you must pick one, go for the cheesecake. although it could be a bit mushy when placed out in the open, the flavor is just amazing. Not too sweet and the salty flavor blended well with everything. 

THE PLAZA has been in the business for 50 years. Going for that long means one thing, they definitely know their stuff. After experiencing the great dishes that their kitchen whipped out, I can now say that I have been PLAZAed! The LENGUA is just exciting and you won't go wrong with the PLAZA PREMIUM HAM. Thank God The Plaza has restaurants that serve those ham pan de sal. Perfect for my cravings. 

BJS Compound
1869 P. Domingo St., 
Makati City, Metro Manila
729.0001-03, 890.8446

Disclaimer: Thank you very much Karla for having us in your home. I wrote this based on my experience.

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