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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

After dinner, my friends and I couldn't decide where to just hang and chill. Since we were in the Ortigas area, we found ourselves driving to CAPITOL COMMONS. Being HEAVY MEAT EATERS and just plain unhealthy, we figured to go on over to BURGERS AND BREWSKIES in CAPITOL COMMONS.

BURGER AND BREWSKIES has been making the news in terms of having creative burgers and amazing appetizers. Delicious yes but just plain deadly. Even if it has been around for more than a year, I haven't tried them out yet until a faithful Tuesday night.
As we entered, I couldn't help but look at the decors and the beer bottles on the ceiling. It seemed like a frat house. The place had only 2 tables occupied at around 9pm. After a few minutes, we saw droves of people coming in and the place was packed at 10:30pm. Incredible on a weekday night.
It has been a long time coming, we needed drinks to unwind and I liked that BURGERS AND BREWSKIES offer 65PHP cocktails for happy hour! Happy Hour is basically all day everyday from 11am till closing and for Fridays and Saturdays which only last till 8pm.  What a steal. Granted that you could only choose from a lychee martini, mojito, margarita, and a rhum coke. Sounds too good for me. If you aren't into them, you could go for their long list of imported and local beers. 

If you are a bacon lover, then BURGERS and BREWSKIES is the right place to be at. Case in point.. almost every single dish on the menu has bacon!!!!Since we were still full from dinner, we only had a few dishes coupled with some amazing appetizers.

We started out with KICK ASS SPUDS(85Php). Fried Marbled Potatoes, with BACON and a special mix of herbs and cream. Perfect to munch on while sipping that cold bottle of beer. 
A must order starter would be the CUBAN MISSLE (120Php). Grilled Sweet Corn slathered with Mayo and spiced shredded cheese. In this photo we had it removed from the cob. Easier to eat. 
The first time I encountered this dish was roughly a year ago at the BEST FOOD FORWARD 2014 (Click here fro my experience). It was one of those dish that you couldn't help yourself. It was pretty hard to stop munching on it. Even if it was messy, it was really delicious.

For all the bacon lovers out there, the BACON CHICHARON (250Php) is the BOMB!!!!! THANK YOU BURGER AND BREWSKIES. Freshly brined thin slices of pork belly, dusted with starch and deep fried. Served with sweet spicy vinegar dip. Each bite would result into a crackling sound. That is how crispy these babies are. You don't need the dip believe me, but it does add a different flavor profile in it. Damn it, I should have ordered rice with this.
We couldn't leave without have burgers. Even if the CALL THE NURSE was highly recommended by our friends, we went for something simple. The KANDI (265Php). Roasted Garlic Aioli, B&B Cheese sauce, onion confit, and SPICED CANDIED BACON.
As long as there is BACON, we would be a happy bunch. The meat patty is freshly made daily. No frozen stuff here. The cheese went well with the aioli. The buns are a perfect combination with the meat. Delicious burger this is. 

BURGERS and BREWSKIES gives that hungout place vibe. Truthfully, the burgers are the main attraction but the appetizers and other dishes are also there to give you more variety. I love how the meals are quite affordable and that quality doesn't suffer. Yes having burgers everyday could be a bit unhealthy but I'm sure, BURGERS and BREWSKIES won't judge you and would even have open arms every time you visit. Deadly, delicious and playful. Remember to go for that BACON CHICHARON!!! No longer a B&B virgin, I am. Cheers. 

Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig
Metro Manila

The original branch is located in Burgos Circle, BGC.

Disclaimer: paid for our meals. wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. Oh grabe talaga. That Kandi Burger looks deadly and so filling! :) I know I must really visit Burgers and Brewskies soon with someone whom I can share a burger with (di ko kakayanin mag-isa) haha.

  2. HAHAHAHA you and the BF could go there anytime naman!! But i got to agree, one can't simply finish their burgers... dude.. coming from me na un ah!!! hahahaha Just dont forget about the bacon chicharon and the cuban missile!!! sooo good.