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Friday, October 30, 2015

In search of a legit sandwich store, I found myself visiting MR. GRAHAM'S SANDWICH SHOP. Thankfully, it's quite near. Around 20 minutes ride with traffic and I'm there. Located somewhere in the TOMAS MORATO AREA. It has a front area, which it shares with MRS. GRAHAM,  that could accommodate around 3-4 cars parked diagonally. 
MR GRAHAM'S SANDWICH STORE has just been open for a few months. It has a simple menu that covers all your sandwich needs. It's pretty simple and straight to the point. As you enter you are greeted by a small kitchen. Seats are upstairs and the vibe is clean and simple.
To start off, they offer craft beers and homemade soda. Particularly, the APPLE PIE SODA (90Php). Pretty interesting as they make them in house. It's like apple juice with some cinnamon. The fact that it's carbonated make it similar to apple pie with a kick. Delicious. 
The one sandwich that lured me to MR. GRAHAM is the CEBUANO (290Php). Authentic Pan CUBANO made with LECHON. If you aren't familiar with LECHON, it's basically ROASTED PIG. They added ham, cheddar cheese and aioli to the mix too. The bread was perfectly toasted. Each bite gave me all the ingredients. The addition of pickled greens and yellow mangoes gave it more level and the flavor just sky rocketed.
If the 5-6 incher isn't enough for you, they have the MANWICH(490Php) version. Around 12-14 inches of CEBUANO goodness. 
Here it is shown beside my Iphone 4s. Yes that big. !!!!!
If that's not enough they have some lechon skin deep fried, chips, coleslaw, and some dips on the side that goes along with the sandwiches. Also, see that brown sauce? That's lechon jus to give you more flavor in case you want to level it up. 
Another crowd favorite is the FOUR CHEESE, BACON PLEASE (250Php). Mozzarella, Cream cheese, and Cheddar. Beer and onion and Bacon jam is added in the mix. Parmesan is placed outside of the bread on the grill to give it a different texture. 
The Tomato Soup is well made. It isn't over powering and just mild enough to go well with the cheese sandwich.  Look at that gooey cheese. I can eat this forever.
For someone that can't decide, THE CLUB (350Php) is the way to go. It has bacon, lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken and guacamole. The honey bread made it easier to eat. Giving it a nice sweet touch. 
If you are a meat person like me, the SLOPPY G (250Php) might be the one for you. Creamy and made of ground beef. It has cheddar cheese and mushrooms. Think hamburger steak with white sauce. Yummy.
For fish lovers, the SUBMARINER (280Php) can make your day. The Cream Dory is breaded and deep fried. Think Fish and Chips. Shredded apple slices are placed on top along with some coleslaw. The apple slices gave a zing to the sandwich. 

The sandwiches MR GRAHAM offers deliver a filling meal any time of the day. I enjoyed the CEBUANO and the CHEESE sandwich. The meal includes the side dishes which I really like. The apple pie soda is a must order. Just be mindful that your orders might take awhile as the kitchen is pretty small and they make things fresh daily. Yet, service is friendly and would help you with your needs. Cheers.

Come NOVEMBER 3, MR GRAHAM would be celebrating #MrGrahamsSANDWICHDAY.
BE sure to be in MR GRAHAM'S SANDWICH SHOP on NOVEMBER 3, they would be offering the CEBUANO, SLOPPY G and the SUBMARINER as buy 1 take 1. Beers will be FREE FLOWING till supply last. They also plan to have some sandwich eating contest and  surprises. 

51-D Sct Rallos St. Tomas Morato Area,
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Coming from the round about or Rotonda on Tomas Morato going towards E.Rodriguez. Turn Right at the first intersection. You are on Sct Rallos. The shop is on your right side. Parking maybe a hassle. You could go to the pay parking right beside it.
Facebook 0906 531 6406 

Disclaimer: Was invited to try them out. Wrote this based on my experience.
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