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Monday, October 26, 2015

It was traffic no doubt. It seems that there is no relief to it anytime soon. Good thing though that a quick,filling and delicious way to escape this madness is a meal like no other.  Hello TIM HO WAN. 
I need not give an extended background about this Michelin-Star awarded restaurant from HONGKONG where waiting time could stretch for hours. Over a year now in the Philippines, TIM HO WAN has continued to make its presence felt in the food industry by offering new dishes left and right. I have visited their restaurant a lot of times but this time around, I was able to try a couple of new dishes that they would serve in the weeks ahead.

Combined with their classics, these new dishes could help give the frequent visitors more reasons to come back and for food lovers to have more choices. 

Needless to say, my friends and I started with the oldies. The BAKED BUN with BBQ PORK (145Php/3pieces).
Soft and melts in your mouth buns. I can see myself eating this forever. Bite after bite and I was in heaven. A little on the sweet side though, this became a hit when it came out and even until now. Other restaurants followed suit and capitalized with the success and attention the buns were getting.
A few moments later, hoards of dishes came. Honestly though I think we over ordered. Once the plates rushed to our table, I can't stop feeling overwhelmed with the food. You see, one of the things that I enjoy and liked about TIM HO WAN is that their food is affordable. A meal would cost around 300Php per person or less depending on how much he eats. Talk about value for money. 
Another favorite of mine is the SPRING ROLL with EGG WHITE (120Php). The egg white gave these rolls a soft texture that you don't really get with spring rolls. It is pretty much easy to eat and quite clean.
Another go to dish is the WASABI SALAD PRAWN DUMPLING (140Php). Don't worry it's not as spicy as what you would think. The wasabi mayo on top is just there for flavor. It's actually pretty mild. Each bite is crunchy and is perfect to partner with rice.
After getting our fill, the new dishes were rolled out. The TRIO STEAMED DUMPLING (150Php). The classic dumplings had three different toppings. From mushrooms, shrimp and what I believed to be egg white, you get different flavor profiles with each one. I was only able to try out the mushroom topped one so I couldn't tell what the others were like but I did enjoy it. Mushrooms combined with anything is love.
The SIGNATURE FIVE TREASURE (160Php) is something savory and sweet and everything in between. It made use of different spices and vegetables to properly flavor the meat. Something different but it works.
The TOFU with PORK FLOSS (130Php) is a hit with the diners. The tofu was cooked perfectly. Smooth and silky and without the awkward feel in the mouth. The pork floss was there to give it a different texture. I liked this one.
Another dish that got me hooked was the DUMPLING with SPICY SAUCE (150Php). This one had a simple and hot flavor. It wasn't something that would make me cry but it definitely carried a little kick. The chilis in the sauce gave more flavor than heat. This one is the must get dish among them all. Winner.

One more reason why I love going to TIM HO WAN, aside from being an affordable way to stay clear of traffic and spend free time, their dishes are quality over quantity. Ingredients are sourced abroad and their kitchen have Chinese chefs manning the ovens. You are hence assured of the excellence. Cheers TIM HO WAN. See you soon. 

Quezon City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out these new dishes. I believe they would be rolled out in the coming weeks. Thanks a lot Erika for the invite. Cheers.
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