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Friday, November 13, 2015

After a scrumptious lunch, I was feeling woozy. Good thing I was up for a little rest and relaxation. A little staycation all for myself. Yes, this time around, I was alone. Hello B HOTEL QUEZON CITY.

It's during this time of the year that I feel a bit burnt out. Not because of what's happening to my "work" and social life but because it seems I'm going no where. I needed some time off. I was thinking of going on a little vacation but with all the fuzz happening in the airports, I decided to cancel my trips. Thankfully, I could spend some alone time in a simple staycation. Here comes, B HOTEL QUEZON CITY. 
Located along Scout Rallos in Quezon City, it is in a residential area so I am assured of some peace and quiet. Even if this is so, it's pretty near some landmarks like The City Hall, different Hospitals, government offices and even malls. B HOTEL QUEZON CITY is the 4th property under the Bellevue Management. It is the latest in their portfolio after Bellevue Alabang, B Hotel Alabang and Bellevue Bohol.  
It opened to the public just this August and is currently in a soft opening mode. Some works are still being done. Hopefully before Christmas, everything would be ready. As such, they are still developing the driveway at the back while the front side of the hotel is a staircase into the lobby.
In case you're with someone who has difficulties with stairs, I suggest you go to their basement and use the elevator instead for the time being.
After I parked my car in their basement, I took the elevator and was quite pleased with all the industrial and minimalist vibe I was getting.
 I particularly enjoyed the design and the different props they have in the lobby too like the bikes and the pipes.
Since I arrived a few hours after check in, there were no lines and everything was a breeze registering.
The concierge gave us a little tour before I went to my room.
I like the color and the way the hallways were lighted. Nothing dull here.
He showed us a 1 bed room suite just in case.
It has a living room area. Perfect to entertain guests.
And a separate bed room for that quiet time.
Another thing that separated it from the superior room is that it has a bigger bathroom.
A separate tub and shower area. Plus the lavatory has a bidet.
On the way to my room, we passed by the gym. It wasn't as big as what I would have liked but it had all the essentials. It seems they plan to open this 24/7 as you would only need a guest card to go in.

On the third floor, the clinic, ballroom, meeting room and a soon to open salon.

Aside from these, the pool is also located here.
Not really huge and luxurious compared to other 5 star hotel but this is a boutique hotel. The fact that it even has a pool is a plus. It is perfect for a few laps for those that can never stay away from the water. Simple and nice.
I was billeted to a SUPERIOR ROOM (Php 3,600 nett/promo). When I entered, the first thing that greeted me was their sink. It was right beside the cabinet. Kinda neat and it definitely saves space.
The room has all the essentials and it gives off that relaxing feel. Mood lights and even a couple of cozy chairs. To a cabinet with a safety deposit box to a flat screen tv.
A small minibar is there with complimentary coffee and tea and a selection of drinks.
With regards to the washroom, the shower area is separate from the toilet. Bidet is present, so no worries with regards to hygiene. Don't be scarred with the transparent glass wall as there is also a "curtain" to block off the view. Since I was alone, I left it as is so that I could watch the tv while doing some "important business".
There was also a work desk area. I got to check out their wifi. Although there were some issues with username and passwords, it got sorted out quickly. The fact that the speed clocked in at 30Mbps made me binge watch on youtube. (According to some of my friend that stayed, max speed only clocked in at around 3Mbps though.)
They also provide access to online publications. Perfect for a quick read.
The sleep quality was perfect. Even if my room was facing the road, it wasn't noisy. Actually, the sound proofing was pretty good. I didn't hear my neighbors.
Needless to say, I stayed up late and watched No reservations on my laptop. So much for sleeping early and keeping myself sane with midnight cravings.

 B HOTEL has a few dining options.
IN terms of dining in, their kitchen is open from 6am till 10pm during the soft opening phase. You could have food delivered to your room with an additional service charge but it beats going out in your pajamas. 
You could have coffee or tea any time of the day in their lobby.
Or at a bar at the mezzanine which serves their signature cocktails.

For breakfast, they served a buffet in the lobby.
According to the staff, they usually have buffet if the occupancy rate is high. If not, they serve ala carte items. Don't worry, these are all included in the room rates. It's quite a steal.
It consists of a bread station, cereals, salad and veggies, soup, 3-4 viands, some rice and you could have some eggs cooked for you. Drinks are also available. From tea, coffee, chocolate and iced tea.

We were informed that they imported some chefs from their Bellevue Alabang to cook their dishes here. Although not really a lot, the spread was filling and served its purpose of waking me up.
Plain Rice and Nasi Goreng Fried Rice.
Eggplant Omelette.
 Aloo Palak. This is a mix of potatoes and some green leafy veggies. They also had a fish dish which I wasn't able to take a photo off.
 Bread, cereals and a trio of sweet endings.
and my plate.
The night before the breakfast, dinner was served at their lobby cafe.
We actually chose a lot from their simple menu but the dishes were reasonable priced and were filling.
You could start off with some mushroom soup or tomato cream soup.
If it's something Asian, go for the Chinese Wanton.
 They also serve some mains to fill our tummy.
The B-BURGER is their homemade burger with egg on top. Actually, one bite and it reminded me of a Filipino restaurant tasting burger.
 They also imported a dish from their Phoenix Court. This was pretty good. The BEEF with Black Pepper Sauce. It was a mix of sweet and sour taste that I enjoyed. Perfect with a cup of rice.
 In case Filipino Cuisine is something you are yearning for, the Pinakbet with Bagnet could do the trick. For this dish though, I believe they used lechon kawali or it might be just me.

 They also have a chicken pork adobo served meal size if you're not up for a sharing a dish.
 The US ANGUS Rib Eye might not be as thick as what I would have wanted but it was flavorful. In case you are wondering, the owner of this steak asked for it to be cooked well done.
 For the seafood lover, you could go for the Grilled King Prawn.
 To end the meal, the Creme Brulee is just right. Not too sweet and just perfect.

Granted that B HOTEL in QUEZON CITY just opened their doors to the public a couple of months back, I was pleasantly surprised with how they treat their guests. The staff were courteous and all smiles. With regards to their dining options, it may need a little more tweak. The food is good but it could be better. In terms of relaxation, the hotel delivers on its promise of a good night's rest. The amenities are somewhat complete.  For the price, it is definitely a must try specially since they have their promo rate still on. I would suggest that you give it a few more weeks for them to fix the kinks though, but this new hotel is a welcome sight in Quezon City.

14 Sct. Rallos , Diliman.
Near Timog Ave, Quezon City
Metro Manila
(632) 990 5000

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out B HOTEL in Quezon City. Wrote this based on my experience.
Thank you very much to SugarGoSpice for inviting me over. Thanks to The Foodalphabet and Joan for letting me borrow Sky. Cheers
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  1. Gawa na ng sariling sky! ;)) Thank you bbbear! :-*

    1. HI Mama Bear.. thank you so much for extending the invite to me. Truly enjoyed... hahaha uhm.. can't single pa eh bwhahahaha

  2. I love it that it is not too expensive...

    1. HI Donna...True pretty affordable for the price... its worth it.

  3. Aw ang ganda! I love everything about this hotel, interiors, (lalo na yung pipes), mukang malinis, safe and ,ukang masarap din food... bagay to sa mga bakasyunistang ayaw sa mas sikat na hotel.. para kasing less stress dito dahil walang tao gaano? sarap mag stay! :)

    1. yeah.. a couple more months and they'll be fully ready.. :) its a relaxed staycation :)