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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Food is an integral part of any vacation. I mean, how can you move if you are too hungry right? In our case, we were too tired to go around so we just figured to eat at PORT DINING RICO RICO in our hotel... The UNIVERSAL PORT HOTEL. 
So like I mentioned, I was in Japan a few months ago. Tokyo then Osaka. In Osaka, I stayed at UNIVERSAL PORT HOTEL (click Here). I was there with my family and friends, so as much as I would love to go around the place and Osaka, we figured to just stay and relax and eat in the hotel itself. Yes, we had Breakfast, Lunch and dinner in UNIVERSAL PORT HOTEL's all day buffet outlet. The PORT DINING RICO RICO.
 As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by an accommodating staff. We were seated pretty quickly. The area isn't as big as compared to other buffet places we have here in Manila. It was a place where families could have a simple meal in peace. They serve mostly Japanese dishes with some being western.
Aside from the small fountain at the entrance, the place is simple. With a few stations to entice its diners,  PORT DINING RICO RICO really caters to the small ones and the kids at heart.
They have this small buffet station that has all the food toddlers or even babies would love. 
It was hotdogs, nuggets and other western kiddie food. Plus sweets!!!!!
Moving on, the adults like me, loved the steak section. Kinda like Teppanyaki.
Of course, this is Japan. It won't be complete without tempura. Fresh!
Right beside this is the condiments section. I was happy that they had matcha salt for you to add into your Tempura.
They even have a okonomiyaki and takoyaki. Perfect!
For dinner, they had a sushi bar. Here you could also ask the chef to make some off menu. As long as they have it.

Aside from the steak, they also had herb crusted lamb chops. If you know me, I can't resist lamb. So, I had a huge plate of them.

Also, there were fish cooked in olive oil. Pretty healthy for me though.
I did enjoy that you could whatever on your rice. Kinda like make your own rice toppings.

Needless to say, that wasn't my only bowl. This was my lunch plate.
For breakfast, I had a bit too.
As a meal ender, I would always go to their tea section. Here you could mix and match the different leaves to make the perfect tea.
I opted to pick one of those premade mixes and timed it for 3 minutes.
Right beside it was the dessert station.
Different cakes, pastries and also fruits were served.
I loved how big and sweet their strawberries are.

and yes, a cup of nips won't hurt too.

PORT DINING RICO RICO is an all day buffet restaurant that serves families staying at the UNIVERSAL PORT HOTEL in OSAKA. Even if it's a stone throw away from different dining outlets outside UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN, having the meal inside the hotel is something weary and tired feet would really go for.

2nd Floor Universal Port Hotel
Osaka, Japan

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Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. Paid for our meals. The dishes showed here were served during my stay. From Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
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