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Monday, January 4, 2016

 There's a Chinese Restaurant you must go to whenever you stay in the ORTIGAS area. That being MARCO POLO'S LUNG HIN.
Located on the 44th Floor, LUNG HIN has been in my foodie radar ever since it opened around a year ago. Foodies raved about the food. I never found myself going until now.
As you enter, you are greeted by the kind staff. Although not that big, the vibe is pretty much high end Chinese Cuisine. 
 You could opt for a booth overlooking the skyline or if you have a small party, you could reserve one of their small function rooms. These rooms could be connected with one another through a removable divider. They have a LCD TV and a couple have their own washroom. The price to reserve the place is around Php 15,000 consumable. I didn't know what to order so I asked the staff to order for me. HE then suggested these items:
BAKED Barbecue Pork Bun (220Php). It looks all too familiar. Similar to other Chinese Restaurants but there is something that sets it apart.
 One touch and I realized how flaky it was. The fillings weren't too sweet. IT was savory. I liked it.
STEAMED SHRIMP DUMPLING with GOLD LEAF (220Php). I think the gold leaf was just placed there for special effect. It didn't have any flavor but let me tell you this though, these babies were huge. Compared to other HAKAW, these were plump. Real shrimps were used and there were no extenders. Each bite screams shriiiimp!
 Another dish that I craved for is the STEAMED PORK SIOMAI with TRUFFLE SAUCE (220Php). The truffle flavor and smell wasn't a hint nor was it over flowing. It was actually well balanced. Truffle lovers would enjoy this because the pork blended well with the truffle.
 SWEET and SOUR PORK with BLUE BERRIES (480Php). There was a distinct difference with the sweet and sour pork from LUNG HIN. With each bite you could feel the texture of the fried pork. The breading was done in a way that it will not crumble quickly even after being subjected to the sweet and sour sauce. The addition of the blue berries was something to give it a different flavor.
SALTED EGG SQUID (450Php). Surprisingly, the salted egg batter did its job perfectly. It was straight on. The flavor from the salted egg complimented the squid. A better version of calamares is you ask me.
 FRIED MEAT DUMPLING (180Php). A few weeks back, I had access to the CONTINENTAL CLUB LOUNGE of MARCO POLO ORTIGAS, one of the cocktail dishes that were served that got my attention was this.
It wasn't too oily nor was it too rich. The coating was sticky rice with meat inside. It was a blend of sweet and savory. I like this one!
 For dessert, I opted something different. The MASACHI BLACK SESAME DUMPLING (90Php/ea).
I actually can't describe the taste. Naturally, the filling is made of black sesame. It wasn't too sweet though but after one bite my dinner mate stole the rest. Apparently, she liked it pretty much.
LUNG HIN in MARCO POLO MANILA is an excellent restaurant that could actually stand on its own. Whether if they were in a hotel or a mall. Thankfully though, it is situated in one of the tallest buildings in the Ortigas Area. The view here is just amazing. Furthermore, the food is well done. The cooking techniques were executed well. Service was also spot on. Even if the prices are a bit steep for some, the quality of the food makes it worth it. Cheers.

MARCO POLO CUCINA: Flavours of Thailand

44th Floor

(02) 720 7777

Meralco Avenue, Pasig City,
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Was invited to dine in Marco Polo Ortigas' LUNG HIN Restaurant. Wrote this based on my experience.
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