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Monday, January 18, 2016

It has been a long time since I've been to the Banawe Area of Quezon City. I actually don't know what's new there. I went for something that's pretty near Quezon Ave. Since it rarely happens, a new homegrown pizza concept was born there and as such, I thought it would be nice to check it out. 
THE BIG CHEESE PIZZA is a breath of fresh air for the pizza community.

Located on the 2nd floor of a building along D. TUAZON, The BIG CHEESE PIZZA is clean, upfront and simple.
Fresh ingredients and perfectly made doughs brings up the character of The Big Cheese Pizza. I can't wait to try it out.
To start things off, the GARLIC PARMESAN FRIES (150Php) was served. Definitely not your ordinary fries. I found myself taking one after the other. The Garlic and the parmesan worked well with one another. SARAP!
The BIG CHEESE PIZZA is something that also prides itself with pasta.

It's basically a passion project for the owners. The wife loves cooking pasta while the husband the pizza.
The first pasta placed on the table is the MEATBALL (180Php). Three gorgeous meatballs topped the pasta. If you are a fan of red sauce, this is your bet.

CARBONARA (170Php) was also on the menu. It was all right. I would have liked it to be more creamier though.
BUT the pasta dish that I really enjoyed was the PUTTANESCA (150Php). Tomato sauce and capers were just perfect. It wasn't too spicy and the flavors jelled well.
Something that isn't on the menu yet (until next week) is this amazinggggggg HERB CRUSTED CHICKEN. This was pretty awesome! The meat was moist and herb mix was perfect! The sauce is pretty much sweet. One tip though is to pick the garlic mayo from the fries and use it here.
Of course this is a pizza place. The BIG CHEESE PIZZA PLACE offers 12 or 16 inches pizza perfect to share. This time around, I was able to taste three different pizza flavors. The first one being their 10 CHEESE OVERLOAD (430/590Php). 10 different cheeses placed on top a semi-thin crust. The flavor actually worked. It wasn't overwhelming that you will stop with a couple of bite. It was actually pretty neutral for me. The crust is soft and somewhat chewy. It isn't too thin nor is it too thick.
A safe choice is the ALL IN SUPREME (520/690Php). All the different toppings placed on the pizza. If you can't pick, this one is for you.
Another thing not on the menu and arguable my favorite is the BACON, CHEESE and CHICKEN PIZZA. No real name yet but basically this is my favorite. Did I say favorite? It had a sweet and tangy flavor. Kids would love its sweetness.

THE Birth of THE BIG CHEESE PIZZA is a welcome treat. Prices aren't too overloaded that it would make you cringe. Quality and taste wise, it is pretty good. The FRIES, CHICKEN and the CHICKEN-BACON PIZZA are the must tries! Definitely GOOD!
 New restaurants opening in the BANAWE Area is definitely a must and I can't wait to go back and do a mini foodtrip. Cheers.

2nd Floor SJD Building
62 D Tuazon., Quezon City,
Metro Manila
Between Q.Ave and P. Florentino
Note: Parking is available in front of the building.
It is a little bit limited though.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the restaurant.
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