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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

OAKWOOD'S NOSTALGIA DINING in Ortigas has never failed to surprise its diners. During a press preview, we were treated to an entire menu that revolves around French Cuisine.
Chef Jerome Cartailler has curated and explored the different dishes to be served for Oakwood's Nostalgia's guests.

Right off the bat, table side preparation of the SALADE LYONNAISE (395Php) was done.

Simple and light yet the greens were fresh and crunchy. Accompanied by bacon, croutons, soft boiled egg and mustard red wine vinaigrette.
Believe it or not, I had a few spoonfuls and I enjoyed it.

Another simple yet mouth watering dish was the ONION GRATINEE (375Php). This simple looking soup dish must not be underestimated.

Upon cracking the puff pastry cap, you would be greeted by a generous amount of onions and gooey cheese. It came off as a little sweet because of the onions caramelizing.

If you're a cheese fanatic, the QUICHE LORRAINE (370Php) would be your top choice. The cheese, lardon and cream was evident and well balanced.

Another table side dish was the BEEF TARTAR (8oz 720Php). Australian tenderloin served with fries.

This "rare steak" is another amazing dish from OAKWOOD NOSTALGIA. The beef is mixed with different ingredients that brings out the delicious flavor of the meat. Even if it is served raw, the dish is delicious. You got to pair this with toasted bread. Sooo Good!

Not to be outdone, there are also other seafood dishes that are available. Like the warm OYSTERS with LEEK FONDUE (450Php). Oysters that are baked with cheesey goodness.

If that isn't enough, they also have the HALF ROCK LOBSTER TAIL "THERMIDOR" (650Php).

Rich cheesy flavor mixed with lobster is delicious.

The PAN FRIED POMFRET and ROASTED ALMOND (990Php) is a delicate and flavorful dish.

The fish meat is marinated well. Through and through.
The use of the almond sauce was perfect as it insinuates the taste of the fish alongside the almond.
If you're into seabass, the BAKED SEABASS in SALT CRUST (850Php) is a treat. The sea bass absorbed the salty flavor coming from the crust. Although, it didn't go overboard. The crust itself is sort of a salty bread companion to the fish. Some may not like it but I enjoyed this dish as the fish was moist, soft and delicious.
Moving on, the BRAISED DUCK CONFIT AL'ORANGE (690Php) is a delicious way of serving duck. The skin is crispy and the orange sauce, although weird, works well with the dish.
The GRILLED WHOLE SPING CHICKEN (735Php) might be the better choice as the meat is moist and is well marinated through and through. I liked this one more.
You can never go wrong with GRILLED RIB EYE BORDELAISE (2,800Php). 16 oz of US RIB EYE and bordeaux sauce, this baby will not disappoint. The meat is thick yet cook to your liking. We had it at medium rare and meat was tender and moist. Writing about it made me drooled for a minute.
NOSTALGIA has an assortment of dessert that would make you jump for joy. Although they make look normal, the quality and the taste is significantly evident compared to other restaurants. I guess hard labor and love really shows in your cooking.
Creme Caramel (195Php) is like your ordinary leche flan although, the flavor is more subtle and is not overly sweet.

Wine drinkers would love the PEARS in RED WINE (265Php). The pear is marinated with wine and is served with vanilla ice cream.

Not your ordinary souffle, the ICED GRAND MARNIER SOUFFLE (255Php) is more of a creme based souffle. Normal souffle usually are baked with a specific time and temperature. This one is not. It seems that it is made of light cream and has orange liquor in the mix.
The OEUFS ala NEIGE SNOW EGGS (195Php) reminds me of ALBA'S dessert, the canonigo. It is very light and is almost like egg white and cream. Not too sweet but just on level. Like this one too.
For someone that can't decide the FACE GOURMAND (310Php) might be for you. It has a shot of espresso and some mini pastries for you to enjoy.

French Cuisine by OAKWOOD is an amazing treat. They are serving the menu during weekdays for dinner until the end of March. I enjoyed the table side preparation of the dishes. For a hotel restaurant, the dishes are priced well and are deliciously cooked. You get what you pay for and I believe everything is fairly priced for hotel food.

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Disclaimer: was invited to try out the food. wrote this based on my experience.
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