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Monday, March 21, 2016

Located in MOLITO, ALABANG, BURGERGEEK is the best burger I have tasted in that side of the metro. Basically, BURGERGEEK offers burgers with different types of toppings and addons that would make your tummy cringe with delight.

As you enter, you would be greeted by decor reminisce of your child hood classroom. Even a periodical table of different ingredients are shown to give you that primary school feel.

For appetizers, fries and onion rings are not to be missed. These are done perfectly and are cooked with care. Complimentary Fish Crackers are also served as good food takes awhile when they cook it. They make sure that you won't get disappointed.

If it is your first time, BURGERGEEK suggests that you go for their simplest burger so that you could taste their freshly ground patty. Still, having additional toppings is the way to go. The B+ or BACON + (255Phpp) is the most basic form you could get with the addition of crispy bacon. Here, you could taste the meat patty. The bacon are deep fried and solid. The buns are backed in house and are perfect for the burger themselves.

On the other hand, I wanted to dig in and see what they have to offer more. I went for the CLASS PRESIDENT (310Php). The addition of the crispy bacon, shitake mushrooms, onion rings and bbq sauce, made this an excellent burger. I love the combination profile of the mushrooms and the onion rings. Don't get me started on those rings. They are pretty good.

Spicy lovers would go for the CHEERLEADER (265Php). This baby have the right type of kick. It has kimchi, jalapeno and onion rings. Not too hot but it's there.
For someone that would love something that's a bit overloaded, the HANGOVER (335Php) would be perfect. French fries, beer syrup, bacon and fried egg. Everything one would to start a monstrous day.
If you feel that the burgers are small for you, the GEEK Squared (330Php) might be for you. Basically double cheese and double patty.

Opened just late last year, controversy hit BURGERGEEK early on. An article published by a website noted that the presentation is almost if not the same as one of their ventures. Upon seeing the UMAMI CHICKEN (295Php), the plating and the looks are the same but I believe that it stops there. The taste is pretty different. The chicken skin and meat choice are not the same and are similar to another restaurant. I guess the similarity stops at the plating.
With a shake shack vibe, BURGERGEEK offers delicious burgers in the ALABANG AREA. You can't go wrong with any of their dishes. Price wise it is worth it. Since the seating is limited, I would suggest going on an off peak hour.

Molito Compound
Madrigal Ave cor Commerce Ave
Alabang, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: was invited to try out this place. wrote this based on my experience.
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